Guardians of the Past

6th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party has finished weapons training, prayers to their patron gods, and spell studies. The party speaks to Lord Cauldyth and inform him they plan to travel forth from Aithe to help fight the evil plaguing the island. They ask where he thinks they should go. He tells them that bandits and the dark robed priests who they serve must have a base in the Wild wood to the East of Aithelar.

Corthen and others agree to pursue this plan. The treasure hunter is still smarting over the wererats and their theft of some of the party’s magical equipment and he hopes to find them in the forest as well and regain the missing items. Lord Cauldyth speaks. “My sword will ride you, if you will have me, and that of my youngest daughter; my eldest must remain to hold and rule Aithe in my absence. The three of us were not enough to bear arms into the forest, but now that you’ve come, all of us together may prevail-if we can strike at the heart of this evil before its many arms can reach out and drag us down.”

27th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Uldred and Ayremyr walk to the White Bull Tavern after another day spent in training. They share a meal and several mugs of ale when smoke begins to waft in the chamber. The locals rush out of the burning building to find the cause of the fire. Sixteen toughs have deliberately set the White Bull Tavern ablaze and wait in the street with weapons drawn to take out the dwarf and elf.

Acting quickly, Uldred dons his helmet and activates on the gems upon it. The gem shoots a Prismatic Spray out in a multicolored blast of lights. As the rays find their targets the hired goons are turned to stone, blasted by fire and acid, turned insane, and banished to another plane of existence. Only one of the toughs escapes unscathed, and he flees as fast as he can.

The tavern is a total loss. It is consumed by the flames as the local Ffolk fight to keep the fire from spreading to other structures nearby. Ayremyr and Uldred assist the people of Aithelar battle the fires before they are stamped out. The duo return to Aithe Keep and inform their friends of the events of the evening.

18th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

In the middle of the night, Uldred wakes to intruders in the room. He bellows an alarm awaking his three friends sharing the room and some of the others next door. When Corthen charges into the room from next door his flaming sword illuminates several giant ratmen fleeing the room to the privy.

The party engages the wererats who begin running. Several of the lycanthropes escape down the privy shaft with some of the party’s small items of magic and wealth. The party alerts the keep’s forces who search for the wererats. Finding them long gone, the party descends into the sewers in an attempt to find the thieves and the missing goods.

The party wanders beneath the streets of Aithe for hours without success. Turned around and wandering the maze of tunnels the group is surprised by a band of undead shadows. Surviving the encounter, the party believes the wererats have fled out an exit into a nearby stream. Several members wish to pursue the wererats for stealing enchanted daggers, cloaks, and wands. The group finally narrowly decides to complete their training before looking for the lycanthropes.

8th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

The party begins training with weapons. Rehs set about to improving his rogue skills and Tellazar learns that Brwynella is a mage with her deceased master’s spellbooks.

7th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Lord Haembar Cauldyth holds a feast in honor of the Guardians of the Past for successfully delivering a much needed shipment of blades during a time of war. He thanks them for destroying the evil men who assaulted them on the very streets of Aithelar.

6th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Some members of the party, Erith, Corthen, and Rehs go hunting boar with Lord Cauldyth and his daughter, Rhiannon. Lord Cauldyth and Erith each take a boar and Corthen kills two wild boar in the Lord’s Wood.

5th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

The party recovers their treasure from the Mermaid Sword and stores it in the depths of Aithe Keep. Several members buy hunting leathers to go boar hunting with Lord Cauldyth.

4th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

The Mermaid Sword docks in Aithelar. The crates of swords are unloaded by dockworkers and placed on ten carts pulled by oxen and driven by drovers. The party separates and rides different carts. Corthen rides the lead cart with a bound and hooded Thazstar seated along side him. Erith rides the third wagon. Rehs rides the fifth cart with Tellazar on the sixth wagon. Samira rides on the ninth and Ayremyr brings up the rear on the last cart.

Halfway through Aithelar a large wagon loaded with logs comes out of a side street in front of Corthen’s wagon. Realizing it has stopped and the wagon drover is unhitching his team of horses, Corthen yells back to the others that they are getting boxed in. He pulls his bow and shoots dead one of the two wagon drovers but the other runs off with the horse team. Suddenly a hail of arrows rain down on the lead wagons trying to slay anyone or anything exposed.
Thazstar, the two oxen, and the lead drover are killed. Erith dives for cover under his wagon yelling to Corthen asking him what the plan is. The elf states the plan is to attack.

Samira and Ayremyr in the rear note that a wagon has blocked the path behind the group. Arrows fly from rooftops and some windows of upper floor buildings. Several party members are badly wounded by the archers. The party is completely surrounded and they are caught in a crossfire. An armored priest leads a band of armed thugs at the front of street in an attempt to swarm Erith and Corthen. The bard uses his wand of frost and an Ice Storm pummels the enemy slaying everyone but the priest. He tries to cast magic but Corthen braves the arrows and charges the spellcaster.

Samira keeps the enemy at bay at the back of the street. She casts a Wall of Fire that prevents anyone from crossing her flames. Rehs grows angry at all the archers. He is happy when Tellazar casts Sleep on several of the bowmen atop the roof a building above and one of the archers falls to the cobblestones to a bone-breaking death. Tellazar also stops another group of these thieves from running out to the carts and running off with any of the crates. He casts several deadly spells and the handful of bandits still alive on the street run away from the mage.

At this point, the tide has shifted towards the party. Corthen and Erith rush several of the buildings containing archers. Corthen kills four archers in one shop. Erith returns to the street later with two prisoners. Samira and Ayremyr kill several more of the bandits before the priest doffs a draught and flies off by magic. The duo assist Rehs in killing two fleeing archers and capturing one.

The heroes bind wounds and receive some healing from the Mystran priestess. The group is greeted by an armed group of soldiers arriving from the keep. The soldiers assist the party in moving the blocking wagon and deliver the swords to the keep.

Meanwhile in Waterdeep, a retired Uldred is approached by a mage named Flamsterd who states that his former companions are in danger and he offers to transport him to Aithelar from Waterdeep by magic. The dwarf grabs his armor and equipment and informs his friend, Felzoun, that he is leaving the city for an unknown period of time.

The dwarf returns to meet with the old mage. Flamsterd tells Uldred that he should end up near his companions. The wizard casts his magic, and Uldred is teleported from his residence to outside a warehouse facing a harbor with several ships docked along the quay. Uldred looks about for his friends but he does not see any of them. Suddenly burning arrows fly overhead and strike a handsome ship docked and unloading wares. A group of scurvy men rush out of an alley towards the ship. The ship’s crew quickly grabs arms and rushes onto the quay to clash with the attackers. Realizing that the ship is likely the vessel carrying his companions, the dwarf pulls his mace and charges forward.

The dwarf is surprised by the first blast of fire. The ship’s crew rushes into the blast zone and hacks and smashes at the scurvy men. Uldred smacks one of the humans with his mace and he screams in pain. Fire arrows continue to rain down on the wooden ship. Uldred sees the female Captain pull something from her necklace and hurl at the warehouse where the archers have perched upon the roof. The resulting Fireball ends the burning missiles being fired upon the ship. Her crew is winning the skirmish. Uldred ducks several attacks and swings his enchanted mace several more times felling another bandit. Several minutes later the scurvy bandits are fleeing with about half their numbers laying on the stone dock dying or dead. The majority of the vessel’s crew snaps to the orders shouted to them and they rush to the harbor to throw water onto their burning ship.

Uldred assists the dying and wounded crew of the ship. Having delivered the swords to keep, the Guardians are given mounts and the six heroes rush to the harbor to aid the Mermaid Sword. When they arrive at the ship the crew is putting out the worst of the fires, The vessel is badly damaged by fire arrows, but she does not sink.

Corthen makes contact with Captain Veldyrina. She is wounded as is many of her crew but only a few of her crew died in the assault and the fire. Samira sees Jessandra Blossom on the quay acting frantic. The Mystran priestess learns that her sisters were not so lucky; Zyla Blossom is missing and Erienne is dead. Samira learns that Erienne died in the fire and that Zyla jumped into the harbor to avoid the same fate. Corthen and Erith jump into the waters searching for the eldest sister. Only a floating shoe is found floating on the water; no other sign of the woman can be found.

Ayremyr’s consort, Jessandra, is unscathed. Samira learned that she is without coins or further transport, since the Mermaid Sword is so badly damaged. The girl relates that Zyla carried the family wealth since she was the eldest and she is now missing and possibly drowned. Samira urges Ayremyr to give comfort to his lover but he callously brushes her off. He finally breaks down to give her some coins for food after realizing that his friends are staring at him with distain. Ayremyr discovers that someone has taken his coins and replaced them with smooth river stones and brass tokens from a Calishite festhall. He tries to blame Jessandra, but his friends tell him that the frantic girl is too distraught over her sisters to have stolen his money right in front everyone. Corthen speaks to Captain Veldyrina and she tells him to return tomorrow afternoon to get his sea chests that are in the damaged ship’s hold. Samira approaches the Captain and hands her a valuable necklace worth several thousand pieces of gold. The Calishite adventurer tells the woman it is to help pay for repairs to the Mermaid Sword. Veldyrina hugs Samira and thanks her for her generosity.

The party brings Jessandra with them to Aithe Keep. Here the adventurers meet Lord Haembar ‘Hawkenhound’ Cauldyth, ruler of Cantrev Aithe. He gladly accepts the assistance of the Guardiaans of the Past. He explains that the Moonshae Isles are under attack by thieves, brigands, monsters, undead, and dark robed priests in the service of the Dark Druidess. The lord offers rooms at his keep for his guests and the heroes turn in for the night.

3rd of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen speaks to Captain Veldyrina. He convinces her to allow the party to question the seed collector. The group makes plans to question him while Samira uses spells to read some of his thoughts. During the interrogation Hessalo maintains his innocence. Corthen threatens Hessalo with bodily harm and tries to intimidate him. At one point, he angrily roars, “you won’t walk out of here walking!” The elf’s companions do their best to maintain their composure but Rehs and Tellazar are soon laughing despite the dark glares from the elven warrior.

With Samira’s probings of his mind she learns that his name is not Hessalo, but Thazstar, a wizard in the employment of the Dark Druidess. A more thorough search of his sea chest discovers seventeen uncut rubies but they are not unguarded. Ayremyr is attacked by a crawling claw hand which leaps at him and manages to choke him before Tellazar destroys the animated hand.

Thazstar tells the party they will be sorry for interfering with the Dark Druidess. Corthen scoffs at the prisoner and tells him he is not worried. The party informs the Captain that Thazstar was responsible for the ghoul attack the other night and is working against the High King. Veldyrina agrees to hold the mage prisoner and allow him to turned over to local lord once they dock in Aithelar.

The party debates what to do with their pirate treasure. Several members consider burying the wealth in a remote location before sailing to Aithe. The idea is discarded by a majority of the group who only wish to focus on transporting the swords safely and the matter is dropped.

2nd of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Ayremyr goes to make sure Jessandra is all right after the lacedon attack from before dawn. She is unharmed and is happy that he is as well. He promises to spend time with her during the day. After dinner Erith shares that Zyla Blossom could not sleep the night before and that she thought she heard strange mumbling coming from one of the other cabins. Samira remarks that the only other passengers are Dyrrien, the Amnian merchant, and Hessalo, a collector of seeds.

Corthen suggests that Samira use her crystal ball to see if she can learn anything more about the two passengers. Uldred reminds Erith and Ayremyr that Hessalo was on the main deck about an hour before the sea ghoul attack. Corthen suggests they check out the rarely seen Hessalo. The group gathers in one of their cabins and Samira sets out her magic crystal ball. She focuses on the seed collector and watches him in his room lying in his bunk and putting some items in his trunk. The group makes plans for Rehs to slip into his cabin if he leaves it to look over his gear. The group finally comes up with a plan to slip to sneak an invisible thief into his room. While Corthen and Samira take watch on deck, Ayremyr knocks on Hessalo’s cabin door. Pretending to be intoxicated, he demands the unattractive seed collector let him see his beloved Jessandra. Hessalo tries to push the warrior away but Ayremyr slurs that he knows she is in his cabin. Hessalo finally relents and allows the annoying elf to see for himself that he is alone. With the door open wide enough, an invisible Rehs Wrenwinter slips into the cabin and puts himself in a corner while Hessalo escorts the elven warrior out.

Rehs watches as Hessalo paces the small chamber for several minutes before grabbing some items from his sea chest and leaving the room and locking the door. Rehs quietly moves over and inspects the chest. Finding no obvious signs of a trap he picks the lock and slowly lifts the lid. Suddenly, a severed hand leaps from inside the open box and grapples the scared thief. Grabbing his throat and neck, Rehs is lucky and manages to pull the undead claw off and he hacks it in half.

Rehs freaks out and tries to put the dead hand back into the box but he realizes that Hessalo will know someone has tampered with his chest when he returns to his cabin. The thief looks over the rest of the chest. He finds nothing interesting other than several changes of clothing, many seeds packed in damp cloth, and a box full of rich soil. Rehs does find a parchment in the lid that he takes before securing the chest and unlocking the door before using his picks and relocking it and slipping back to his cabin where the others await.

Rehs shows Tellazar the parchment. The mage reads it and tells the group it is a letter from the King of Snowdown identifying Hessalo as his personal agent seeking rare plants for his gardens. Finding nothing to incriminate him, the group is unsure what to do next. The party decides to have Samira scry the seed collector again to see how he reacts to finding his guardian hand destroyed. When the priestess of Mystra attempts to scry on the man she is unable to do so. Corthen knocks on Hessalo’s door but there is no answer. Rehs and Ayremyr scout out the main areas of the ship but cannot find Hessalo. The group decides to inform to the captain that one of her passengers has gone missing and that they suspect he was behind the sea ghoul attack.

Corthen speaks to Arenthor at the helm and informs he has something important to discuss with Captain Veldyrina. The brutish sailor silently nods and calls over a sailor to take the helm while he wakes the mistress of the Mermaid Sword. Minutes later Corthen and Tellazar are escorted into the Captain’s state room. Here the duo explains that their investigation of the undead attack the night before seems to link the Moonshavian seed harvester. They inform Captain Veldyrina that the man is now missing and even Samira cannot find him using magic. They ask permission to search the vessel for Hessalo and are granted it.

The party splits up and Rehs uses the powers of Muragh to see illusions and invisible items. A thorough search finds the man hiding in a storage hold below decks hidden by invisibility. Samira dispels magic upon Hessalo and Uldred and Ayremyr drag the man out before the Captain. Hessalo protests their holding him. He states he is an agent of the King of Snowdown and he tells the woman that the party broke into his room in an attempt to steal his valuable seeds and murder him. He states he hid when he learned of their intentions. The Captain states that she will sort matters out in the morning and Hessalo will be placed in his quarters under armed guard of her crew until then.


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