Trell Blackhorn


An evil mage who is a deadly enemy of Tellazar. Trell and Tellazar were once both pupils of the wizard Ildus. Trell grew jealous of the young Tellazar’s mastery of the art of wizardry. One day he killed Ildus and the young girl that Tellazar was in love with. Trell then ran away with much of his master’s books and magic.

Trell was later found to have joined a dark necromancer in the mountains Northeast of Daggerford. He was away when the Guardians of the Past killed the necromancer and helped the outnumbered dwarves regain their halls.

Trell resurfaced in Waterdeep a year later. He taunted Tellazar with a note left amongst the corpses of some former slaves that he had killed and transformed into zombies. He challenged his nemesis to find him in Skullport where they might sit down and discuss matters of the art and who was more powerful now.

Trell Blackhorn

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