Guardians of the Past

2nd of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff
Blizzard Conditions

The group spent the previous day resting, sharpening weapons, replacing worn equipment. Tellazar identified that two of the swords found in the giant’s fortress are enchanted flame swords that bear additional powers of sentience.

Now this morning, Samira has prayed to Mystra using her_ Augury_ prayer. She learns about the chain, that it will transport six persons to a destination already set. Since the group wishes to track down the Staff of Chauntea, this seems to be the next destination. Only Corthen and Rehs step into the figure eight of the magical chain. The two adventurers are teleported away.

Tellazar opens the mirror and scries for Corthen. He sees two men wading through deep snow in a heavy snowstorm. There is low visibility and it is very windy. The group quickly grabs winter gear including extra clothing for Rehs and Corthen and they rush through the mirror.

Rejoining their friends, the two freezing heroes don the furs and clothing their companions have brought. The group sees nothing but snow. Corthen chooses a direction which he believes is North and urges everyone to follow his path. the group travels all day and darkness settles in and the group digs down sheltering for a very cold night.

High Harvestide 1366 Year of the Staff
A Day of Feasting and Blessings

The adventuring group spends the day in Waterdeep. Corthen invites everyone to a holiday meal at his manor house. His cook prepares a feast that everyone enjoys. Corthen, Erith, and Rehs examine the treasure secured from the giant hold the previous night.

In addition to much gold, platinum, gems, and jewelry, the heroes also carry out several enchanted weapons. Tellazar takes up the items to prepare them for Identify magic. He also gathers up a long, heavy black chain loop made of weird metal. There is a drawing made on human skin showing that the chain is to be looped over itself creating two circles. Tellazar retreats to his spell room in the cellar to attune himself to the items.

Samira blesses Corthen’s pantries, food cellars, and wine cellar. The group spends the rest of the evening singing, eating, dancing, and drinking elven wine.

30th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Mystra's Message

The party returns to Caer Callidyr in the afternoon. The city is busy with crews burning the dead corpses of the enemy and interring their dead in a newly hallowed graveyard on the western outskirts of the city.

The Guardians of the Past arrive at the city gates and are not granted access to the city. Corthen speaks to the watchmen and states that he needs to speak to the High Queen and her advisors. The watchmen state they do not have permission to let strangers into the capital. Corthen and Tellazar are insistent that they have information about the retreating enemy. The watch commander releases one of his men to retrieve someone for them to speak with.

Less than an hour later, three men show up at the gate. Their leader surveys the group and talks to them for several minutes before telling the watch commander to let the adventurers through. The group follows the men to a tavern, The Greenbriar Archer. There the men introduce themselves as Florin, Mareth, and Hulp.

Corthen discretely asks Florin if he has friends in the Dalelands and the man nods and confirms the elf’s suspicions that they are sharing an ale with Florin Falconhand, Harper and a Knight of Myth Drannor. The group tells Florin about the cavern where the drow army went to. Florin promises to get them to the High Queen’s Royal Historian, Ithar Deepwell.

Later, as promised, the group is escorted under heavy guard to the historian. Ithar greets the heroes and asks them their story they have for him. The sage consults several tomes to confirm the group’s information. Ithar shares that Thunderspur was once a dwarven settlement in a vale north of Caer Callidyr.

Ithar goes on to tell the group that it fell 750 years ago to the dark llewyrr and became known as Fellgate at that time. Ithar goes on that Fellgate has been generally forgotten because the dark llewyrr last used it some 235 years ago during The Black War. Corthen and his friends thank the sage and leave the city. At a secluded spot, Samira prays to Mystra for knowledge. Intoning prayers of divination, words fill Samira’s mind.

“Near flying nails lies the way. Only the cautious and dogged will find the true path to thy desire.”

Thanking her Goddess, Samira shares the cryptic words with her companions. The companions mull over the message until Rehs mentions the manticores the group killed at the hill giant lair. Deciding that this must be the meaning, they travel back through the waiting mirror gate. Tellazar scries the hill giant treasure room and the group steps through to the other side.

Once there, the group searches the former treasure room of the Chief Nosnra. Kiersan, the dwarf warrior, discovers a shifting stone block. Not being careful about noise, the group draws the attention of the hill giants above. The giants descend the secret staircase to attack the party. Erith and Tellazar cast several offensive spells killing four of the giants and wounding the others. The stunned giants retreat back up the stairs and leave the party to their devices.

Ayremyr and Corthen work together and are able use their strength to move the shifting stone block. An entire wall of the chamber grates down revealing a hidden chamber beyond. The two elves quickly pass through the passage connecting the rooms only to fall into a spiked pit. Rehs uses Samira’s magic hammer to break the locked pit lid and the group retrieves the two wounded warriors.

Carefully crossing the open pit, the heroes discover that secret chamber’s broken and moldy contents are actually illusions covering a weapon’s rack and several chests. Gathering their newly won treasures, the group retreats back to Waterdeep through the mirror.

29th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Dead End

The adventurers pass the night without any trouble. The group gathers their gear and returns to the trail left by the giants, drow, and Cyricists. The party ascends into a narrow vale. Cautiously Rehs and the others slip forward fearing an ambush. The trail leads to a cliff face with an opening surrounded by broken pillars.

Rehs slips on his enchanted ring of invisibility and scouts the opening and the chamber beyond. The rogue discovers the chamber is empty except for an arcane dais of metal and a human corpse. Rehs returns and reports his findings. Corthen and the other companions investigate the chamber searching it for hidden passages.

Finding no other exits, the group investigates the dead man. Samira uses the Spear of Lochal and converses with the man’s spirit. she learns that he was Kelvis Banner, a soldier captured by the drow. He informs them that a dark llewyrr male sacrificed him to open some kind of magic portal atop the dais.

Knowing they cannot use the dais without a blood sacrifice, Tellazar grows frustrated. Erith and Aremyr gather Kelvis’ remains and give him a proper burial out in the vale. Searching for any other clues, Tellazar finds the faded word “Thunderspur” carved in the dwarven runes on one pillar outside of the cavern. With no other avenue to pursue the evil army, the group turns back for Caer Callidyr.

28th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Background Check

After a night of rest in Waterdeep, the group gathers to learn about their new foe, Eclavdra. Tellazar attempts to scry her and the Staff of Chauntea, but no images appear on the magic mirror’s surface.

Failing the attempts to scry, the party attempts to gain any knowledge they can. They start going through the looted items from the hill giant steading. Tellazar opens the ornate scroll tubes found in the dead hill giant chieftain’s study. Inside, the mage discovers a map of the upper floor of the steading on a rough hide. The death’s head sealed tube is opened. Tellazar deciphers that the letter is to the dead giant chieftain and it was written by Eclavdra the drow.

In the message, the drow give detailed orders for the hill giants about a planned attack which uses the giant forces in the attack. Unsure if the scroll is a ploy or not, the group returns to the mirror and uses it to scry Caer Callidyr, the home of the High Queen.

The Guardians of the Past stare at the mirror in shock. War has come to the fair city. The city has been besieged. Smoke pours from some of the towers and walls of the city. Broken bodies of men and blue skinned giants lie scattered about, both inside and outside of the city. Much damage has been inflicted upon the forces of the High Queen. Fearing the worst, the heroes quickly gather weapons ans armor and use the mirror to gate to travel there in an instant.

Stepping through, the group led by Corthen is quickly met by an armed party of soldiers wearing the wolf’s head of the High Queen. Swearing allegiance to her majesty, the guardsmen share that the combined forces of the Dark Druidess, giants, and the Dark Llewyrr attacked the city. The guards say that some massive God of Rot was instrumental in the attack. The man shares that most of the Royal Wizards sacrificed themselves to push the enemy back from the city and the High Queen.

Angry at the turn of events, the band of Harper heroes decides to track the retreating enemy and kill or destroy as many as they can. The trail is so obvious that Rehs jokes a blind man could follow it. The group travels North on foot pursuing the drow and the Cyricists. At sundown, Ayremyr finds a good defensive place to make camp on a steep hilltop.

27th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

The party spends the day creating outfits that will pass as drow. Rehs uses his hat of disguise to create his drow appearance. They wait until it is late at night. Right before stepping through the mirror gate, Erith casts a vocalize spell on both Samira and Tellazar. Meanwhile Samira casts a Silence spell on Tellazar to help with the mission.

The party steps through the portal created by the scrying mirror to the quarters of Chief Nosnra. Samira casts a mind reading on to the sleeping chief. She is unsuccessful, so Ayremyr dispatches the hill giant chief. The party grabs anything of value. A search reveals a secret door. The party leaves through it and makes their way to the chief’s study.

Not much is found. A hide map on the wall shows the area as well as the lands to the south. Rehs locates a secret door. Passing through, the find a small room with a stack of firewood and steps descending into the darkness. Corthen searches the woodpile and finds two ornate scroll tubes, with one still sealed.

Rehs examines the stairs and the party makes their way into the lower chambers. The hall opens into a large chamber. Across the room Corthen catches a gleam and notices a spilled coffer. an invisible Rehs rushes over to inspect the treasure when he feels the sinking of a pressure plate in the floor. Suddenly two portcullises slam down effectively locking the party into the room. Then another portcullis raises and missiles begin flying from behind this gate at the party.

Several members are hit, but none seriously. The group realizes they are under attack by creatures that are likely manticores. The group uses arrows and spells to slay the creatures on the other side of the southern portcullis. Looking for a way out, Corthen opens a secret door and finds a series of levers. He eventually moves them as needed and the party searches the manticore lair.

In another chamber the party finds the treasure of Chief Nosnra. Corthen counts and catalogs the treasure, and then has it packed into the portable hole. Having finished, the party, still disguised as drow return upstairs, to scare the other giants and make them believe the drow executed Nosnra. The party goes back to the hall outside the chief’s chamber. Some of the group start yelling and creating a ruckus to draw any guards to their location. Once several giants and ogres make their way to them, the party runs into the chief’s chamber and exit the room through the mirror’s gate to Waterdeep.

26th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Scrying Nosnra

Tellazar casts identify spells on the shield and other enchanted items plundered from the giants. Once the items’ powers are learned many of the choice magic items are distributed to the members of the adventuring group.

The party discusses plans to regain the staff. The majority agree that they must learn its whereabouts from Chief Nosnra himself. Samira shares that she can use some of her holy spells to attempt to read the thoughts of the giant. Corthen suggests that they really need to survey the chief’s location and learn when he is the most vulnerable. The party agrees to use the mirror to scry Nosnra and watch him for at least a day.

25th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff
Axes and Allies

The party rested and re-equipped opens a gate into the prison cells under the giant fortress of Chief Nosnra. Upon leaving the prison, the adventurers encounter a large band of orcs, former slaves of the hill giants. Corthen and the party keep their guard up but they talk to the free orcs. Questioned the orc band leader tells the group that his band is out foraging for food. The orcs are not hostile, they actually offer to help the party battle their former captors. Corthen and Tellazar tell the others that they do not want orcish assistance. Samira and Rehs give the band some of their iron rations before the group departs down the south hallway.

Corthen leads his companions to the hellish-looking torture chamber that the group discovered on their last visit but did not get an opportunity to enter. The warriors charge the two fire giants while Tellazar unleashes several of his powerful spells helping to defeat the torturers. The enemy is looted and the room examined. Ayremyr and Corthen regroup the party and they discover empty slave pens, once occupied by the orcs.

Traveling east the party comes to hall filled halfway with broken rock and shattered stone. Preparing to climb the obstacle, the group is warned in orc to stop. The party soon learns that the have discovered the base of the freed orcs. Corthen tries to convince the sentries that they should be allowed to pass. The orcs dismiss his reasons and state that the party has rejected their offer of an alliance against the giants in the stockade above. They tell the party that they should go elsewhere since they are not allied.

Corthen speaks to Rehs and convinces the party rogue that he should use his enchanted to slip past the sentries and scout out their camp. Rehs uses his ring to slowly climb up and over the rock barricade while the party retreats to a nearby slave pen and await his return. The thief discovers a long hall where an ancient looking door has been blocked by many stone blocks. Rehs move invisibly past more orc guards and into a large cavern where orcs of both genders and several orc whelps cry. Rehs skirts the large groups and enters another passage. During his exploration, he runs into an unseen reptilian creature that he hadn’t seen. Startled, the thief runs away and does his best to slide past the sentries once again. Covered in sweat, Rehs reappears to the group shaken but unharmed.

The group decides not to engage the orcs. Corthen leads the party up another hallway. He discovers a cistern chamber. Corthen investigates the water and finally dives in to check the pool. He discovers an outlet on the bottom. Swimming through the passage he eventually emerges in a dark cavern of immense size with a small underground stream running through it. Assessing that the group can make the journey, the elven warrior returns to his waiting comrades and tells them of his find.

The Guardians each dive into the cold water and swim through the tunnel guided by a rope that Corthen led off with. On the other side, the party discovers that the floor of the cavern is littered with many bones, old ones, yellowed with age. Quickly the party discovers coins, gems, and some unbroken weapons, and shields in the muck of the soft floor of the wet cavern.

Suddenly a 9’ long pale monster with many legs and a mass of tentacles near its mouth climbs down a nearby rock formation and attacks the party. Ayremyr is paralyzed by the lashing tentacles. The party kills the monster. The elf regains mobility after several minutes. The party continues to search the immense underground graveyard. The party finds much wealth. The group discovers a large sinkhole along one wall of the chamber. While the band moves the splintered skulls of the deceased humans for ages past, two more monsters climb from the sinkhole and engage the group.

The heroes dispatch the skittering creatures. Ayremyr argues in favor of descending down into the deep sinkhole in search treasure. Finding few allies in his plan, he reluctantly gives up but not without grumbling about his belief that great treasure lies below. Erith quickly reminds the elf that two of the paralyzing beasts climbed from the deep shaft and that being paralyzed is not very conducive to climbing with ropes. Finishing up their search after nearly six hours, the group re-enters the water and travels back to the cistern.

The group discovers a storeroom with picks and other digging implements. Nearby the party breaks into a wine cellar belonging to the giants. They loot 13 wooden tuns placing these into their portable hole. The party leaves this area to explore passages north of the prison cells. There the party discovers several large rooms under excavation. The party remarks that these are likely the chambers that Ruddick Freeiron informed them that the giants had him engineering.

The next chamber turns out to be occupied. Three stone giants are quartered here. The elven warriors charge and the others begin throwing spells or enter melee to aid the warriors. The party kills one giant and the others are wounded. One giant speaks a thick common tongue and asks to parley. The party ceases their attacks while the giant speaks to the group. Tellazar asks the stone giant about a staff that the hill giants took from humans on a recent raid to the south. The giant tells the Guardians that he did see the item and that Chief Nosnra turned it over to the dark llewyr who left traveling back east. Corthen asks about the forces of the chief and learns that the stone giants number four and that they are here only to dig chambers for the hill giants. Asked why, the giant says that the dark llewyr directed Chief Nosnra to expand the chambers below the keep.

Corthen extracts a promise that the stone giants will not work against the party or attack them in the future. Searching the room, Rehs and Corthen discover a chest. Looking inside the elf sees that it is a large amount of gold coins. Conflicted, he finally closes the lid and walks away leaving the remaining giants with their pay for the mining they have done. Gathering the group, the party passes through gate created by the magic mirror. Back in Waterdeep, the mage detects the treasure haul for magic and prepares these objects for identification.

23rd of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen and Rehs go to Essimuth’s Equipment. After visiting with the retired adventurer, Corthen purchases his stock of steel vials with the intention of replacing as many of the glass vials of magic potions carried by the party into the strong steel containers.

The duo travel to Millomyr Harps and talk with Jhandess. They pass along the most recent events from the Moonshae Isles to the Harper agent.

22nd of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Tellazar spends the day casting Identify on the recent group of enchanted items.


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