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  • [[The Black Arts]]

    In the morning, Luthoric the Crusader of Tyr, informs the party that he is departing. He states that his two goals have been met. He has assisted in the rescue of Kyrin Hawkwinter and he had aided in ending the deadly stream of water poisoning crops, farm …

  • [[Nursing Wounds]]

    The party travels back to the crypt room where Samira casts a remove curse on Corthen. He puts the sword back into the coffin with the original owner and the party seals it with the lid. Samira uses chalk to write cursed sword on the coffin lid in common …

  • [[Hide and Seek]]

    Ayremyr goes to make sure Jessandra is all right after the lacedon attack from before dawn. She is unharmed and is happy that he is as well. He promises to spend time with her during the day. After dinner Erith shares that Zyla Blossom could not sleep the …

  • 24th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

    While Tellazar, Samira, Ayremyr, and Corthen make a journey back to Dultann, Erith takes Rehs and Uldred's bodies to the Temple of Tymora in Waterdeep. There he pays the priests of the Luck Goddess many gems to bring the two back from the dead.

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