Guardians of the Past

14th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

Tellazar continues his identifications while Corthen attempts to get the cursed sword removed from his grasp. Corthen gets 300 gold coins from the party treasury, 250 gold coins from Whitlowe, and 200 more from Silvaris to cover expense of intervention of the Tymora. The priests say prayers to remove the sword, but it does not work. They tell the moon elf that the sword he possesses must bear a greater curse. They inform him that nothing short of wish magics or divine intervention can remove the sword from his hand. The rest of the party tell Corthen that he does not have to repay them for the failed prayer expenses.

13th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes spend an idle day resting, sharpening blades, and drinking a few ales at the Dripping Dagger Inn, while Tellazar the mage divines what items are enchanted and then tries to identify any powers the items may contain.

12th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventuring party returns to Undermountain. They find a room filled with large cobwebs and the remains of a men pierced by spikes on each side of the room. A search in a nearby hall reveals a secret store room with a box of 20 spearheads, 6 barrels of ale and a total of 39 bags of burdock, hyssop, deadly nightshade, grape seed, mad weed and bethroot.

After leaving the secret room the group sees two men running towards them and directly behind them is an eye tyrant. One of the running men is disintegrated and the members of the Circle of Valor decide quickly they should run also. The scared heroes catch up with the man later and discover his name is Thrimbul and there had been 7 members in his adventuring party. He shares that the rest of his comrades are dead from the beholder. Thrimbul is a warrior with a bow and a long sword. After a quick discussion among his peers Saedellas asks Thrimbul to join with them until they leave the halls.

The group enters a room covered in burn scars that has a large granite statue of a half-human half-snake female. As they approach the statue, a trap triggers a spell that slows Silvaris. Another spell trap goes off and a bright flash almost blinds Corthen and Silvaris. Corthen grabs Silvaris and drags him out of the room. The room goes dark and then there is another flash and some smoke. Then the room lightens again. Silvaris returns to the statue and discovers a hidden compartment in the arm that is activated by the navel of the statue. Inside the compartment is a bag with 6 gems of a pale blue sheen. Silvaris estimates them to be moon stones worth 1000 gold each, but they later find out they are only worth 50 gold each.
Corthen discovers a compartment under the statue and 3 skeletons emerge from it. The compartment is actually an 8 by 8 room with a rotting leathern bag containing 39 electrum coins.

The heroes continue their foray deeper into the chambers of Undermountain. They enter a room covered with mud. The mud is about 3 feet deep. Corthen enters into the room and arms covered in mud reach up from the floor and try to grab him. As he exits the room, 2 mud covered figures follow him. One hits Whitlowe and paralyzes him and begins to pull him under. Silvaris enters the mud to rescue Whitlowe as the rest of the party fights the mud man. Saedellas and Thrimbul dive into the mud to help. When they have dispatched the mud men, Silvaris resurfaces with Whitlowe and they also find a large hide covered shield and a large ornate gold-plated key inside it.

The party come to a room with four massive casks of spiced wine. They quickly leave since no gold coins can be found. The group with Corthen and Whitlowe leading come to a set of stairs leading up and a figure at the top obscured in mist. When the party slowly advances up there, it appears to be an elf clad in black full plate with a long sword and dagger. Saedellas believes it to be an illusion because nothing happens and the patrolling armored elf does not respond to them.

The group comes to a door and a fanged mouth appears and warns anyone who would disturb the occupant that they will not live to regret it. Tellazar has to use the ring to open the magically held door. Upon entering the room the adventurers are attacked by 7 fire beetles. They make short work of them after Tellazar puts four of them to sleep with his magic.
The group travels through several passageways before entering a sand filled room. Silvaris discovers a sea chest filled with wet sand. Under the sand is a hollow large animal tusk with each end sealed in wax. Inside the party discovers a scroll with several spells used by priests.

The party leaves the sand room and turns a corner in the passage when five members of the party are hit with crossbow bolts. There was an orc hiding with 6 crossbows mounted to fire simultaneously. The orc then proceeds to pin Corthen to a wall with a shield mounted on some rolling apparatus. The party fights back against the orc guard. When it is over, the fledgling heroes enter the room he was guarding and find 2 empty chests. The orc was wearing studded leather armor, an open faced helm, high hard boots, a belt with a pouch containing a tinder box, kindling, a roasting skewer, dagger and a purse with 3 coppers. He was wielding a broad sword and a battle axe. The party attempts to leave and head back up out of the dungeon when a wall crashes down and seals a section of passageway and the group is forced to go around to leave the area. They reach the well chamber without any further suprises and beat the shields to summon the lift back up to the inn and safety above.

11th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

Horned ring   small

The group spends the day at the Dripping Dagger Inn resting from their battles the previous day in Undermountain. Tellazar spends all day trying to learn the enchantments of the ring.

10th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

Having finished training with weapons masters and praying to their Deities for the last several weeks, the six young friends discuss trying their hand at adventuring and trying to find the room mentioned in Turnoc Redleaf’s cryptic message and scrawled map. The 3 elves, 2 humans and gnome head to the Yawning Portal and pay Durnan the innkeeper to lower them down into the Underhalls. After lighting torches the group moves slowly into the old hallways wary of dangerous traps and bloodthirsty beasts. They search the hallway near the entry well and find a secret door. When Corthen opens it, an empty black suit of armor walks forward and holds out its hand. It is holding a ring with two inward facing horns and a brass key. Corthen takes both from the suit of armor before closing the secret door.

The adventurers move futher into the dungeon and come upon a wall that is marked “Certain death, this way.” Silvaris finds a storage niche concealed in one of the pillars in the chamber and inside he finds three one foot long tapered sticks and a small brass key.

The Circle of Valor enters another room with a glowing suit of chain mail and a glowing long sword. The room is also occupied by three ugly orcs. After a short battle the orcs are dead and the heroes gather up their weapons. Corthen tries out the glowing longsword hanging on the weapons rack and discovers that he can not put it down. He realizes that he may be stuck wielding some type of cursed sword until he can find a method to remove it from his possession.

Silvaris and Whitlowe hear the familiar sounds of combat coming from the west. The group heads that way to investigate. They enter a room with large three statues in the center of the room and a broad sword that speaks when Kazlar picks it up. It begins screaming about thieves. Just then, three creatures charge into the room. One large goblinoid is wearing plate armor and wielding a halberd. The other two goblinoids are in chain mail and are brandishing morning stars. A melee ensues between the party and these creatures.

After a fierce fight, the Circle of Valor emerges victorious but Kazlar, Silvaris, and Corthen are battered and bruised from the encounter. They gather 2 morning stars, a halberd, a suit of plate mail, 2 suits of chain mail, a dagger, a steel vial and a purse containing 8 copper, 13 silver and 7 gold pieces. They discover that inside the vial is a potion of healing.

The three statues have names on carved into them. To the south is Elyndraun, in the middle is Ruathyndar, and the last one is Onthalass. The young adventurers decide to move north and continue to explore. They soon meet an adventuring party of dwarves who identify themselves as the Company of the Black Hammer. They tell the group they have been exploring the passageways to the north of the entry well and have killed the monsters lairing there. Silvarus speaks up and suggests that they retreat back to the well and return to the city for a chance to rest and lick their wounds. The group agrees and exits Undermountain after their first foray.

26th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

Palace of del dungeon key

The Circle of Valor arrives in Waterdeep. The party thanks Ahiktos for his aid in helping to reach the city. Tellazar plays tour guide and leads the others to the Font of Knowledge, the grand temple of Oghma, God of Knowledge. Priest Wanthor of Oghma takes the robe given to them in Everlund as part of Turnoc Readleaf’s will and gives them a sealed paper package with a wax symbol of a leaf.

The group looks for an Inn and they make their way to the Yawning Portal. Saedellas asks about rooms and learns the Innkeeper Durnan charge 15 gold per room for a fortnight. Corthen learns that it is 1 gold per person to go up or down the well into the Underhalls of the dungeon that everyone calls Undermountain. The party finishes their drinks and leave the Yawning Portal.

Tellazar takes everyone with him and introduces his companions to his family. The Hemzalls are bakers by trade. Tellazar’s mother makes sure everyone eats a full meal, including the family breads and pastries. The Circle of Valor members find rooms at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger. The Inn’s front door is covered with blood stains and weapon scars. The group rents three rooms for 3 tendays from Filiare, the owner. The adventurers retire to one of the rooms for privacy to view the contents inside the package they got from Priest Wanthor . Inside the package is an unusual key and a map of a room with some cryptic instructions. The party makes plans to seek out training in their respective arts. Filiare helps set Corthen up with Ulreth, a warrior trainer.

6th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

The group leaves Everlund. They had originally planned to train with weapons but with the attempt on their lives, the consensus is it would be best to get to Waterdeep as fast as possible. The group travels for two fortnights with Ahiktos and his caravan.

5th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

The group finishes healing everyone and then head to get the package for Saedellas’ father. It is a large wrapped bundle held by a woman named Miri. On the way back to the Silver Swan, Silvaris notices a group of humans following the party through the streets of Everlund. When discovered, the pursuers draw weapons and charge. The six heroes decide to run and try to escape. Arriving back at the Silver Swan they find out that Ahiktos’ guards have slain an assassin who had snuck in through the back door. He had a list of their names and races.

Corthen sends for a town guard. Guard Captain Stroud arrives and they tell him about being chased. Stroud takes them in for questioning. Kale Moonwalker, an elder councilman, questions the party members. After they have answered his questions satisfactorily, he finds no fault on their part and allows the young adventurers to leave.

The group opens the package they received from Miri earlier in the day. Inside is a robe with golden braided glyphs and runes, and a potion of healing. Inside the robe they find a note with directions to the Font of Knowledge, the Temple of Oghma in Waterdeep and a message that reads “Inside the pillar: the Halls.” Saedellas send a message via the light towers to his father asking him if he may pursue this matter further in Waterdeep. His return message says that the party may do whatever they wish. Ahiktos offers to let the group travel with him to Waterdeep and Stubs offers to sell their horses on consignment for 62 gold coins each.

4th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

The group gets everyone healed as best they can and begin the journey to Everlund. The caravan arrives at nightfall. The six adventurers get rooms at the Silver Swan Inn where Ahiktos is staying. The proprietor is a halfling named Stubs. Kazlar and Tellazar share one room, Whitlowe and Corthen share a room and Silvaris and Saedellas share a third. The rooms are 15 silver a night each and stabling for the horses is 4 silver per horse. Stubs asks Whitlowe if he has met his three friends yet, a warrior woman and two robed men. The group is beginning to think that the people who seem to be on their trail might also be involved with the roadside bandits who attacked them yesterday.

3rd of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

On the road the mounted adventurers pass some herders with about 30 head of cattle and they exchange road news. Later in the day 4 mounted men charge out of the tree line towards the heroes and attack. Corthen gets hit by an arrow fired from the woods. It is an ambush. Tellazar puts two of the riders to sleep with a spell. Silvaris gets hit in the face with an arrow and falls. Saedellas get hit hard by one of the rider’s swords. Whitlowe charges into the woods to stop the archers. Kazlar and Saedellas rush to stabilize Silvaris before he dies. Then Tellazar is struck by an arrow and falls. Corthen tries to defend himself from a rider but fumbles his own sword wounding himself instead and then collapses.

Saedellas begins to think he may not make it to Everlund on behalf of his father. Only Whitlowe, Kazlar and himself are still concious to fight these raiders, and Whitlowe is nowhere to be seen since he ran into the woods to engage the deadly archers. Saedellas and Kazlar grimly face the mounted bandits and they manage to defeat the horsemen. Whitlowe returns from the grove of trees smiling and holding up three fingers. It seems the gnome warrior dispatched all three of the archers in the woods.

The party sorts through and takes some of the bandit gear which consists of: 4 riding horses, 4 long swords, 4 daggers, 4 suits of studded leather, 3 short bows, 3 suits of leather, 3 short swords, 23 flight arrows, 2 weeks of standard rations and some coin.

The adventurers have no choice but to make camp early. A caravan approaches on its way to Everlund. The caravan leader is Ahiktos the Merchant. He is an aging man with black hair and he wears a satin robe. His caravan makes camp with the party and they are grateful. He invites the young heroes to dine with him and offers to buy their extra horses. He offers to give them 225 gold for their extra horses and he has information he wishes to share.

He tells the group that a warrior woman was asking about them in Trail Ridge. They tell Ahiktos what they heard from Voronia about Olthcar in exchange for his help in traveling with the caravan to Everlund. Ahiktos tells Corthen that by reputation Olthcar is an honorable man.


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