Guardians of the Past

5th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
The Cloven Stone

The Harper party led by the warrior Swiftsword leads the heroes across the fen even after sunrise. By midmorning, the tired men and women reach dry ground.

Owain points to a clearing in a thicket ahead and directs the group to an ancient standing stone that has broken over time in two from top to bottom. The druid speaks, “The Cloven Stone is your quickest way to Alaron. This will take you to a bald hill near Stagford, north of Aithe. From there, you’re on your own. Beware- they will doubtless be waiting for you.”

A bard steps forward. “Between the stones all of you. Touch another until all are linked together”, he orders. Once everyone is in place, the Harper stands facing the Guardians of the Past, Darga, and Volo. He removes a harp from his pack and begins playing a haunting tune, and then releases the instrument as it plays on its own. The Harper bard reaches his hands out and touches each half of the Cloven Stone.

The bard looks at Corthen and his companions and says, “You must fight on for us, Harpers.” Blue-white flames begin to envelop his body. Looking into his eyes, the party is horrified to watch as flames rise and begin to blacken his flesh. White mists rise up from around the stones and blot out their view of the dying man. His last words come as a deathly rattle, “Do not fail us!”, he gasps.

White mists cover everything the party can see. They are briefly disoriented; someone shouts, then a hail of arrows fly out seeking their lives. The party shakes off their stupor to see themselves ringed by an armed band of twenty human archers. The bowmen have some success as several arrows strike Volo Geddarm. He is sorely wounded and soon he disappears from view.

Corthen, Erith, Ayremyr, and Darga charge out to put swords to the archers. They engage several of them and kill a handful but the remaining bowmen are persistent. Uldred grows tired of them and uses his helm to release a Wall of Fire spell. Most of the archers are either caught in the flaming circle or on the outside of the roaring wall of flames. Three bowmen are trapped inside with the heroes. They quickly drop their bows and shortswords and beg for mercy. Darga is rather unlucky. He was caught in the dwarf’s flames and dies.

Corthen accepts the surrender of the men. He questions them about the Dark Druidess. The men profess they are soldiers of Lord Blackstone and it was he who left them here to guard the hill from meddlers on Gwynneth. Corthen asks if Lord Blackstone is in league with the Dark Druidess to which the men claim no knowledge of. The elf asks if Lord Blackstone is in Blackstone and they inform Corthen that their Lord has ridden south to siege Aithe Keep.

Corthen asks Volo how many days travel it is to Caer Callidyr from their current location. The geographer tells him it is nine days to the capital by horse along the north coast road that travels near Blackstone along the way. He tells Corthen that the trip south to Aithelar and through the Dernall Forest is equally as long by horse. The party begins discussing what to do. Corthen urges that the group travel to Aithe to aid Lord Cauldyth and his family against Blackstone. Tellazar disagrees and urges traveling north past Blackstone and on to Caer Callidyr. The archers agree to serve the party wherever they go and swear by Chauntea to do so with honor.

4th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
The Great Grove

The heroes arise at dawn leaving the campsite traveling west. Rehs and Tellazar travel invisibly with the others. Three hours into their journey the party discovers a trail heading west that enters a large fen. The trail is raised above the marshy grasslands to either side.

The Guardians of the Past walk onward into the fens for most of the day. Before sunset the heroes can make out raised land ahead near the horizon. A short time later the group is surprised by four large black green snakes. The creatures exit the waters and attack.

The serpents strike at Volo, Samira, and Ayremyr. Only Volo is stricken. Samira and Uldred act quickly to aid him. Samira applies a potential antidote while the dwarf slows the poison in his system. Ayremyr quickly takes several fangs and snake scales for the Mystran priestess.

The heroes march on pushing to reach the Grove of Chauntea. Several hours after dark the Guardians are confronted by a force of eight ugly and deformed giants. The hideous creatures are close to 14’ tall with misshapen limbs and twisted faces. The giants move forward to engage the party drawn to their light sources. Two of the giants strike Ayremyr and nearly kill him. In retaliation Erith unleashes two blasts of ice from his wand while Uldred releases a deadly blast of Prismatic Spray from his helm killing two of the foes. Ayremyr disengages from battle and drinks several draughts to heal his wounds.

The giants’ swords continue to batter the party. Rehs sneaks up invisibly and critically wounds another behemoth when he severs an artery in his enemy’s leg causing his to bleed out within two minutes. Darga, the charmed enforcer of Cyric, does not engage the giants as there is little room for him to wade into the melee. Corthen’s shouts for him to move into the fen to fight fall on deaf ears.

During the battle the party can hear human screams, animal cries, and drumming. The warriors charge forward to face the last two giants guarding entrance into the holy site. Tellazar has cast Haste upon Corthen, Ayremyr, Uldred, and Darga. From outside the lush grove the party hears a shout of voices call Tyranthraxus. The furious blades strike the brutal giants. Rehs finishes off the last one by severing the creature’s leg off at the thigh.

Charging blindly into the Great Grove the party is shocked to see dark robed figures surrounding a befouled pool of water. The water has a growing dark mist spreading across the surface. Standing in the air above the water is a proud looking woman who laughs coldly and suddenly vanishes.

Suddenly a column of fire erupts from the water, taking on a vague humanoid form. Flames shoot out from the creatures to unlit torches of the priests. The Cyricists proceed to use the flames to ignite the foliage of the grove. Corthen, Uldred, Erith, Darga, and Rehs attack the dark robed Cyricists. Samira casts a Charm Person upon one priest in the hopes of taking him out of the battle.

Tellazar casts a Magic Missile spell at the flaming figure but the spell snuffs out without harming him. Volo shouts that the name Tyranthraxus is that of a dead God. The flaming God rises up and begins flying away. Ayremyr and Samira attempt to use items upon the deity, but they fail in their attempts.

Harpers arrive at the grove and urge the party to dispatch the priests and aid them with the fires. They begin beating the flames with cloaks and blankets to put out the burning fires. The party defeats all but one priest. Erith finally uses his gauntlet to paralyze the evil priest. He is bound.

The heroes join the fire fighting. After an hour of frenzied activity the Harpers and the party have quenched the flames. Corthen questions their leader and learns he is Swiftsword, an ally of Sharantyr. Owain, a Chauntean druid, mournfully notes that greater powers will be needed to restore the waters of the Moonwell. Swiftsword suggests the party question their prisoner to see what can be learned.

Early questioning of Loalander reveals much. Samira tells the group that she charmed him. The party learns that the fire being was indeed Tyranthraxus, the Flaming One. He was once a servant of Bane. Loalander explains that Tyranthraxus was dead, but the Dark Druidess has called him forth into the Realms to serve Cyric.

Corthen asks what coming plans the Dark Druidess has. The charmed priests reveals that her forces prepare to strike at Caer Callidyr and the new Queen soon. Samira asks if he knows of any names of the Druidess. He informs the party that her name is Gauntathra, True Servant of the Dark Sun and that Cyric favors her. He says that she has been a loyal priestess of Cyric and that she banished the Baneson from the Realms several years ago in a hidden temple.

Samira asks about the purpose of despoiling the groves. Loalander tells her that each ruined grove weakens Chauntea’s defenses of the islands and increases Cyric’s powers. He also states it allows each of the Lost Gods to enter back into the Realms. Samira learns that four additonal groves will be attacked, but Loalander knows not which ones. She learns that besides the Great Grove that the Dark Druidess has despoiled the Groves of Blackstone and LeShay. Corthen and Samira share what they have learned with Swiftsword the Harper leader. He states he will share the information with his superior, Florin. The warrior asks if the heroes have learned all that is needed from their prisoner. Corthen quickly tells him that they have exhausted all questions.

The elven leader of Guardians walks quickly over to the charmed Loalander and runs his sword into his neck, dispatching him in moments. Volo quietly asks Tellazar if anyone learned what was called forth at the other groves. Realizing the elf has been hasty, he speaks to him. Corthen rubs his eyes and sighs. He pulls forth the Spear of Lochal and asks the departed man more questions.

The Speak With Dead works. Loalander reveals in death that the God Moander was freed at Blackstone Grove. Additionally, Camnod the Unseen was released at the Grove of LeShay. Someone suggests finding out the other gods who will be released to serve Cyric. Loalander’s spirit informs them that Maram of the Great Spear; Haask, Voice of Hargut; Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud; and Valigan Thirdborn, a God of Anarchy shall join Cyric’s other freed Gods.

Corthen and Uldred put Loalander’s body into the portable hole in case other questions occur. Swiftsword asks if the party is willing to travel to Caer Callidyr to warn the Queen. The heroes agree to undertake the task. The party follows the Harpers deeper into the fen while it is still night.

3rd of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff (Part II)

The party exits the Harper tunnel onto the western slope of the Cambro Mountains. Having traveled for many hours the adventurers are ready for a break. Before the sun sets on this wilderness, Rhes, Corthen, and Samira gather firewood and create a campsite.

Corthen speaks to his companions and suggests they discuss strategies in facing a powerful foe in the Dark Druidess. Erith and Rehs are given what the group believes are Netherese blast scepters to carry into battle. Samira is given the scroll with two Raise Dead spells, another with three Fly spells, and an Invisibility spell. Rehs accepts a potion of invisibility and another of flying, Corthen takes potions of extra healing.

Tellazar takes time to Identify the rod to learn a little about one set of Cyric priestly vestments. The mage says the rod ressurects the dead. It is given to Samira.

Corthen attempts to persuade Volo into keeping quiet on the party’s members who are Harpers. The author asks several questions of the elf, the strongest commitment he gets from Volo is that he would possibly consider using aliases of their real names should he pursue a Volo’s Guide to the Harpers, or a Volo’s Guide to the Moonshaes.

Late at night Tellazar and Rehs both have Invisibility cast upon them in preparation of the next day’s journey and potential clash.

3rd of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
Break On Through to the Other Side

After traveling through the tunnel opened by the Harpers, the party has been traveling for over a day. The group finally reaches a dead end. The stone wall is covered by glyphs. Deciding that it must be safe, Corthen gambles that he will tempt fate and he touches the glyphs. They begin glowing brighter and brighter and when the party is able to see they see before them the surface world of trees and grass and rocky tors descending down into a valley. The sun is setting and only two hours of daylight still are left when the Guardians of the Past exit the passage under the mountain into Myrloch Vale.

2nd of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
Lady Shaleen
The large Harper party breaks camp before dawn. Ayremyr is healed and is able to use his leg again. After several hours of marching the group stops. The heroes meet a woman who has appeared at their resting place. Avras introduces the adventurers to Lady Shaleen, a raven-haired woman of striking beauty. She smiles at the party and asks them to follow her.

She leads them to a hillock topped with very old looking standing stones and a glowing ring of magical radiance. Lady Shaleen waves one hand, a gap appears in the ring. She motions for the band to enter, smiles, then turns into an iridescent silver and blue dragon and flies off.

Corthen, Samira and the others enter the ring of glowing light. laying on a bed of thick moss are a number of steel vials, a metal rod, and a leather case. The party gathers up the items after a Magic Mouth appears on a nearby stone. It says, “These are for your needs, heroes, as you answer our needs in this dark time. We look for your help now in the Great Grove.” Uldred speaks up and tells the others that the voice belongs to the wizard, Flamsterd, who brought him to the isles from Waterdeep.

After gathering the items, the group discusses whether or not to share the mysterious object taken from the tomb with the other Harpers. The group decides to ask them if they know anything of the object. They retrieve the item from the portable hole with Corthen being wounded from handling the black item. Tyrigan, a bard, examines the item and asks the heroes questions about the tomb. Finally Tyrigan tells the Guardians that he suspects that it is the Obsidian Torc, once worn by Queen Celeese, nearly 700 winters ago. He states that the party must have found her tomb, lost to time. Corthen asks what is known of the torc. Tyrigan tells him that legends say that the item had powers to banish demons. He suggests the heroes keep the torc safe.

Sharantyr tells the heroes it is time to go. She says that they will use a passage under the mountains to reach the Great Grove. The allied Harpers take off marching quickly for the mountains. In the afternoon they reach a stone cliff. Two of the elves begin singing when the group comes to a stop. Soon the stone begins to glow and within minutes an opening into the cliff comes into being through the magic of the elves. Sharantyr leads the group into the tunnel. ten minutes into the underground passage, Avras stops the Harpers. He tells Sharantyr that Swiftdagger reports a very large force of Cyricists is reportedly closing in behind them and closing in on the tunnel.

Sharantyr orders the Guardians on. She tells them that they will close the eastern end of the tunnel to prevent the forces of the Dark Sun from using the path. Her force will harass them and delay them as they try to cross over the mountains above. Sharantyr’s band quickly say their goodbyes and take off running back out of the mountain.

Alone, the heroes, Volo Geddarm, and the charmed prisoner move forward. Samira casts an Unfailing Endurance to aid the party’s march. The group sees no living threats, only the dried husks of giant spiders with their legs curled up in death.

1st of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
Night Attack

Shortly after midnight, the members on watch hear movement in the darkness. They quickly and quietly wake up the others. Suddenly with a throaty roar, armored men charge into view of the campfire light. The humans wield longswords and they hack at the heroes and Volo with much ferocity.

The Guardians fight back with swords and spells. They soon learn that armored priests of Cyric are in the back, behind a swarm of warriors. The fighting is bitter, the heroes are sorely pressed to repel the attacks of this group of enforcers working for the Dark Druidess. Uldred calls for reinforcements using his Dwarven Horn of Valhalla. Seven armored dwarves appear and join the battle helping the party. One of the Cyricist warriors is turned to their side with the use of a charm spell. The warrior cuts down several of his comrades in aiding the party.

The party emerges victorious, but Ayremyr suffers a serious wound to his right leg. Samira binds the wounded members of the party and she and Uldred exhaust their healing prayers. Before dawn the party hears the sound of a boots moving through the tall grass and the creaks of leather. Preparing for a second wave of the enemy, the adventurers are hailed before a group of twenty humans and elves come to the heroes’ camp.

The new group identifies themselves as Harpers. They ask if the may assist the group, since they have shared their allegiance as well. The leader of the Harper band is a woman named Sharantyr. She has her healers aid the party while she speaks with them. Corthen divulges that the Dark Druidess is on her way to the Great Grove. Alarmed at this news, the Harpers use magic to convey a message to another band led by Swiftsword. Corthen asks Sharantyr if she has heard news of the High King. The woman shakes her head no. Corthen tells her that he has word that the King is dead, fallen in battle. The Harper leader asks where the party came by such news and Ayremyr tells her Volo. The gathered Harpers give the heroes many black looks. They are unhappy that a rumormonger and loose-lipped writer is present and that the party has a charmed Cyricist in their midst hearing every word.

The Harpers suggest that the party travel with them to the Great Grove to stop the enemy. The young heroes agree, but state Ayremyr cannot walk with his wound. Sharantyr tasks her men to fashion a litter to carry the wounded elf on. The combined group of Harpers moves quickly to the West. They travel for most of the day, finally making camp at nightfall.

30th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff
The Undertomb

Rehs and Corthen finish searching the well chamber for treasure. Rehs discovers a letter to Anphrantul from Tirostar. It states that the Dark Druidess will soon be traveling near Darkhorn Castle and Anphrantul is to be ready to assist her. Corthen speaks to the two captives, Jute and Kirian. He asks them about the dead priests. Corthen learns they were Anphrantul and Oishannan.

Corthen asks the two bandits if any more of their comrades are still about. Jute says that three others fled out the escape tunnel after leaving the keep. He says that Oishannan became enraged at their cowardice and that he was unable to flee as well. Samira asks the prisoners where the shaft leads to. Neither man knows, but Kirian says that Anphrantul did not allow anyone near the loose flagstones. Asked about the Dark Druidess, Kirian tells the party that she is headed to the Great Grove.

Corthen turns the duo loose with warnings to them that if they take up banditry again, their lives with be forfeit. Jute and Kirian flee the room. The group descends down the shaft cut from solid rock. The air is chill, but the air is breathable. The shaft descends into a tomb lined with twenty eight coffins and an arched stone door. It is lit by magical amber light cast upon the ceiling. Erith’s handharp begins to play louder on its own in the tomb. The party cautiously inspects each stone coffin finding nothing more than a few bones, rusting bits of metal, dust, and a few moldering scraps of cloth.

Finding nothing of value in the tomb, Rehs moves forward to inspect the stone door. He finds that the door is locked and it is trapped. Rehs takes his time and he cuts a wire connected to the portal and then he picks the lock. Uldred opens the door; the sound of metal striking metal and the sound of breaking items falling reverberate in the chamber beyond.

As the group is focused on the door trap, a coffin near the shaft suddenly pivots and a weird looking man emerges from under the coffin. It is soon clear the man is not living; his features are twisted and his body is warped in undeath. Corthen quickly casts a web spell from his cloak. The elf plans to burn the webs, but before he can act the wight uses magic of his own and blasts a 20’ tunnel through the webs and knocks Ayremyr down. A spell battle erupts between the combatants with the heroes emerging victorious. Corthen recovers a metal rod from the wight which he believes to be a Netherese Blast Scepter.

The party enters the inner chamber. The handharp grows even louder inside the room. The tomb contains a raised dais and a stone coffin atop it. The lid is worked with a carving of an armored woman wearing a crown with light spilling out from within the stone box. After Rehs examines the sarcophagus, four members of the party lift the stone lid from the coffin. Immediately all magical light ceases from inside the coffin, the party’s magic lights, and the harp ceases playing.

The scared heroes light a torch. Gazing into the coffin Corthen and Rehs see dust and a black object 7 inches across. Picking up the half circle Corthen is wounded by electrical energy emanating from the object. The party members all try to touch the item with similar results before placing it into the portable hole.

The Guardians of the Past leave the undertomb and climb back up the shaft. As Corthen reaches the top of the shaft a figure darts from the room and runs down the hallway for the surface. The elf yells to the others that someone is fleeing and then he runs after the figure. Reaching the surface, he doesn’t find the runner, but he discovers a large leather tube lying in the ward between the keep and the wall. Corthen stops and waits for the others to catch up. Rehs examines the dropped item and declares it safe to handle. Corthen opens the end discovers a vellum map of Amn.

The party is insistent on finding out who the mysterious stranger is. They catch a glimpse of him in the far distance crossing a ridge. The heroes pursue. For hours the group follows after the figure. Eventually Samira begins scrying him using his map as a foci. The party closes in on him after a day long pusuit. As Tellazar and Corthen use the Dimension Door to come beside him, the cloaked man reaches to his belt and tosses his loosed coin purse into the air spilling coins across the ground. He yells, “Take it! I have nothing else, highwaymen!” Ayremyr moves with swords ready to strike the man with raised hands in surrender. The elf yells, “Who are you and why are you running?” The angry man tersely tells the seven figures that he had seen enough and he ran to get away from losing his life. He refuses to give his name or what he was doing at Blackhorn Castle. The hot-tempered elf threatens the man if he does not answer their questions.

The man hesistates before giving his name, Volothamp Geddarm, and he says he was traveling to a village to the south. Corthen asks why he was at the castle. Volothamp states that he saw ravens gathering in the air above the ruined fortress and he grew curious as to what had occurred. He says that he saw the scattered dead stripped of armor and the ravens working on the corpses. Volothamp says he stumbled onto the dungeon beneath the hill and saw the other bodies stripped and that he ran when he saw someone climbing from the pit.

Corthen asks the man if he is sometimes known as Volo. The man nods and several of the heroes relax. Corthen explains to some in his party who have never heard the name Volo. He tells Rehs and Ayremyr that Volo is an author who writes books about locations and knowledge of the Realms. Corthen sheathes his longswords and picks up the coins and hands them back to the famous man.

Volo soon learns that the party are a group adventurers working against the Dark Druidess. Corthen reveals that most of the Guardians are Harpers. Volo shares some dark news. He tells the party that a battle took place at a sacred grove of Chauntea near Blackstone and that the Dark Druidess was victorious. He says that High King Tristan was led into a trap and fell in the battle. Volo says that he learned that the forces of the Dark Druidess were planning to gather near Dultann, so he came to Corvu and has been traveling for several days to learn more. The party saddened at the news of the High King, decide to make camp nearby and travel back to Dultann in the morning.

29th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff
Darkhorn Castle

At midday, the party comes into view of Darkhorn Castle. It rises above the surrounding landscape on a stone rise. The lands around the stone edifice are high moor grasses and a few scattered shrubs and stunted trees. Ayremyr leads the party up to a mountain stream that runs swiftly down to the east. Tellazar spots a narrow stone slab footbridge that crosses the water.

The party crosses the bridge and trudges up the ridge to the crumbling castle. Several towers have collapsed and the group can see several breaches in the outer wall of the abandoned castle. The group reaches the open archway of the main gate of Darkhorn Castle. No sound can be heard but the whistling of wind through openings in the stone structures. Rehs cautiously approaches the gateway and examines the area for waiting traps and finds none.

Corthen leads the party into the ward of the desolate stronghold. He leads the group up towards the main keep, a ruined shell of stone. Suddenly a cry comes from above and the air is pierced by dozens of bolts! The party has walked into an ambush. Crossbowmen fire on the adventurers from nearby towers on the outer walls, from the ramparts of the wall, and from the top of the main keep. Several members are struck by bolts, the luckier heroes’ armor turn them aside.

Realizing that they must move or perish, the group reacts swiftly. Tellazar grabs ahold of Corthen and uses the Dimension Door magic of his robes to reappear atop a nearby tower. Erith, Rehs, and Ayremyr charge a set of stairs to the inner curtain wall to rush their attackers. Uldred growls and pulls his enchanted crossbow out to return fire from the ward. Samira wounded by several of the bolts, runs for the cover of the main keep and says a prayer to Mystra that no attackers await her just inside the breached opening.

Corthen and Tellazar attack the three human crossbowmen atop of the tower. Erith and the others reach the top of the curtain wall. Four men led by a large warrior in field plate armor rush out from a nearby tower and charge the heroes. The leader is wielding a broadsword and he tries grabbing Ayremyr and Erith with a dark gauntlet but he misses.

Uldred has used his crossbow of speed to strike several of the archers atop a wall. Samira has disappeared inside the ruins of the main keep. Tellazar and Corthen have dispatched the three archers atop the tower they jumped to from the mage’s cloak. Tellazar uses Feather Fall to drop down inside the tower. Once there he unleashes a Lightning Bolt to slay five archers atop of the west wall.

Corthen uses his bow and picks off two archers atop of the main keep. Ayremyr, Erith, and Rehs slay two of the attackers including the leader. Erith kocks out three of the attackers with a Sleep spell. Uldred uses his helm to Fireball and eliminates the bowmen atop of the gatehouse. Uldred then moves up the stairs and says healing prayers on Rehs. The remaining crossbowmen flee from the roof of the main keep.

In the darkness of the interior of the main keep, Samira can hear shouts above her and soon she hears the sound of men running away inside the dark confines but she sees no one. Outside the party regroups, with Samira coming out last to rejoin the others. Uldred tends to her wounds before Corthen and Erith speak to his bound prisoners.

The three men are questioned. They tell the party they followed Gordeirn Mathchan, a bandit leader of Northern Gwynneth. The most helpful prisoner reveals that Gordeirn worshipped Cyric and he had the men attack the party to protect the Cyricists. Corthen offers freedom to the three men if they tell him where he can find these servants of Dark Sun. The prisoners tell the party that a stairwell behind the keep leads down into the catacombs and priests are quartered there.

Corthen keeps his promise and releases the men. He tells them should they continue to rob the honest Fflolk, he will track them down and give no quarter. The trio stumble out a wall breach and run across the open heath way from Darkhorn Castle as they can get. The Guardians of the Past locate the stairs down and descend into darkness.

The stairs lead into a large room with crates and wickerwork baskets stacked along one wall. Corthen investigates the containers, ever in pursuit of coins and brooches. He misses the signs of danger and trips a wire and most of the stack falls forward onto the elf. The rotting crates spill large stones out and Corthen is down and unmoving. The party pulls the warrior free of the trap and he comes around from unconsciousness.

The heroes move down a hall off of the entry chamber. Stone doors line the sides. Rehs checks each portal before Corthen opens doors to reveal room being used as a kitchen, a treasure room, and sleeping quarters. The next door opened by the elf reveals two Ettin skeletons that immediately attack the party. The party engages the undead and defeat the two of them.

Rehs moves down the hall to check the door at the end when he is hit by a soundless blast of energy. It knocks Corthen and Ayremyr over as well. Several party members are pretty sure it is a Netherese blast scepter. Samira takes Corthen, Rehs, Ayremyr, and Tellazar ethereal and they attack the men inside the room from behind once they return to solid form. They kill two bandits and two robed Cyricists and take two bandit prisoners. Rehs unspikes the door that connects to the outer hall. Erith aand Uldred enter the well chamber. Samira questions the surviving bandits and learn that three of their companions crawled out the escape tunnel. Erith’s handharp begins playing by itself when he enters the room. The harp plays louder in the northwest corner of the chamber. Uldred searches the area and finds loose flagstones that lift aside to reveal a dark shaft descending into solid rock.

28th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

Having seen two riders the day before who rode into a forest as the party approached on foot, the group has been on guard all day. Corthen leads the group through the thick forest of their Shee encounter during the day. The group makes it through, and they continue on for the last few hours of remaining daylight before stopping and making a campfire and settling in for the night.

26th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party departs Dultann again, this time bound for the haunted ruins of Darkhorn Castle.


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