Elven Dictionary

A’A’Sum – ‘Grandaughter’ (Daughter of Daughter)
Adoe – ‘Time’
Adoessuor – ‘The Reverie of Ages’ (High Magic Ritual)
Adomhoar – ‘Unrest’
Ado – ‘Peaceful’
Adofaer – ‘Peaceful Magic’
Adofhaor – ‘Peaceful Transformation’
Adoivaealumanth – ‘Peaceful Light Water Vow’
Adon – ‘Peace’
Adoness – ‘Peacekeeper’
Aegis – ‘Protection’
Aegisess – ‘Bringer of Protection’
Aegisir – ‘Guardianship’
Aegiskeryn – ‘Protection Warrior’ (Shield Golem)
Aelou – “Meeting’
Aeloulaev – ‘When Peaces Meets’ (Collective Term for Four Years) * Interchangeable with Pyesigen
Aeloulaeva – ‘When Peaces Meets’ (Collective Term for Four Years Pluralized) *Interchangeable with Pyesigen
Aerasumé – ‘Silvermoon of the Evening’
Aestar’Khol – ‘Marriage Stone’
A’E’Sum – ‘Granddaughter’ (Daughter of Son)
Aethen – ‘Others’ (Non-Elf Slang)
Agatha – ‘Winterbreeze’
Ahkiilor – ‘Place of Duty’ (“City Hall” of Myth Drannor)
Ahnvae – ‘Night’
Ahrmaesuol – ‘Restoration’ (High Magic Ritual)
Ahrn – ‘One Who Wields’
Ai Armiel Telere Maenen Hir – ‘You Hold My Heart Forever’
Aillesel Seldarie – ‘May the Seldarine Save Us’
Akai’ye – ‘Ancient/Primeval’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Akh – ‘Duty’
Akh – ‘Need’
Akh’Aegis – ‘Duty of Protection’
Akhelbhen – ‘He whom Magic, Duty, and Honor Defines’
Akh’Faen’Tel’Quess – ‘Life of Duty; Form of the Peoples Need’ (High Magic Ritual)
Akh’Faer – ‘Army of Art’
Akh’Faern – ‘One of the Army of Art’(Wizard)
Akhrasut Neth – ‘Mother’s Bed’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Akhrua – ‘Warrior’
Akh’Velahr – ‘Army of Arms’
Akh’Velahrn – ‘Soldier’Alae – ‘Fortunate Meeting’
Alet – ‘Come’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Al Hond Ebrath, Uol Tath Shantar En Tath Lalala Ol Hond Ebrath – ‘A True Friend, As The Trees And The Water Are True Friends’
Aleirin – ‘Rapport’
Aleiryid – ‘Rapport’ (Life-Mate Only)
Alu – ‘Water’
Alu’Dala – ‘Water Battle’
Alurlyath – ‘Best of the Temple’
Alushtas – ‘Rain’
Alu’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Water’
Amarillis – ‘Flame-Flower’
Amrulugek – ‘Council/Meeting’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Anilessa – ‘Nefarious’
Aniq – ‘Ready’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Ansrivarr – ‘Memory’Anyrryt – ‘Belt’Ar – ‘Great’
Ar – ‘Sun’
Araegisess – ‘Great Protector’
Arael – ‘Heart’
Arael’Sha – ‘Heart Friend’
Arael’Vae – ‘Heart Son’
Aradoness – ‘Great Peacekeeper’Arael’lia – ‘Heart Oak’
Arakhor – ‘One Who Protects The Forest/Tree Warden’ (Grandfather Tree)
Arakhora – ‘Those Who Protect The Forest/Tree Wardens’
Aravae – ‘Great Happiness/Joy’
Arcorar – ‘The Great King Forest’
Ar’Cor’Kerym – ‘Great King’s Sword’ (The Kingblade)
Ardavanshee – ‘Elven Juvenile Delinquent’
Arfaern – ‘Great Wizard’ (Archmage)
Argen’Tel’Lirynd – The Palace of Ages
Aril’Tel’Quessir – ‘Avariel Elves’
Arivae – ‘Sunlight’
Arkerym – ‘Great Sword’
Arkerynsuoress – ‘Great Holy Warrior’
Arkhdrauth – ‘Willful, Wanton, Care-for-Nothing Destruction’
Armathor – ‘Great Defender’
Armathora – ‘Great Defenders’
Ar’N’Ehalaer – ‘Great Staff that is Not’
Arrn – ‘Storm’
Arrn’ess – ‘Storm Bringer’
Arrn’Tel’Orar – ‘Storm Erosion’ (High Magic Ritual)
Ar’Selu’Taar – ‘High Mages of Cormanthyr’
Ar’Selu’Tel’Quess – ‘Great High Art of the People’ (High Magic)
Arshaalth – ‘Great Axe’
Ar’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Sun’
Arvandor – ‘The High Forest’
Ary – ‘Noble’
Ary’Faern’Kerym – ‘Noble Sorcerer’s Sword’ (The Artblade)
Aryvandaar – ‘Noble Woodland Home’
Ary’Velahr’Kerym – ‘Noble Warrior’s Sword’ (The Warblade)
A’Su’Nys – ‘Niece’ (From Sister)
A’Sum – ‘Daughter’
A’Su’Tan – ‘Niece’ (From Brother)
A’Tel’Quessir – ‘Almost People’ (Half-Elves)
Ath – ‘End of’ (Suffix)
Athamault – ‘The Iron Pit’
Athil – ‘Bane’ (Suffix)
Athila – ‘Banes’ (Suffix)
Athkaraye – ‘Friend of the Elves’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Auglathla – ‘Winterbreeze’
Avae – ‘Joy’
Avae’ess – ‘Joy Bringer’

Baelnorn – ‘Undead House Guardians’
Bedoar – ‘Cormanthyr’s Silver Piece’Belluth – ‘Hand Power/Gifts of Art’Belkagen – ‘Good Seer’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Besthunit Nenle – ‘Hurry Up Slowly’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Bhin – ‘Young Human Male’ (Slang)
Biir – ‘Waste/Garbage’
Blalath – ‘Mushroom’
Blalatha – ‘Mushrooms’

Caercilcarn – ‘Council of the Wood’
Cállambëa – ‘Place of Heroes’
Casin Cu Calas – ‘Honor in Battle’Cath – ‘Cat’
Cath’Quessir – ‘Elven Cat’
Cath Shee – ‘Faerie Cat’
Cenerea – ‘Fetid Place’
Cha – ‘Half’
Cha’Tel’Quessir – ‘Half-Elves of the Yuirwood’
Chu Set – ‘Hold Calm/Calm Down’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Cinna – ‘Peace’
Cinnaess – ‘Peace Bringer’
Cinnaelos’Cor – ‘Day of Corellon’s Peace’ (Shieldmeet)
Coo – ‘Dog’
Coo’Quessir – ‘Elven Dog’
Coo Shee – ‘Faerie Dog’
Cor – ‘Grand/Grand’
Cormanthor – ‘The King’s Vow Forest’ (Pronounced <kor-manth-or>)
Cormanthor – ‘Place of Great Promise’ (Pronounced <kor-manth-or>)
Cormanthor – ‘Ruler of the Forest True’ (Pronounced <kor-manth-or>)
Cormanthyr – ‘Culmination of Hope and Faith; The Fulfillment of Promise’
Cormiira – ‘Blessings of Corellon’
Coronal – ‘Great Speaker/ Wise Elder’
Coronals – ‘Great Speakers/ Wise Elders’
Cor’Selu’Taar – ‘Grand Mage of the High Mages of Cormanthyr’
Creyala – ‘Poker (Card Game)’
Crith – ‘Sun’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Crith Kesh Het – ‘Sun Shield To Me’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Crithta – ‘Sunbeam’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)

Dala – ‘Battle’
Dalsein – ‘Thunder’
Daoin – ‘Star’
Daoine – ‘Stars’
Daoine Dun – ‘Hill of the Stars’
Daoin’Teague’Feer – ‘Starshine Upon the People’ (High Magic Ritual)
Darrdartha – ‘Foamjaws’ (Faerûnian Equivalent of Rabies)
Delimbiyr – ‘Shining’
Delimbiyra – ‘Shining Bow’
Descenthallon – ‘Descend’
Dhaerowathil – ‘Drow Bane/Enemy’ (Specialty Priest of Shevarash)
Dhaerowathila – ‘Drow Banes/Enemies’ (Specialty Priests of Shevarash)
Dhaerow – ‘Face of Shadow/Traitor’
Dharasha – ‘Destiny’
Dilit – ‘Be Quiet’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Dlabraddath – ‘The Ending of Labrad’ (N’Tel’Quess District of Myth Drannor)
Drag – ‘Hate/Malice’
Dragathil – ‘Bane of Hatred’
Drannor – ‘Song’
D’Rienne – ‘Acceptance of Potential Challenge Avoided’
Dun – ‘Hill’
Dur – ‘Twilight’
Durmista – ‘Forest of Twilight’

E’A’Sum – ‘Grandson’ (Son of Daughter)
Ebrath – ‘Friend’
E’E’Sum – ‘Grandson’ (Son of Son)
Ehalaer – ‘Staff’
Elaorm – ‘Shape’
Elaorman – ‘Place from All Around and Nowhere; Home of Summoning’ (High Magic Ritual)
Eldreth Veluuthra – ‘Victorious Blade of the People’
Elegard Aquilar – ‘Ancient Elven Battle Cry’
Elladyr – ‘Starstrike’
El’Tael – ‘Bladesingers’
Elverquisst – ‘Elven Wine’
Es’Caerta – ‘Deeply Emotional Plea Ending A Prayer’
Eska – ‘Fortress’
Ess – ‘Bringer’ (Suffix)
Essraul – ‘Enthusiastic Slaying’
Estierren Nha Morden – ‘Spell Intended to Undo Other Spells’ (Dispel Magic)
E’Sum – ‘Son’
E’Su’Nys – ‘Nephew’ (From Sister)
E’Su’Tan – ‘Nephew’ (From Brother)
Etriel – ‘Noble Elven Girl’
Etrielle- ‘Noble Elven Woman’’
Evael – ‘Intensity’
Evaelathil – ‘Flamebane’/ ‘Nemesis of Intensity’
Evaliir – ‘Song’
Evaliir’Enevahr – ‘The Song of Enevahr’ (High Magic Ritual)
Evaliir’Tel’Quessir – ‘Song of the People’
Everae – ‘Of the People’
Everaer – ‘Elves Born on Evermeet Who Choose to Remain There’
Evereska – ’Fortress of the People’
Everantha – ‘Watchful Fortress’

Fae – ‘One’
Faen – ‘Form’
Faer – ‘Magic’
Faerahrn – ‘One Who Wields Magic’
Faerfhaor – ‘Magical Transformation’
Faergiir – ‘Magical Brooch’Faer Glaurach – ‘Magical Scrolls’
Faerûn – ‘One Land’
Faern – ‘One Who Practices Art’
Faerna – ‘Those Who Practice the Art’ (Novices of the Church of Corellon Larethian)
Faernaa – ‘Master Mage’
Faerniir – ‘Acolyte’
Faernos – ‘Navigator’
Faernsuor – ‘Holy Practitioner of the Art’ (Priest of the Church of Corellon Larethian)
Faernsuora – ‘Holy Practitioners of the Art’ (Priests of the Church of Corellon Larethian)
Faervian – ‘Battles Boon’
Faerzress – ‘Magic that Remained/Dominating Magic/Magic that Compelled’
Fflar – ‘True Valor’
Fhaor – ‘Transformation’
Fhaor’Akh’Tel’Quess – ‘Tribute of One’s Duty to the People’ (High Magic Ritual)
Fhaoralusyolkiir – ‘Transformation of the Water Meteor’
Fhaorn – ‘Transformed’
Fhaorn’Quessir – ‘Transformed People’ (Sharn)
Fhoeldin Durr – ‘The Thousandfold Way’ (The Waymeet)
Filliken – ‘Open Skirt’ (Prostitute)
Foqal – ‘Summon/Conjure’

Gabreth – ‘Likely To Turn On You / Cruel In Battle (Dangerous/Vicious)’
Gaudutu – ‘Burning Legs’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Ghaatiil – ‘The Traveling Path’ (High Magic Ritual)
Giir – ‘Brooch’
Giiraegisir – ‘Brooches of Guardianship’
Giiraegis – ‘Brooch of Guardianship’
Gisiae – ‘Keepers/Guardians’
Gisir – ‘Keeper/Guardian’
Glaeth – ‘Formidable In Battle / Well Armed / Having The Capacity To Do Much Damage’ (Dangerous / Vicious)’
Glaurach – ‘Scrolls’
Glaurachyndaar – ‘City of Scrolls’
Gray – ‘Dross’
Grugach – ‘Feral Ones’ (Also a Term of Oearth)Guenhyvar – ‘Shadow’
Gyrah – ‘Bird’
Gyrlass – ‘Falcon’
Gyrlaszthraen – ‘Swift Strike Hunting Bird’
Gys Sa Salen – ‘Give Me a Drink/I Need A Drink’

Haera – ‘Center’
Haereeunmn – ‘All Things Elven’
Hahlorkh – ‘Butchers’ (UnElf-like Brutes and Savages)
H’ei’Yal Drathinmaleé – ‘Steel Dancers’ (Duskblades)
Holme – ‘Haven’
Hond- ‘True’
Hrayek – ‘Cut Off/Exile’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Hro’Nyewachu – ‘Heart of the Piercing’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Hykyath – ‘Prance’

Iaras- ‘Elven Term for Planet Chandos’
Iilor – ‘Place’ (Location)
Iket Sotha – ‘Fort of Winter/Winterkeep’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Ikwe – ‘Get Back’
Ilaerothil – ‘Sentinel’
Ileleste – ‘Falling Rain’
Ilyrana – ‘Opal of Rare Beauty’
Inisach Tin Nekutha Hro’Nyewachwe – ‘Seeker and Survivor of the Heart of the Piercing’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Iolaa – ‘Gunner’
Iorwe – ‘Step Aside’
I’osi – ‘Mother of Mother’ (Grandmother)
I’osu – ‘Mother of Father’ (Grandmother)
Iquar – ‘Create’
Iqua – ‘Creator’
Iqua’Tel’Quessir – ‘Creator Races’
Irbryn – ‘Riding / Hunting / Trained’
Iriador – ‘Garnet’
Ityak’Ortheel – ‘The Elf-Eater’
Iumathiashae – ‘Mother of Oceans’ (Aquatic Elf City)
Ivae – ‘Light’
Ivaebhin – ‘Boy Filled with Brightness’
Ivae’ess – ‘Light Bringer’


Kaer’Vaelen – ‘First Hilt of the Bladesingers’
Kaharenharik Ket – ‘Fires of Heaven Fall’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kai’Soeh’Takal – ‘Skin and Breath of the Wyrm’ (High Magic Ritual)
Karakhnir – ‘Sharpens the Bite’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kaweh – Speak’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kaweh Rut Kyed – ‘Speak Out Now’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kehrareth – ‘Intense Grief/Despair’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kehrareth – ‘Fey’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kel’Min’Hara – ‘Fleet Defenders of the Blessed’
Kelytha – ‘Horse’
Kelythaess ‘Horse Bringer’ (Stable Hand)
Kerdrim – ‘First-Mate’
Kerradu – ‘Privation/Want’
Kerraduess – ‘Bringer of Want’ (Beggar)
Kerradunath – ‘The End of Privation and Want’ (Nobles Ward of Myth Drannor)
Kery – ‘Foe’
Keryfaertel – ‘The Lore of Battle Magic’
Kerym – ‘Sword’
Keryn – ‘Warrior’
Kerynsuoress – ‘Holy Warrior’
Keryvian – ‘Foes Boon’
Key’anna De Cormyr – ‘We Guard This Wooded Land’
Kholiathra – ‘Spirit-Servants of Sehanine Moonbow’
Kholiast – ‘Elven Card Game’
Khov – ‘Trio’
Khov’Anilessa – ‘Trio Nefarious’
Kiharian – ‘Gem Mirror’
Kiir – ‘Gem’
Kiira – ‘Gems’
Kiira N’Vaelahr – ‘Shadow Lore Gems’
Kiiratel’Uvaeranni – ‘Lore Crystals of Uvaeren’
Kileaarna Reithigir – ‘Unjoining the Mystic Weave’ (High Magic Ritual)
Kintiar – ‘Marine’
Kintiara – ‘Marines’
Kweshta – ‘Dear One/Special/Unique’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kyed – ‘Now’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Kyre – ‘Flawless’
Kyre’Kiir – ‘Flawless Gem’
Kyre’Kiira – ‘Flawless Gems’

La – ‘Crescent’
Laev – ‘Peace’
Lalala – ‘Water’
Lalyshae’Seldar’Wihylos – ‘Sacraments of Seldarine Blessing’ (High Magic Ritual)
Laranlas – ‘Regal Lady’
Laranlors – ‘Regal Lord’
Lasz – ‘Savagely Stab, Slash, or Attack’
Lateu – ‘Crescent Moon’
Lateu’Suoress – ‘Crescent Moon Blessed’
Lateuquor – ‘Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon’
Levarithin – ‘Levitate’
Lharast – ‘Full Moon’
Lorkh – ‘Savage Butchers who Lost Their Elven Nature Long Ago Through Such Behavior’
Lothen – ‘City of Silver Spires’
Luridel- ‘Elven Term for Planet Coliar’
Lusbaren – ‘Swords of the People’
Lusabrar – ‘Sword of the People’
Ly’Tel’Quessir – ‘Lythari Elves’

Maethe – ‘Perhaps’ (Slang)
Mah – ‘Having to do with Magic’
Mahri – ‘Mage Fiend’
Maniferril – ‘Reappear’
Manth – ‘Vow’
Manth’Elh’Nar – ‘Place of Pride’s Fall’
Manthor – ‘Vow of the Woods’
Mathor – ‘Defender’
Mathora – ‘Defenders’
Menelmen – ‘Skyway’
Mhaor – ‘Corruption’
Mhaorathil – ‘Bane of Corruption’
Mhaorkiira – ‘Corrupt Gem’
Miir – ‘Priceless’
Mista – ‘Forest’
Mor – ‘Darkness’
Mor – ‘Absence of Life’ / ‘True Death’
Mormhaor – ‘Corrupted Death’ /’Undeath’
Mormhaor’Sykerylor – ‘The Killing Storm’ (High Magic Ritual)
Morvian – ‘Darkness’ Boon’
Mraerital – ‘Vigilance of the People’
Mraeritar – ‘Vigilances of the People’
Mythaalniir Darach – ‘Spell of Mythal Shaping’
Myth – ‘City’
Myth Adofaer – ‘City of Peaceful Magic’
Myth Adofhaor – ‘City of Peaceful Transformation’
Mythmathor – ‘City Defender’
Myth Drannor – ‘City of Song’
Myth Nantar – ‘City of Destinies’
Myth Ondath – ‘City of Peace’

N’ – ‘Negates the Suffix Or Shifts the Meaning Somewhat, To Be Something Other Than The Literal Word/Root’
Na Kwast Wahir Athu Kyene Wekht Unarihe – ‘Better A Cold Truth Than A Warm Lie’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Nalavarauthatoryl – ‘The Maiden Alavara, Betrothed of Thatoryl, Painted in Blood’
Nanta – ‘Destiny’
Nantar – ‘Destinies’
Nar – ‘Stone’
Nar – ‘Immovable / Eternal’
Nar’Talas – ‘Stone Body / Frozen Soul / Statue Form’
Nath – ‘End Of’ (Suffix)
Nelath – ‘Season’
Nestirtye – ‘Elsewhere’
Newetik – ‘Without Heart/Without Honor’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Nharaigh Lathanyll – ‘Noontime Sunlight’
N’Landroshien – ‘Darkness in Night’
Nias – ‘Agreement’
Nikerym – ‘Short Sword’
Niketu – ‘Ice Fields’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Nikym – ‘Dagger’
Nìlaa – ‘Sailor’
Nin – ‘Highest’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
N’Maernthor – ‘Hidden Homeland’ (High Magic Ritual)
Nor – ‘Passion’
N’Quor’Khaor – ‘The Banishing’ (High Magic Ritual)
N’Tel’Orar – ‘Corrosion/Erosion’ (High Magic Ritual)
N’Tel’Quessir – ‘Not of the People’ (Non-Elves)
N’Tel’Que’Tethira – ‘City Dweller’
N’Vaelahr – ‘Shadow Soldiers’
N’Vaelahrn – ‘Member of the Shadow Soldiers’
Nys – ‘Sister’

O – ‘Parent’
Oacil’Quevan – ‘The Forms of Unity and Age Among the Forests’ (High Magic Ritual)
Ochael- ‘Elven Term for Planet Karpri’
Ol – ‘On’
Ol Ahnvae Sehanine – ‘On Sehanine’s Night’ (Feast of the Moon)
Olin – ‘Secret’
Olin Aelou – ‘Secret Meeting’
Olin Gisir – ‘Secret Keeper’
Olin Gisiae – ‘Secret Keepers’
Ol’Iirtal Eithun – ‘Flights of True Mark/Arrows of Art’ (High Magic Ritual)
Olkiir – ‘Star’
Omah – ‘Chief/Leader’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Omah Nin – ‘Highest Chief’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Onal – ‘Speaker’
Ondath – ‘Peace’
Ondreier Ysele – ‘Word of Potency’ (High Magic Ritual)
Or – ‘Wood’
Ora – “Woods’
Or’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Wood’
Orar – ‘Erode’
O’Si – ‘Female Parent’ (Mother)
Osi’Nys – ‘Aunt’ (Sister of Mother)
Osi’Tan – ‘Uncle’ (Brother of Mother)
Os’Nys – ‘Aunt’
O’Su – ‘Male Parent’ (Father)
Os’Tan – ‘Uncle’
Osu’Nys – ‘Aunt’ (Sister of Father)
Osu’Tan – ‘Uncle’ (Brother of Father)

Parlu – ‘Eight’
Penaal – ‘Battlepoet’ (Bard)
Piir – ‘Treasure’
Pye – ‘Four’
Pyesigen – ‘Four Snows’ (Collective Term for Four Years) *Interchangeable with Aeloulaev

Qu – ‘Binding’
Quamaniith – ‘The Vow Tangible’ (High Magic Ritual)
Quar – ‘Binder’
Quefirre Soora Kan Izzt? – ‘Amnestria, Can it Really Be You?’
Quex – ‘Most’
Quex Etrielle – ‘Most Noble/Supreme Lady’
Qu’Kiir – ‘Binding Gem’
Qu’Kiira – ‘Binding Gems’
Qu’kiir Vian Ivae, Qu’kiir Nethmet. Ivae Marat Vand Cormanthor. Mythal Selen Mhaor Kenet. Qu’kiir Vand Tir T’Nor – ‘Binding Gem Awaken Your Light. Dance the Weave of the Mythal. Bind It to Me that I Might Drive Corruption From Our Home.’
Quess’ar’Teranthvar – ‘Golden Grove of Hidden Knowledge’
Quess – ‘An Honorable Elven Male’
Quessir – ‘The Elven People’
Quinpah – ‘Elven Bread’
Quor – ‘Communion’

Raegar – ‘Trained Hunting Dogs’
Rathla – ‘Blood-Bound/Blood-Brothers (Eastern Lythari Dialect)’
Raun – ‘Large’
Ri – ‘Out’
Rua – ‘Star’
Ruar – ‘Stars’
Ruar’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Stars’
Rua’Coronal – ‘ Great Star Speaker’ (Admiral)
Ruathimaer – ‘Starwings’ (Spelljamming Vessel)
Ruavel – ‘Star Blade’ (Pilot)
Ruendil – ‘Cormanthyr’s Platinum Piece’
Rûn – ‘Land’
Rut – ‘Out’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Ryniesta – ‘Seeds of Heroism’
Rysar – ‘Duration of Coronal’s Reign’

Saloh’Cint’Nias – ‘Gift of Alliance’ (High Magic Ritual)
Saratycoron – ‘Coral Crown’
Saurot – ‘Taint/Rot’ (Slang)
Seneirril Tathyr – Mooncrescent Order
Selarrynm – ‘Rainydale’
Seldarine – ‘The Fellowship of Brothers and Sisters of the Wood’
Seldarine! – ‘Gods!’ (Expression of Exasperation)
Selkerdrim – ‘Captain’
Selu – ‘High/Grand’Selu’Kiira – ‘High Lore Gem’
Selu’Taar – ‘High Caster’
Selumista – ‘High Forest’
Seanchai – ‘Storyteller of Rare Skill’
Sept – ‘Minor Branch (Of A Family/Clan)’
Sha – ‘Friend’
Shal – ‘Spear/Lance’
Shalaquin – ‘Elven String Instrument’
Shanta – ‘Tree’
Shantar – ‘Trees’
Sharde – ‘Winds Blow’
Sharr – ‘Hold/Towers Of’
Sha’Tel’Quessir – ‘Friend of the People’
Shaalth – ‘Axe’
Shee – ‘Faerie’
Sheshyrinnam – ‘The Homes of the Faithful’ (Religious Community in Myth Drannor)
Shessepra – ‘Scepter’
Shilmaer – ‘Cormanthyr’s Gold Piece’
Shil – ‘Shadows’
Shilmista – ‘Forest of Shadows’
Si – ‘Female’
Sig – ‘To Snow’
Sige – ‘Snow’
Sigen – ‘Snows’
Siiluth – ‘Beaching Bay’
Siksin Neneweth – ‘Ice Skins (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Slaugh – ‘Mud Wallowing Dogs’ (Orcs)
Soond – ‘Land Lover’
Srinna – ‘One Who Tests Limits and Establishes New Boundaries’
Srinshee – ‘Keeper of the Secrets (of Magic)/ Keeper of Our Power’
Ssri’Tel’Quessir – ‘Drow Elves’ (Pre-Descent)
Su – ‘Male’
Sum – ‘Child’
Sumezh – ‘Stray Dog’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Surin – ‘Celestial Places’
Surin’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Celestial Places’
Suor – ‘Holy’
Suoress – ‘Blessed’
Suyoll – ‘The Revival’ (High Magic Ritual)
Sy – ‘Wild’
Syolkiir – ‘Wild Star’ (Meteor)
Sy’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Wilds’

Ta – ‘Beam’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Taar – ‘Sender/Caster’
Tael – ‘Apprentice’
Tal – ‘Swift’
Tan – ‘Brother’
Tanar – ‘Send/Cast’
Tanar’ri – ‘Outcast/Cast Out’
Taryaryah – ‘Dog’
Talas – ‘Body / Soul / Self’
Te – ‘Well’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Telardon – ‘City of Emerald Spires’
Tel’Kiira – ‘Lore Gem’
Telmiirkara Neshyrr – ‘Rite of Transformation’
Tel – ‘Of’
Tel’Quessir – ‘Of the People’
Tel’Teukiira – ‘Moonstar’
Ter’Ael – ‘Whetstone’
Ter’Ael Veluuthra – ‘Whetstone of the Victorious Blade’
Teu – ‘Moon’Teu`Kelytha– ‘Moon Horse’
Teuivae – ‘Moonlight’
Teu’Tel’Quessir – ‘People of the Moon’
Teuvel – ‘Moonblade’
Thalver – ‘Cormanthyr’s Copper Piece’
Thaes – ‘Young Stranger Elf’
Tham – ‘To Be Close To’
Thammarch – ‘Cormanthyr’s Electrum Piece’
Theur – ‘Shield/Screen’
Theur’Foqal – ‘Summoned Shield; Conjured Screen’ (High Magic Ritual)
Thil – ‘Evening’
Thimae – ‘Wing’
Thimae Kelytha – ‘Wing Horse’ (Pegasus)
Thimaer – ‘Wings’
Thor – ‘Vow/Promise’
Thraen – ‘Hunt’
Tiru – ‘Tower’Tiru’Tel’Quessir – Tower of the People’
Tol’ithraen – ‘Indentured Servant’
Trunalor – ‘Star People’
Ty’athalae – ‘The Peace Attained Through the Absolute Beauty of Nature and Harmony with Ones Surroundings’
Tyss – ‘Cousin’
Tyssir – ‘Cousins’

U’Aestar’Kess – ‘One Heart, One Mind, One Breath’ (High Magic Ritual)
Uaul’Selu’Keryth – ‘The Sundering’ (High Magic Ritual)
Uluemyn – ‘Elven Term for Planet Anadia’
Uluuth Phlarenn – ‘Cleansing Blade’
Uluvathae – ‘[May Your] Fortune Bring you Joy’
U’Osi – ‘Father of Mother’ (Grandfather)
U’Osu – ‘Father of Father’ (Grandfather)
Uskeche – ‘Fire/Flame/Spirit/Ghost’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Uuthra – ‘Victorious’ (Suffix)
Uvahlura – ‘Other-Than-Here Places of Extremes’ (Elven Term for The Outer Planes)
U Werekh Kye We – ‘Great Winds Be Born’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Uwethla – ‘Skin-Bound’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)

Va – ‘Father’
Vae – ‘Son’
Vael – ‘Blades’
Vaelahrn – ‘Those who Wields Blades’ (Fighters)
Vaendaan’naes – ‘Reborn In Life’s Bright Struggles’
Vaendin’thiil – ‘Fatigued By Life’s Dark Trials’Valantra – ‘Spellsingers’
Vandor – ‘Forest’
Vandora – ‘Forests’
Vanessaril – ‘Disappear’
Vel – ‘Blade’
Velahrn – ‘One who Wields Blades’ (Fighter)
Vel’Nikerym – ‘Blade Lord’
Vel’Nikeryma – ‘Blade Lords’
Veluthe – ‘Beautiful’
Veluthil – Beautiful of the Evening’
Veluuthra – ‘Victorious Blade’
Vian – ‘Boon’ (Suffix)
Vil – ‘Wolf’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)Vili – ‘Wolves’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Viliniketu – ‘Wolves of the Ice Fields/Winterwolves’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Voeraen – ‘Elf Toddlers’
Vuorl’Kyshuf – ‘A Message on Birds’ Wings to Silver’ (High Magic Ritual)
Vyshaan – ‘Power-Mad’ (Vile Elven Curseword)

Walaxyrvaan – ‘Lynx of Approaching Dusk’
Wealdath – ‘Unspoiled Woods’
Wutheh – ‘Find/Seek’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Yastehanye – ‘Honored Exile’ (Eastern Lythari Dialect)
Yathaghera – ‘Lurue’
Y’Landrothiel – ‘The Travelers Star’
Yrryt – ‘Utilitarian Belt’
Y’Tellarien – ‘Far Peak’
Yulthaari – ‘Promissory Note of Myth Drannor’

Za – ‘Grand’
Zaen’Sheaen – ‘The All-Seeing Gaze’
Za’Rua’Coronal – ‘Grand Great Star Speaker’ (Grand Admiral)
Zenar – ‘Less than Half’(Slang)’
Z’Ress – ‘To Hold Dominance/To Remain in Force’

Elven Dictionary

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