Guardians of the Past

18th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

The party has left the forest and the grasslands to the north. They have reached the foothills south of the Hardangheight Mountains. The trail left by the giants is easy to follow. They have not attempted to cover their tracks so the heroes have a easy go of it and make good time. At dusk, Erith and the others make camp. The night is uneventful and everyone rests when not on watch.

16th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Between dawn and Highsun the Guardians of the Past arrive at the despoiled North Grove of Chauntea. The tainted moonwell is covered with a dark mist like the fallen Great Grove of Gwynneth. The decaying remains of the fallen guardians lie scattered about the torn earth untouched by scavengers.

Corthen locates the point of attack and a broken path to the north likely made by the attackers. Samira uses the Spear of Lochal to converse with the spirit of an elderly woman whose broken corpse lies among the dead. The Mystran priestess learns that the woman was the Grand Druidess of Chauntea.

Samira speaks to the others and everyone agrees that they should use their staff of resurrection to bring her back. Samira uses the staff bring the druids back to life. The druids thank the party and introduce themselves. The Grand Druidess is Elanna Greensap. The other druidess is Hergela Snaptooth, her husband a druid as well is named Savin Snaptooth. The other druid is Garderin Mistmoor.

The druids tell the heroes that they were overwhelmed by an army of giants and the Cyricists who led the assault. Corthen offers to help them guard the other groves in danger. Elanna asks the adventurers if they will attempt to recover the staff that she had carried. It is the holy Staff of Chauntea. It is described as a bark covered ash staff crowned with branches and leaves. It is living without being physically connected to the earth.

Elanna Greensap promises that should the party recover the holy staff that she will be able to repair the moonwell and that she will allow each hero to place an enchanted item into the waters of the moonwell which will increase the number of times the item may be used.

Garderin speaks up and informs the party that the giants were being directed by a dark llewyrr. The party knows now that the drow are aiding the Dark Druidess in her campaign against Chauntea and the High Queen. After assisting in the burial of the fallen Harpers, Elanna informs the party that she wishes to aid the other druids in the guardianship of the remaining groves. She informs Samira that should they win back the staff, they can contact the Chauntean priest Elden in Caer Callidyr. The druids shapechange into great hawks and fly off leaving the party to champion the fight against the evil unleashed on the land. Corthen leads the party north following the trail left by the giants.

15th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Having marched all night, the party leaves the mountains after dawn. After a short rest, the adventuring party regains their feet. They consult their map. They see the forest to their north and grasslands to the west.

Samira and her companions march from the base of the mountains until they arrive at the woodland. Feeling at home, Corthen finds a suitable site and the party makes camp in the forest. The party rests for eight hours before breaking camp and moving northward for the North Grove. The elves guide the party during the night as they march in the forest for the fallen druid’s grove.

14th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

After a quiet night, the heroes wake and continue their journey. Near Highsun Corthen sees the faint wisps of smoke through the treetops below.

Rehs scouts the area below using his invisibility ring. He finds a small village where he sees children playing outside. He notices that the structures are built in a different style that that of the ffolk of the Moonshaes. He realizes that the village is that of the fierce Northlander culture of the islands. Rehs scouts further moving invisibly through the village.

Halfway through, the rogue is startled by several dogs that begin growling and barking. Six large men come out of the wooden homes and they are grabbing weapons and yelling in their native tongue while the terrified children flee for the safety of their homes. Rehs can see that the Northlanders are angry and confused and very cautious due to the dogs being triggered by the unseen thief fleeing their village.

Rehs runs back to the others and urges them to avoid the path into the village and suggests that everyone make haste into the forest with him. Hearing close pursuit the party is set upon by two dogs from the village. The heroes quickly paralyze the war dogs and continue their flight. A short time later the group hears a horn sound behind them and they continue to move as fast as they can from the Northlanders as they can the rest of the day and on through the night after they regain the path many miles away from the village.

13th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Farheight Mountains

The party breaks camp in the morning. They climb during the day. They leave the tree line, ascending up a trail until they reach the highest ridge near evening. Ayremyr leads the group to an area of crevices and he locates an area surrounded on three sides by cliffs. It is here the party sets up camp for the night.

12th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
White Rock

The heroes arrive at White Rock, a small village at the foothills of the Farheight Mountains. The walled village is not large. About three dozen buildings fill the interior of the walls. Erith locates the inn and the party enters the Whistling White Fish. Everyone takes a meal and a bath. Corthen advises the innkeeper, Varden, that the horses belong to the High Queen and that someone will retrieve them when they next come to the village.

The group departs White Rock on foot with about four hours of daylight left. The party marches up into the mountain range and makes camp before complete darkness falls. During the first watch, Samira notices movement in the evergreen trees and alerts Corthen before yelling to the others to wake. The camp is stormed by six ravenous trolls that attempt to kill the group. the battle ends and the trolls are defeated with Corthen using the flames of his sword to dispatch them to the afterlife.

6th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Back Through the Looking Glass

The heroes return to the Moonshae Isles through the enchanted mirror. Their destination is outside Caer Callidyr. Once through the portal, Rehs and the others seek out the temple of Chauntea. There they learn from Lorn, a lesser priest, that the North Grove was reportedly attacked by evil forces and that the Grand Druidess is said to have fallen in the battle.

The priest tells the party that the remaining groves on Snowdown and Moray are under heavy guard and safe. The party asks how they can locate the North Grove and Lorn suggests that High Queen Alicia’s mapmakers should be able to help. Corthen leads the group to see the High Queen. She greets the heroes once again. Corthen offers the assistance of the Guardians of the Past. Alicia confers with the group in private chambers. She does admit that North Grove has fallen and that the Dark Druidess has reportedly killed the Grand Druidess and a number of Harpers at the grove.

Alicia states that without the aid of the Grand Druidess of Chauntea that they will likely be defeated. She explains that the staff she carried was their best chance of restoring the Moonwells of the isles. High Queen Alicia asks if the party would seek out the staff and return it to Caer Callidyr where it can be placed into the hands of the Chaunteans. The group confers and agrees to seek out the staff. Samira asks what the staff looks like. She is told that the ash staff is six feet long and that it is living with leaves crowning the top. The Queen provides a map to North Grove as well as provisions and horses to help with the journey. the group is told that the horses can get them to White Rock. Once there, the journey will be on foot.

5th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Death Comes Stalking

Corthen’s guards rouse him early from his reverie early just after dawn. A messenger from Lord Maskar Wands has left word that he can meet with the elf this morning. He wakes Samira and Rehs from their slumber and the trio make for the Wands villa.

Escorted into the noble residence the heroes are brought before the patriarch of the Wands clan. Maskar is an older human male dressed in dark grey wizard robes. He introduces himself and his daughter, Olanhar, a tall woman with long black tresses that reach her waist.

Corthen thanks the Wands family for meeting with him. He explains that he and his comrades are seeking an artificer of magic to craft robes to protect the party’s mage, Tellazar Hemzall. He asks Maskar if he is willing to accept such a commission. Maskar informs him that he does not usually accept such requests. Maskar does state that since the party is moderately skilled that he would consider their request in exchange for the tongue and eyes of a red dragon of old age. Corthen thanks the wizard and informs him should he encounter such a dragon that he shall harvest the needed organs and bring them back to the city for him.

Corthen suggests that all of the group minus Ayremyr visit Millomyr Harps today. The three return to Nightglade Manor to pull Tellazar away from his spellbooks. When the quartet arrive at the bard’s home in the Castle Ward they discover two members of the City Watch posted at his door and they refuse them entrance. One of the guards tells Samira that they may speak to the local Watch Civilar Helm Maddryn at the Castle Ward Civilar’s Tower.

The four heroes go to see the Watch Civilar with some trepidation, feeling a sense of dread as they approach. They inform the Amar at the door that they went to see their friend Erith Talvera and that they were sent here to speak to the their Civilar. The Amar, one Brund Thrice, questions the four about their whereabouts last night. They tell him they were all gathered at Nightglade Manor for the evening. Amar Thrice wants to know more about Erith. Corthen tells them that he is a skilled bard and an adventurer and a good and honorable man. They ask if they can speak to their friend.

The Ward Civilar enters the chamber and bluntly tells them that they cannot speak to him because Erith is dead. A look of shock passes between Tellazar and his other three friends. Corthen stammers and asks the commander how Erith died. Civilar Maddryn tells the group that he had his throat cut in his sleep and his six guards were all executed in a similar fashion, even the two on watch. Rehs asks how the killer got in and the officer says that no signs of entry were found at the residence.

Civilar Helm Maddryn asks the four adventurers to name enemies that they have that might wish to kill any of them. Corthen tells the watch that they have made some enemies from adventuring in Undermountain. He says that the worshippers of Gulkalath, Drow elves, slavers, Cyricists, and a necromancer named Trell Blackhorn are all possible factions wishing them dead.

The Watch Civilar asks if they have foes in the southern Lands of Intrigue. He looks at each member before showing them a wavy bladed kris dagger with dried blood. Samira sees the blade and is sure that the weapon is Calishite in origin. She speaks up and informs everyone that she believes that the weapon was forged in Calimshan. She also states that the party may have angered the Pasha of Calimport recently and this may be him seeking revenge against the party.

Corthen asks where Erith’s remains are. Civilar Maddryn informs him that his body was released to the temple of Oghma, since a holy item to him was found among his possessions during their investigation. The four are granted permission to leave. They make haste to the temple and ask to claim Erith’s body. A lay priest of Oghma escorts the party into a sanctuary where other Oghmites have finished cleaning and preparing his remains. Corthen asks for some privacy and it is granted. Using the Spear of Lochal, Samira asks Erith’s spirit if he wishes to be brought back from the afterlife. The bard tells her that he is not finished living and he had deeds yet undone.

Corthen asks the lay priest if the temple would consider resurrection for their friend. The priest speaks to their leader, Savant Sandrew the Wise. He returns and promises to aid them for a decent donation to the Font of Knowledge. The Guardians give to the Oghmites two huge faceted gemstones and await the bard’s return.

Erith does survive crossing over and rejoins his comrades to hugs and many questions. Erith informs them that he was sleeping and did not see any assassin. Corthen suggests that the party retrieve Ayremyr and inform their Harper contact of the day’s events. They walk back across the city in the midday sun through the crowded streets to Nightglade Manor. They grab weapons and protections before departing again for Millomyr Harps.

The six adventurers enter the shop. A finely dressed lady comes out from the counter and greets Corthen in his native tongue. “Fair be our Meeting. I am Kiieya.” Corthen bows slightly and replies, “May a star shine upon our meeting. I am known as Corthen Nightglade of Elven Court.” Kiieya smiles and offers to assist the elf and his friends who are milling about the business. Corthen tells the young woman that he wishes to speak directly to Jhandess Millomyr on a matter of some importance to them both.

Kiieya assures him that Jhandess will meet with him as soon as she is finished with another matter. A short time later an attractive human woman with brown hair and vivid green eyes comes out. she ushers the Harpers of the group to a private room. The party quickly shares the events of the last day with her. Jhandess suggests that the party might begin using aliases during Harper missions so as to avoid drawing enemies back to their homes between missions. Corthen asks her if their newest member might be granted admission into the ranks of the Harpers. The harpmaker informs him that it is possible, but he should prove himself before they can consider him worthy of a pendant. She asks to meet him. The group finds him still wandering the shop tinkering with the chimes and harps on display. Ayremyr meets the woman and they speak for several minutes. Corthen tells Jhandess that the party will be departing on the morn for the Moonshae Isles again.

1st of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
The Talking Dead

Samira has questioned the Northlander Ulbert and another of Dirtan Blackstone’s officers using the Spear of Lochal. She learns that Ulbert was a mercenary and fought for Blackstone just for the money. He knew that Blackstone wanted to employ more Northlanders for his army in his fight against the the forces loyal to the High Queen.

The dead officer, Naven Gullsroost, answers questions. Samira learns that Dirtan Blackstone had learned of great treasure being stored at Aithe Keep and that he wanted it to help buy mercenary soldiers from Calimshan and Northlanders from the Moonshaes. The party realizes that the great treasure that Blackstone sought is their plunder from the pirates that they had stored at the keep with Lord Cauldyth before his death.

29th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff
Sometimes The Dead Do Tell Tales

Samira has tried to question Dirtan Blackstone’s corpse for several weeks, but his spirit has resisted. He mocks her attempts and hurls insults at the party. Samira questioned the drow, but she also resisted questioning.

This morning Samira has brought forth the body of the Calishite killed during the siege of Aithelar. Samira asks the dead man why he served Dirtan Blackstone. The spirit informs her that he never served Blackstone. Samira and Corthen decide they should ask the man why he was in the tent with the Baron. The dead man tells her that he and his comrades were sent to recover fugitives who had fled his master.

The spirit is asked who his master is. The dead Calishite answers that he was a faithful servant of the Pasha of Calimport. Samira asks why he had dealings with Dirtan Blackstone. The Pasha’s man tells the priestess that divinations had revealed that the former servants turned thieves had fled Calimport and were hiding in Aithelar. Baron Blackstone had agreed to help the Pasha recover his treasures in exchange for the Pasha’s assistance with Calishite mercenaries.


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