Treasure Hunter

Kit: Treasure Hunter

Description: The Treasure Hunter exists for one purpose. Treasure. She will go where tales of riches are. She will tread into lost tombs, dragon caves, or in search of lost cities of gold. The greater the wealth in gold, gems, and ancient crowns the more likely the Treasure Hunter will be drawn to the location.

The Treasure Hunter is not a thief. They will not burglarize the home of wealthy merchant for his gold. They pursue wealth that has been lost, stolen, and hidden ages ago. They live for the pursuit of major finds that will make them famous. Although they often gather wealth, often it is a collection of rare vases, ancient tapestries, and the like that they will prize over a pile of gold coins. A Treasure Hunter is an adventurer’s adventurer.

They learn bits of lore in their travels and by their time spent plying others in taverns with drinks and a few coins when needed. They are known to collect treasure maps and any relics or clues that lead to great wealth.

Role: Some treasure hunters make great discoveries do so solely to become famous. Some hunters explore ruins to recover the lost regalia of their sovereign homeland. Some hunters are motivated by pure greed and either hire themselves out to some wealthy and powerful patron or will recover great items and auction off their find to the highest bidder.

Weapon Proficiencies: Any, although dagger is recommended.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: (Bonus) Persuasion, Appraising
Required: Ancient Languages, Ancient History.
Recommended proficiencies are Rope Use, Fire-building, Direction Sense, and Endurance.

Equipment: They must carry with them the following equipment: rope, crowbar, torches, flint and steel, and magnifying lens; and someone in their party must carry either a pick or a shovel.

Special Benefits: 5% chance per level to identify fake gems, fool’s gold, impure precious metals, and forgeries of ancient manuscripts and maps after handling and closely inspecting the items for at least 3 rounds.

A cumulative 8% chance per level to indentify one specific fact about crafted art objects like tapestries, gold ewers, crowns, and other similar valuable objects.

What can be learned?

1-2 What race created it.
3-4 Where it was created.
5-6 Famous past owners.
7-8 How old the object is.
9-10 Who created it.

Special Hindrances: Treasure Hunters often they earn the reputation for creating trouble. Sometimes it is in dealing with shady merchants or roguish elements for information. They are sometimes known to disregard certain laws in their pursuit of lost treasure and can earn quite a reputation with local authorities like the city watch. They sometimes create enemies of other treasure hunters when searching for the same lost wealth. They can also earn the wrath of powerful nobles if they have recovered a great treasure a king or a count still considers his or his family’s.

Thieves will also be attracted to and often shadow a treasure hunter wherever he goes. They sometimes burglarize his home hoping to recover any of the treasure hunter’s newly found wealth. They may also send small groups into the very tomb the treasure hunter has uncovered, just to relieve him of the ancient bejeweled goblet the treasure hunter earned from the undead guardians of the tomb.

Wealth Options: Normal for their class.

Races: Any

Classes: Warrior, Mage, Bard, Thief

Alignment restrictions: alignment restricted to NG, CG, CN, N, NE.

Art Gold Hoard Loot Riches Treasure “Treasure Hunter” Wealth

Treasure Hunter

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