Equipment Suggestions

Bandages and a Healers Kit –There should be at least one in each group; useful to keep players from bleeding to death.

Chalk – Really useful to mark things with. A good way to keep from getting lost in dungeons and mazes, sketching out battle plans, marking off the remaining days of your prison-sentence, etc. When you leave a waymark, add a small and hard to notice detail so you’ll be able to tell if someone has been messing around with your signs.

10 Foot Pole – Useful for prodding floors, walls, ceilings, or anything you might not want to touch. This doesn’t mean you can use it to open doors, open chests, or find every type of trap, but it can serve to help you, especially in the hands of a clever rogue.

Light- There isn’t a single member of a party who shouldn’t have either a few torches or a lantern. Some parties load up on magical light only to get thrown into dead magic areas or have dispel magic cast upon them, leaving them staggering around in complete darkness.

If you have a coin or stone with magical light cast upon it, you would be wise to have a small wooden box or a bull’s-eye lantern to carry it in; this will help hide the light quickly when needed.

Candles work well for studying traps, carvings, and paintings without worrying about burning yourself with a torch. They are also handy when camping. It allows mages to read a spellbook without blinding everyone who is trying to sleep.

Remember: Just because you have infravision doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry a few torches. A burning torch can also be useful as a weapon, especially against animals and
regenerating monsters or tossing after a flame oil flask is thrown.

Crowbar – At least one person in your group should carry one. That way, you won’t break your enchanted longsword to pry open a wooden chest or door. In an emergency, a crowbar can also serve as a weapon.

Straps/manacles – Every party should carry some type of restraining devices to secure dangerous prisoners. Leather straps are lightweight and can be carried easily in a pouch. Manacles are more secure. Using these will save you from cutting up your climbing ropes.

Flint and Steel – Fire is one of the most useful things there is. It can be used for illumination, warmth and destruction. You should always carry the means for making fire, whether it’s old-fashioned flint and steel or a magic item that produces flame.

Rope – Rope, you can never have enough, every member should carry some, and at least one person should have a grapple hook. Try to get silk rope it is lighter and stronger.

Wooden Wedges – Wedges are extremely useful things to have in your inventory. Shoving a wedge under a door is a much quicker way of blocking it than by piling up furniture (of course, you should always make sure the door opens in the right direction). Alternatively, a wedge can keep doors from closing behind you (some secret doors tend to have this nasty tendency).

Iron Spikes – A great for securing ropes to or spiking a door shut or open. Beware though; the hammering of a spike does bring the risk of a lot of monsters coming to you. So use common sense and use them when really needed.

Fishing Hooks and Line – Not only useful for catching fish, but it can be dropped into crevices that a hand and arm cannot fit and retrieve small items.

Scroll tube – These are watertight and can hold scrolls, maps, gems, potions, thieves’ tools, or small miscellaneous items from the dungeon.

Waterskin – A must have. You need water to live, make sure you have at least one waterskin.

Iron Rations – Dried and salted food for the traveler on the go. If someone carries normal rations, eat them first before they spoil; then break out the iron rations as a last resort food source.

Whistles – They are great for getting the attention of others in a noisy environment. It also is great for drawing hungry monsters to you in the dungeon. Use common sense when using a whistle.

Rogue Trade Tools – Caltrops, snap traps, dog pepper, perfume, disguises. Caltrops can be thrown behind a fleeing party to help slow pursuit and help you get away. Perfume and dog pepper work best at intersections, they will help throw off keen scented animals and monsters of your trail.

Disguises can help you fool some people. Use common sense in trying fool someone when wearing a disguise, many people take unkindly to being tricked if they learn of the deception.

Quill, ink, parchment – Useful for drawing maps, writing messages, doing calculations, drawing portraits (“Have you seen this man?”). The paper can also be used as kindling, to wrap things, etc.
Also the paper can be waved in front of a guard while stating “Important message for your boss” as you stroll past. As long as they don’t get to read your laundry list you may get by. In a similar vein you can walk around ostentatiously taking notes and asking questions and people may assume you belong.

Tools – Hammer, chisels, axe, file, pick, shovel, block and tackle. These can help you open, move, unearth, and cut things. Not bad things to have in certain situations.

Equipment Suggestions

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