Guardians of the Past

2nd of Mirtul 1364 The Year of the Wave

The adventuring party is invited to dine with the mayor. The mayor of Trail Ridge pays the six heroes for successfully defeating the bandits and rescuing Delea and the other occupants of the tower and refunds their stabling fees. Flush with new gold the group decides to purchase 2 riding horses and a pony which gives each member a mount which will speed their trip to Everlund.

1st of Mirtul 1364 Year of Wave

Heroes ii

The group along with Shaador and Delea the White return triumphant to Trail Ridge late in the evening. They stable the horses, then get rooms for the night and take some needed baths. They waste away the night in the tavern eating and drinking while sharing stories with each other on their tower exploits.

Greengrass 1364 The Year of the Wave

It rains, but the upgrade gets completed on time.

30th of Tarsakh 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventuring group gather their spoils from the half orcs and Voronia. She had 6 bottles, a book in a bag, and some spell components. One of the half orcs was wearing chain mail and had a long bow, a short sword, 4 throwing daggers, 11 sheaf arrows in a quiver and a pouch with 27 gold pieces and 42 silver pieces. The other also was wearing chain mail but also carried a shield. He wielded a bastard sword and carried a footman’s mace, a heavy crossbow with 10 quarrels, a dagger and 21 gold pieces in a pouch. He was also wearing a cloak with six citrines worth 50 gold pieces each sewn inside the hem. Corthen and Silvaris discover that the bandits have three horses down stairs.

Delea the White finally wakes up from the drugged sleep that the bandits had forced upon her while Kazlar and Saedellas use healing prayers to renew Haril and their wounded companions. Delea asks the fledgling adventuring group to stay until the upgrades are complete since all five of her mercenary guards have been killed. They need to recover from wounds and regain spells anyway so they agree. Corthen, Kazlar, and Saedellas bury the five mercenaries and recover their weapons from the dead bandits. Delea says they can have the items for staying until the upgrades are complete. They had a total of 5 long swords, 5 long bows, 5 suits of leather, 5 large wooden shields and a total of 30 sheaf arrows.

29th of Tarsakh 1364 Year of the Wave

Snow tower The adventurers move up slow and stealthily up the trail. The plant cover starts to diminish at this altitude and then there are no more trees at this elevation. A white crow lands near the group. The party assumes it is a familiar or a messenger but they are at an impasse as to what they should do. Eventually the bird leaves. The adventurers move on up to some stone ruins near the tower. Silvaris’ trained ear hears people talking inside the ruins. One voice says, “Did you hear that?” Silvaris sees someone look out and then an arrow strikes near him. The young heroes return fire and Tellazar gets taken down by an arrow fired from the ruins. The lookouts inside yell for help. Kazlar rushes to Tellazar’s aid and stops him from bleeding to death. A final bandit arrow shot takes Kazlar down just before Corthen finishes off the archer. The party recovers the equipment, weapons, armor, and coins carried by the lookouts that were in the ruins. Saedellas takes a long bow and the quiver with 24 sheaf arrows.

Silvaris and Saedellas dress as the guards and throw out the dead bodies. Two archers and a cloaked figure on top of the tower observe their approach and Saedellas yells up to them they just killed two scouts from Trail Ridge. The bandits atop the tower appear to have taken the ruse. Silvaris goes out for some wood to make a campfire because his fallen comrades need to heal and regain their strength and memorize spells. As Silvaris is gathering wood, the white crow shows back up and motions towards one of the party’s horses and then flies towards the tower. He realizes that the crow wants them to lead a horse to the tower.

The humans in the party move up with the horse disguised as guards while the rest sneak around the tower from behind. The archers on the top of the tower tell Silvaris to lead the horse into the tower and then they retreat from the tower’s edge. Once the archers are out of sight, the others charge into the tower. Silvaris backstabs one of the distracted guards. The group makes it inside and shuts the door. The door guard they slew was wearing studded leather and carried a short sword. In the base room of the tower are ten horses, eleven mules and a chicken.

Saedellas suggests searching the floor for secret openings. During the search, Corthen hears some moaning and opens a grate covered hole. Corthen holds a rope and Silvaris climbs down. There he finds the dwarf, Haril, impaled inside the the drainage grate tunnel but alive, barely. In dwarven Haril is muttering, “Bastard half orcs and demons.” They heal Haril up as best as possible then the party moves on up to the second level of the tower.

There they find two armed men laying on beds, an unconscious woman with white hair and 3 bound human men. A fight ensues. One of the prisoners says, “Free me and I’ll help.” Silvaris runs over and cuts his bonds. Corthen’s opponent yells for help, “Scalf, Scalf!” After the swordfight is over, the man Silvaris set free introduces himself as Shaador and the other two men are Alaf and Glindor, servants of the tower. The adventurers find Callaven, an acolyte priest of the tower nearby and release him.

Shaador tells the heroes that there are two half orcs named Scalf and Ungerd in the tower as he retrieves his ring from one of his dead captors. Corthen finds a healing potion on one of the guards and gives it to Tellazar. Knowing what they are up against next, Saedellas prays to Corellon for his aid in coming battle. Callevan heals Saedellas from Whitlowe’s accidental strike during the last battle. Ungerd tries to unnerve them by yelling down the stairs, “Send the elf up!” While the bandits above wait for the party to rush up Silvaris scales the outside of the tower to come at them from behind, but he gets stabbed in the side on the roof by an unseen attacker. The half orcs retreat up to the roof.

Whitlowe batters through the wooden trap door leading up to the roof. Kazlar, Corthen and Shaador head to the roof to join Silvaris in the fight there. On the third floor a woman who has been invisible attacks the group with a wand. The party concentrates their attacks on the tough half orcs; once they fall in battle the woman casts a magical darkness. Corthen moves to the trap door to block her escape. They continues to strike at the darkness to no avail.

Soon the cloud of darkness fades and the woman is nowhere to be found. The part members agree that she could not have gotten past them so they decide to wait her out. After only 10 minutes, a magic portal opens from thin air and a rope drops down. A man in rags climbs down the rope and claims his name is Voro. He claims he was a prisoner of an evil woman and half orcs but he was able to escape their magic. They group believes he is lying and capture him instead. After her spells expire, they see the female spellcaster who attacked them with her wand. Their captive, Voronia Cancree, is willing to cooperate if they return her dagger and give her a horse and 3 days food and water. She claims to have been paid by Olthcar Crownshield, a rich merchant of Everlund, to send a false message to Silverymoon which would net him a large amount of money. The adventurers honor the deal with her and let her leave.

28th of Tarsakh 1364 The Year of the Wave


Arising at dawn the travelers are set upon by five non-human skeletons armed with black scimitars. Tellazar strikes first on these vile creatures. Whitlowe proves his mettle as a warrior and handily dispatches one of the creatures with his first swing. Not to be outdone, Corthen destroys another. When the dust settles, all of the party has proven themselves to be quite competent in battle. Saedellas grab one of the skulls as a trophy and so he might be able to have someone identify what the party just fought. The group heals up as best they can, then roll up the scimitars and press onward.

After a couple of hours they find a trail headed west into higher elevations. They later find out that this trail leads to Fang Rock Tower. Later in the day the party comes to a small town with a wooden stockade, a dry moat and a drawbridge. This town is called Trail Ridge. Tellazar pays the copper tolls to enter the town. The guards ask them their business and when they inform them that they are adventurers, the gate guards tell the party that Mayor Edmar may wish to hire them. The guards tell the fledgling group to check the Light and Lantern Inn or go by the town council house.

They head over to the town council house and find Mayor Edmar. He says that several days ago, a work group headed by Delea the White, a mage, went to Trail Ridge Tower to do an upgrade on the beacon network. Last night, her familiar brought a note that there were bandits in the tower. He asks the group to clear the bandits out and rescue Delea and her work crew as well as the tower staff. The pay offer is 1800 gold pieces total to clear the bandits out of the tower and 200 gold pieces per person they rescue. The tower is manned by priests of Oghma and has six other staff members normally. Delea’s party consisted of a dwarf named Haril and five human mercenaries and is guided by a ranger named Shaador. Delea was hired by Silverymoon and Everlund to upgrade the towers by casting her spells of light on the foci. Her party was using ten mules and Shaador’s black horse. The mayor also tells them that the tower has a total of four levels and it is of dwarven construction.

The mayor loans out five horses and a pony to speed up the trip. Silvaris and Corthen get five white cloaks to help them blend into the snowy terrain of the mountain. While they are out, a man on the street tells them that his friend Thinrock saw a man on a dragon land at the tower.

Having left town and have been on the trail up the mountain side a while, Silvaris notices something off the trail up ahead and thinks it may be signs of an ambush. The riders dismount and lead the horses. Corthen thinks something is odd over off the trail. Kazlar finds five human corpses stripped and covered in scrub brush. Two of them appear to have died of fear.

The group hides the horses and makes camp. It is a foggy night and Tellazar believes he sees a campfire through the fog. The adventurers set up the same watches as the previous night and it passes uneventfully.

27th of Tarsakh 1364 - The Year of the Wave

The new friends set off on foot on their journey south to Everlund. Leaving Silverymoon the group’s journey should take several days to travel the road up through the mountains. The warriors Corthen and Whitlowe lead the party dressed in their armor. Tellazar the mage and Saedellas the servant of Corellon follow and Kazlar of Tempus and Silvaris the elven rogue pulling up the rear.

After a long uneventful day of travel, they proceed to set up camp. At the site they choose, they find the bones of a person long since passed away. Whitlowe finds a rusted long sword and 6 tarnished silver pieces plus a tarnished silver medallion depicting a rose surrounded by rays of the sun, which they later find out is a holy symbol of Chauntea. The travelers bury the bones and the long sword and then Kazlar says last rites for the fallen. All in all, they have traveled about 15 miles this day. The group sets watches for the night. Kazlar and Tellazar are on first, Corthen and Saedellas on second watch, and Whitlowe and Silvaris on the last watch.

26th of Tarsakh 1364 -The Year of the Wave

The young moon elves Saedellas and his friend Silvaris are at their usual spot at the Owl and Dagger Tavern in Silverymoon. They notice several strangers enter the tavern and decide to strike up a conversation with the group. The two elves approach the two humans, an elf and a gnome seated at a table. Introductions are made and Saedellas buys a round of drinks. The quiet man dressed in the simple robes of an apprentice mage tells the elves that he goes by Tellazar of the Orbs. He says he is from Waterdeep and is out exploring the world. The other human is Kazlar and he says he is from Neverwinter and is in Silverymoon on behalf of Tempus, the god of battle.

The moon elf tells his drinking companions that his name is Corthen and that he hails from Elven Court and is headed to Waterdeep, once the roads are clear. He wears chain armor and possesses two sheathed longswords. The gnome tells Silvaris that he is Whitlowe and hails from Quaevarr. He is heavily armed and wears the armor of a warrior. The group of six spend most of the evening exchanging tales and draining tankards of ale.

Saedellas is suprised by the appearance of his father, Lodellas Nightstar, at the Owl and Dagger. The elder elf, a retired adventurer, is missing his right arm at the shoulder. He informs his son that a message has arrived via the signal towers from Everlund. It seems that one of Lodellas’ old adventuring companions, Turnoc Redleaf, has died and left an item for his friend. Lodellas informs his son that he will need to travel to Everlund and retrieve the inheritance. The elder elf asks Silvaris if he will travel with his son so he won’t be traveling the road alone. Silvaris agrees, and soon the entire table offers to assist the young priest and his father.

The group agrees to meet back at the the Owl and Dagger in the morning to set off on the road.
Saedellas makes room at his home for Corthen to stay with him since he does not have a room in town yet.

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