The Six Sleepers

The six dwarves known to adventurers in Undermountain as the Six Sleepers are an adventuring group that roamed Undermountain 96 years ago. The fell asleep after drinking a skin of magical wine they found on level two of the Underhalls. Each dwarf succumbed to the wine and over the years their sleeping bodies were looted of arms and coins.

In 1366, the adventuring party, The Guardians of the Past, found the dwarves slumbering in a secret room of level one in Undermountain. Uldred Watchever, Barakor of Gorm, was concerned with their safety and asked his companions to help him to remove them from the dungeon.

Uldred retired from adventuring and spent some time trying to learn what could be done to wake the sleeping dwarves. In recent days, three of the Six Sleepers awoke on the same day on their own. Uldred spent weeks assisting the ones who broke free of the curse. The dwarves have told Uldred that they are from Citadel Adbar and are members of Clan Trueforger. The dwarves have given Uldred of Gorm their pledge to serve him for as long as he wishes in appreciation for his help.

The three conscious dwarves are:
Arthen, Son of Anglil – Warrior and group leader of ‘The High Axes’
Baliordil Blackhorn – Warrior
Khaltarr of Moradin – Priest of the Soul Forger

The remaining three sleeping dwarves are:
Dammath Hardcoffer – Locksmith
Elengi Trollslayer – Warrior
Odruth, Son of Anglil – Warrior and Arthen’s younger brother.

The Six Sleepers

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