Durnan the Wanderer


Owner of the Yawning Portal Inn of Waterdeep, the link to the halls of Undermountain beneath the city.

The former adventuring warrior, he retired in Waterdeep after a number of explorations into Undermountain. He built a stone inn over the ruins where Halaster Blackcloak’s tower once stood. The well that links his inn to the dungeon is how adventurers enter the halls below. Durnan charges each adventurer one gold coin to enter and another to exit the dungeon.

Durnan is still an intimidating sight. His large frame still is muscled and the few fights that do occur at the Yawning Portal he is capable of handling. Durnan is not overly talkative with strangers, but he enjoys the company of a dozen or so retired veterans of Undermountain’s past. He is assisted in running the inn by his wife, daughter, a staff of maids, stableboys, and serving maids.

Durnan the Wanderer

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