Guardians of the Past

29th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

During the wee hours of the night, Ayremyr wakes up and sees a shadowy figure in Nybod’s room. The figure resembles the painting in the room of the Captain. He is dressed is dark robes and has a bushy dark beard that hangs long and he wields a curved glowing dagger in his hand. The elven warrior calls out to the shade. The figure moves quickly to the wardrobe and throws its doors open before running through the glowing green portal hidden inside the wooden wardrobe.

Ayremyr quickly wakens Corthen and the two gather their companions from their chambers. The group quickly dons armor and weapons before walking into the magical wardrobe. The adventuring party finds themselves in a dark low ceilinged room. A large pool of water dominates the center of the room. A cage holding a human recently stripped of flesh dangles over the water. As the group attempts to bypass the pool, a muscular figure charges out of the darkness and attempts to batter Rehs and throw him into the pool. The heroes attack the shirtless man and make quick work of the armorless warrior.

The far wall contains eleven doors. All have locks except the center door. The party can hear chanting on the other side of the door. Rehs inspects the door and gives the all clear. The Guardians of the Past rush into some sort of temple. Statues of fish-like creatures stand along the walls. Behind an altar a black robed human stands holding a glowing dagger while a group of robed men band their heads against the floor in a frenzied chant. The dark priest speaks aloud a prayer and Erith suddenly stops and begins running for the exit. The others engage the dark cultists and during the melee Ayremyr’s sword errantly strikes the bard during his flight causing him to collapse with a serious wound to the chest. The party battles the evil men of the shrine. The fight is over after Corthen, Rehs, and Tellazar slay the bald priest with a shark tattoo on his scalp.

Samira tends to Erith and she is able to staunch the bleeding and heal most of his wounds. Corthen loots the room and finds a fake beard on the dead priest. He guesses that the dead man is the one who Ayremyr saw in Nybod’s room less than an hour ago. Ayremyr, Samira, and Corthen go up a staircase and through a door and find themselves in a seedy tavern full of rough looking sailors. Not feeling safe with only half of the group present, they retreat back to the underground temple. Erith informs the party that the dagger the priest held is called the “Leviathan Dagger”. He says he had heard old tales telling of the blade and its magical powers tied to sea. He says that the bearer is to be feared by denizens of the deep.

The party retreats back through the glowing portal and to Nybod’s room. Corthen is sad because he desired to learn what city the cult temple was located in. Shortly after the group returns, the portal closes. The party decides to rest in the room with watches, in case more cultists return to attack from the other side of the portal.

28th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

After morning feast at the inn the party walks across town to see Urloch the Clever. After being escorted in to see the sage by an old female servant the heroes meet the learned man. Urloch is a mostly bald and heavy man who impatiently asks them what they have come to ask him.

Corthen answers the sage and informs him that they are seeking knowledge about the court jester to the Maiden King of Amphail. The sage agrees to the research and requires half of the payment now, 500 gold coins. He informs the party to return in one week.

When the party returns to the Flask and Flute Lodge they are contacted by two of the customers who are sitting at the bar. In low whispers they inform the party that Captain Nybod haunts his room upstairs. Corthen asks why they are whispering. The old red-bearded man who the other calls Regar states that Javius is trying to keep it a secret. Noticing that Javius is not present, the elf begins asking the two men questions. He learns that Nybod just vanished one day from his room with door and window still locked. He says that eventually Javius opened the door after nearly a week had passed and the old ship captain had not touched any of the food left outside his door. Regar adds that the room was empty with no sign of the pirate anywhere.

Begress and Regar say that strange noises can be heard in the Captain’s room at times and the few guests who stay in the room don’t sleep well and Javius tries to keep word of his haunted room from travelers. Regar says that Captain Nybod was a wealthy pirate who was rumored to have a treasure map to his hidden wealth but none of it was ever found after his disappearance. Begress tells Corthen and Samira that the fish on the bar is Captain Nybod reincarnated. He whispers that Mola the maid found the fish one day in the Captain’s room supposedly swimming around in a bathtub full of water, that should have been empty.

Javius returns to the taproom from the cellars with a keg and the two old men clam up. He looks at everyone suspiciously for a second. Corthen quickly informs the innkeeper that he and his friends will be staying another seven days and wishes to pay up front. A happy smile crosses Javius’ face and he gladly accepts the coins from the elven adventurer. On his way out of the room, Corthen slips Regar and Begress 20 gold coins each for their information.

Samira and Corthen gather the others upstairs in Nybod’s room and the elf shares what they have learned. The group searches around the room for hidden treasure. Tellazar informs the others that the copper bathtub, wooden armoire, and the seachest in the room are all radiating magic. Rehs inspects each of the items and picks the lock on the chest. Nothing is found in any of the magic furniture.

Corthen takes the portrait of the missing captain down to check the wall. The wall is unremarkable, but he does discover a folded cloth tucked into the back of the frame. He becomes greatly excited when the cloth unfolds and a magical hole appears in the center of the fabric, creating an extra-dimensional space. The treasure hunter quickly inspects the contents and finds a bronze sextant, two torches, a shovel, and a small box filled with weird little balls of soft wax. The group is excited by the find and feels they may be onto something to either finding the missing pirate or his treasure.

Samira decides to go off near the docks of Lielon and see what she can learn in the taverns. She finds a watering hole named The Bass and Stag. Inside she strikes up a conversation with some of the local men. Playing naïve she asks the mixed group of fishermen and dockworkers about Captain Nybod. One young dockworker tells the priestess that the old pirate was involved with a bloody cult that must have kidnapped and sacrificed him to some evil god. Samira asks the others if they think Nybod is dead. One of men tells her that most folks in Lielon have heard that his room is haunted by his restless spirit. He says that one girl who works at the lodge got trapped in the room and Javius had to free her but the door was not even locked! One old fisherman says that moans, the screams of animals and birds, and chanting can sometimes be heard from outside the room. He says that Nybod’s ghost has even been seen wandering around the upper floors of the inn late at night. Samira thanks the men and declines the several offers to stay for drinks and company. She rushes back to her friends to tell them of what she had learned.

27th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Having ridden without sleep for the past two days to get past the Mere of Dead Men, the adventuring group is fairly exhausted as are the mounts. The gate guards of Lielon charge each person entering a silver coin to enter the town. Corthen asks them about inns and stabling. The guardsman informs them that the Flask and Flute Lodge and the Fearless Flounder are both close by.

Corthen leads the group through the gates and finds the Flask and Flute Lodge a few blocks away. After seeing the horses to the inn’s stables, the party enters the old wooden inn and inquire about rooms. Erith speaks to the tall innkeeper with thinning ash-colored hair. He introduces himself as Javius Noll. He informs the party that rooms and meals are two gold per day and one gold for stabling of horses. He tells the party he has three rooms available. Erith pays the innkeeper for two days for the group’s stay.

Mola, a young petite blonde girl about 16 or 17 years of age, shows the party to their rooms. Corthen learns that she is the maid. Samira and Tellazar take a room on the second floor and Rehs and Erith share one next door. Mola shows Corthen and Ayremyr to their secluded third floor room. Corthen notices that she looks nervous standing outside the door. He asks her if she is all right and she tells him that she is fine but she needs to finish laundry.

After cleaning up, Corthen returns downstairs to the common room. He notices a blue and gold fish swimming in a bowl at the bar. He asks about the fish and Javius informs him that it belongs to Mola. An old man seated at the end of the bar says that the fish is named Esmerelda. Corthen asks the innkeeper about his room and its fancy and exotic furnishings including the painting of a bearded man on a ship.

Javius informs the elf that the room’s furnishings belong to Captain Nybod. He says that he has not stayed in the room for two years so he rents it out from time to time. Corthen notices that the innkeeper is giving the old man at the bar a fierce glare, but he isn’t sure why. Corthen asks Javius for directions to Urloch the Clever’s residence. Javius informs Corthen that the sage resides in a white tower on the north side of town.

24th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The group travels north. A large caravan passes moving south towards Waterdeep. The heroes stop at the Baying Hound Inn near dusk. Only two rooms are available, so Samira and Tellazar share a bed with Erith on his bedroll in one room, and Rehs and Corthen sharing another bed and Ayremyr sleeping on his roll in the second room.

After dinner Erith plays his harp and sings for the entertainment of those in the common room. When Corthen tries to join him on his harp he starts playing a completely different tune. Erith recognizes the tune as an old funeral dirge that was heard in recent months during their adventures in Undermountain.

In the sleeping chambers, Rehs and Samira attempt to play music to see what the result is. It turns out they too can only play the same funeral dirge. Samira speculates that a minor curse has affected them.

23rd of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

In the morning, the party goes to Hemmerem’s Stables on Slop Street in the South Ward for horses for Ayremyr and a pack horse. Everyone gathers any stored magic items at their residences and move them to Mirt’s storage vaults.

The group rides the coastal road north towards Lielon. The adventurers ride until the coming of night before choosing a camp site.

22nd of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The six members of the Guardians of the Past enter the Dripping Dagger Inn together. They are greeted warmly the retired warrior Filiare. He informs the party that the Deep Delvers have already arrived and are waiting in one of the private dining rooms.

The heroes enter the room and see that eight of the nine members of the Deep Delvers have shown up. Bleys Crommor, Regnet Amcathra, Corinna Dezlentyr, Dundald Gost, Shauban Zulpair, Myrnd Gundwynd, Morgunn Lathkule, and Jandar Ilzimmer greet the members of the Guardians of the Past and offer them zzar.

Corthen asks the other party about their seriously wounded friend, Horth Hunabar. Jandar tells the elven warrior that Horth is mending well and should be able to up-armor in a day or two. Tellazar asks for details on the attack. Corinna, the half-elf daughter of Lord Arlos Dezlentyr, shares that the residence was assaulted by someone with arcane powers. They stole some of the enchanted items that were to be sold yesterday. The mysterious attacker sent a giant statue and an army of gargoyles into their abode. She says that Horth saw the creatures go straight to the location of the Halaster’s personal effects only pausing when they were confronted by him and the guardsmen. She says that the guards were no match for the invaders and soon Horth was alone trying to fight them all off. Corinna tells the heroes that she awoke to the sound of the battle and was fortunate to do so. She says she was able to save a dying and disemboweled Horth before he died and the flames began to spread.

Corinna tells the group that she believes the creature that Horth described was possibly a golem. If so, she states whoever attacked the Deep Delvers is a mage of some repute and has a mastery of spells and magic. Corinna points out that when she came downstairs, the one wall was pierced by a passwall spell and she saw the last two gargoyles fly into a glowing blue oval gate of magic outside on the street and then it just winked out of existence. She then found Horth and took him to the temple. She feels that whomever attacked the house had been scrying the Deep Delvers for some time and decided to strike before the sale could go forward.

Corthen speaks and suggests that perhaps Halaster took back his property that the Deep Delvers found. Several of the Delvers shake their heads no in reply and Corinna and Bleys tell the Guardians that the items came directly from the wizard’s corpse right after his death. Corthen looks around at his friends and the assembled noble adventurers before speaking. He asks, “I’m not calling anyone here a liar, but from stories I have heard, Halaster could blast a dozen seasoned groups to dust without sneezing. How is it that you were able to defeat such a powerful spellcaster?”

Regnet looks at his friends before speaking. He tells the Guardians that he and his friends had a chance encounter with a wizard who walked out of wall into their midst deep in the lower levels of the Underhalls. He says that they struck at the ominous looking old man with swords and he tried to cast spells but their swords disrupted his arcane gestures. Regnet says that when they were done, they looked him over and noticed that he had open lesions that indicated a wasting disease. The Delvers stripped the corpse and burned the body. Regnet says that all of the items were purified before they even attempted to examine the items.

Corthen asks Regnet and his friends why they didn’t keep any of the items. He tells the elf that his party did and they still possess it. He says that Halaster would not have left it behind, if he had been behind the attack. In suspense, Corthen and the others look to the Deep Delvers for an answer. Corinna speaks up and says Tellazar once carried an iron ring that allowed him to teleport about Undermountain and break magical barriers but in recent months the ring had come into the possession of Erith who is currently wearing it on his left hand.

Tellazar, Erith, and the others are shocked at Corinna’s knowledge of the Ring of Undermountain. They look at her to see if she is probing their thoughts, but the wizardress merely raises her right hand and displays a black iron ring with two horns, a twin to the ring on Erith’s hand. She says that this is the Ring of Halaster Blackcloak and she can even tell the others that Erith’s ring once belonged to Jhesiyra Kestellharp, one of Halaster’s apprentices. Corinna tells the Guardians of the Past that she can tell who is wearing the ring and where they are at just by concentration. Corthen quickly asks her if she can sense other rings and she states that she can. He asks and she informs him that two apprentices of the Mad Mage, Trobriand and Arcturia are alive and living in Undermountain.

Tellazar asks what items were stolen by the unknown wizard. Regnet says that a spellbook bearing the sigil of Halaster, an alabaster staff, a black cloak, a pair of leather boots, a dagger, a belt pouch, and two wands, one of iron and the other of electrum and platinum. The two parties eventually part ways and the heroes decide to walk over to the Yawning Portal for a drink and tavern gossip.

Shortly after the party arrives at the inn, a detachment of the City Watch enters and asks the party to step out to the street. The party warily agrees and goes peacefully. Once outside, the Watch Amar informs the group that Lord Piergeiron has requested their presence forthwith. The eight members of the City Watch escort the Guardians of the Past to the Palace where they are disarmed and taken before the Open Lord. Once before the paladin and two masked Lords they are questioned about what they know of the “Seven Blazing Swords”. Corthen looks to his companions to see if anyone else knows of who the Lords speak of. He tells them that he and his friends appear to know nothing. One of the masked Lords asks if the party knows of the Deep Delvers. Corthen answers that yes, everyone present knows the noble adventurers. Lord Piergeiron asks if anyone present had anything to do with the attack of the Deep Delvers.

Corthen answers the Open Lord and tells him that no one in his circle of friends had anything to do with the theft, assault, or arson that occurred. Lord Piergeiron asks Corthen if there has been bad blood between himself and the Deep Delvers. Corthen states, “I foolishly insulted those nobles before I truly knew the facts. I fought three champions on the Field of Triumph in the past month because of my temper. Now, there is peace between those same nobles and our party.”

The paladin nods. He accepts the elf’s answer and informs him that other thefts have occurred including the one he mentioned earlier. He says that the “Seven Blazing Swords” rode into Waterdeep a month ago from a successful adventure east of Baldur’s Gate and a week later they were dead and their goods stolen in what was likely a similar attack to the Deep Delvers. The paladin switches gears and informs the party that he wants them to seek out the sage, Urloch the Clever.

The Open Lord states that he is concerned about the evil fool the party released from the Tomb of the Maiden King. He states that Urloch may have useful information on the Jester and he wishes the party to see the sage. Corthen asks about Urloch and where he resides. A masked Lord speaks and tells him that Urloch the Clever is a sage of History and Humankind and he resides in Lielon. The party informs the Lords present that they will learn what they can from the sage and use the information to defeat the Jester. The heroes are excused and they leave the Palace and make plans to ride to Lielon in the morning.

21st of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The sounds of guard horns blowing in the city wakes Erith from his night of dreams. As he rubs his eyes and gain awareness of his surroundings he notices that dawn is breaking over the city. More horns blow and several bells from the city’s temples peal as well.

Looking out a window from Saedellas’ house Rehs and Tellazar can see black smoke rising from the Castle Ward, North of Castle Waterdeep. Several griffon riders suddenly fly overhead above them and the rooftops nearby, they quickly move towards the black smoke and are lost from view.

Gathering their gear, the party members reach the paving stones of the city street in front of Erith’s residence. Some neighbors are looking out from their upper windows trying to figure out what has created the stir. Corthen can hear people making comments like, “It’s a fire burning below the Market.” “Gods, protect us. I’d rather drown than burn to ashes I tell you.” And “I can see three buildings burning… One of those is a large home… those Delvers stay there.”

Realizing that the fire burning is connected to the Deep Delvers, Corthen urges the party up the street towards the blaze. When the adventurers get within two blocks of the fire’s location the streets are clogged with citizens trying to watch the inferno. They slowly make their way through the throngs of people. When they get within a block of the burning buildings Samira spots Regnet Amcathra glumly staring as the City Watch and the Watch Wizards put water to the fires that are burning. Regnet is standing beside four other members of the Deep Delvers. Each of them looks upset and shocked by the ongoing events.

Samira asks the noble adventurers what has happened. Regnet Amcathra tells her that the Villa where they resided was attacked and their companion Horth was nearly slain. Bleys Crommor speaks up and says that all of their guards were slain and all of their items for auction that were once owned by Halaster were taken in the attack. Samira asks if Horth is in need of healing and she is informed that Corinna and Jandar have taken him to the temple of Gond for his much needed healing.

Corthen asks Regnet who attacked the house. The young noble says that a giant statue and a horde of gargoyles were responsible for the deaths and the subsequent fire that has spread to to other buildings nearby. Regnet says that Corinna saw the statue and the last of the gargoyles vanish through a glowing blue portal that blinked out when the last creature had walked through the glowing gate. Corthen offers his assistance and the other Guardians join him in an offer of aid. Regnet asks the heroes if they will meet the Deep Delvers at the Dripping Dagger at Highsun. The party agrees to the meeting and they leave the smoke filled streets for Erith’s to discuss matters further.

20th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Tellazar gathers all the loot taken from Undermountain to inspect items for enchantments. Using his identify spells he learns the dweomers of each piece that radiates under his spells. The scimitar taken from the water creature is a quick striking blade. It is awarded to Ayremyr since he carries few magical weapons into combat.

Corthen, Samira, and Tellazar make plans to pull out a large number of their gemstones from Mirt’s secure vaults for the auction set for tomorrow. They plan for Rehs to carry the gems while he is invisible with several guardian spells placed upon his person to protect him and the gemstones he will carry.

Corthen and Samira take Ayremyr to the Riven Shield. Corthen asks about the armor and weapons that he might have for sale. Delborggan shows off his treasures and informs Corthen that a fine suit of plate is for sale. He tells the elf that the armor was crafted for Borvon the Bold, King of Castgrar over three hundred winters ago. Corthen balks at the asking price and the trio leave the store empty-handed.

19th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

After a night of rest the Guardians of the Past return to the halls north of the wereboar lair. The group discovers a room filled with rubble. The group decides to bypass this chamber since they are unsure of the stability of the room.

Traveling west, Rehs claims to hear a soft metallic snap and convinces the others to proceed in the direction of his noise. The group enters an empty chamber with a stone portal exiting through the north wall. Corthen discovers a secret door in the west wall. Rehs listens and motions to his companions that the room beyond is occupied by talking creatures.

The group prepares weapons and Erith opens the secret door. Ayremyr and Corthen charge into the chamber beyond to find themselves facing down a group of armed orcs. The heroes battle the scimitar wielding orcs. During the battle Ayremyr decides to move several levers on the wall. He manages to open firing ports through which a green mist begins filling the room. Samira manages to close the firing ports and the gas begins to dissipate. Ayremyr is struck by a scimitar and realizes that he has been poisoned. Three orcs manage to slip out another secret door and run away. Samira tends to the young elf warrior before he recovers from the black paste the orcs used on their blades.

The group decides to follow the surviving orcs to see if they can capture or kill them if they can be found. The group does not find the missing orcs, but they find two dark pools of placid water. One of the pools is above the other in the ceiling. The party begins to examine the bottom pool when a serpentine column of living water attacks them from the upside down pool in the ceiling.

The heroes finally manages to smash the water creature before Corthen strips down to dive into the waters of the other pool. He is quickly surprised by the water creature that has reformed. It thrusts him down into the pool and throws him about in an attempt to drown him. His comrades attack the living water and manage to destroy the creature and pull out their friend from the pool. He tells the others that he saw a glow coming from the water below and intends to retrieve the item.

The water creature reforms and the party has to fight it once again. Finally Erith suggests using the magic of his teleport ring to escape from the water elemental kin. The group lets the bard dive into the pool. He reappears dripping wet in the hallway clutching a glowing green scimitar. He tells his friends that there may be more below. He says that the bones a unlucky adventurer lie at the bottom as well.

The group destroys the creature this time with spells and the bard dives back into the dark pool. He returns from the depths using the ring’s magic clutching a torn leather sack. He pours out a stream of gold coins onto the floor which the group scoops up. The group weakened from battling the water monster more than once decides to return to the surface.

Arriving back in the Yawning Portal the group hears excited stories amongst the customers drinking in the taproom. Corthen learns that an adventuring group called the “Black Swords of the North” have discovered a huge anvil made of pure gold in a chamber in Undermountain. Their unsuccessful attempts in the last day to break off pieces of the anvil have resulted in the loud bells that could be heard in Undermountain as well as in parts of the city. Corthen bites his tongue and says nothing, lest the general public somehow learn of the gem hoard the party removed from that hidden dwarven temple two years ago.

Tellazar hears that the Deep Delvers will be auctioning off some of their enchanted items that they have acquired from Undermountain including the personal wands and staff of Halaster Blackcloak! He informs his companions of the news and the party and informs them that the auction is only two days away. The group retires to Corthen’s home to discuss their plans to purchase as many of the magical items as they can from the noble adventurers.

18th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Samira spent the two previous days casting Cure Disease spells. Today the party gathers at the Yawning Portal with their new warrior eagerly awaiting his first exploration into the greatest dungeon in Faerun.

The party heads north from the well seeking out passages near the wereboar lair. Here the Guardians of the Past encounter two wraiths moving down a passage towards them. The heroes triumph over the undying. Corthen leads his friends down the hall from whence the two wraith beings came. In a cross hall the party discovers a chasm 5’ wide and descending over 25’ down in broken pinnacles of jagged rock.

Ayremyr spots the broken remains of a skeleton lying down deep in the opening below. He can see some type of pendant lying atop the skull. Samira tries to use her ring of telekinesis to remove it but the pendant is on a chain around the neck of the deceased occupant of the pit. Rehs clears his throat and asks for room to be allowed to room to climb down. The thief scrambles down the rocks to bottom of the fissure in the stone. He retrieves the brass pendant. Rehs spots a skeletal hand clutching a wand and moves to pick up the treasure. He freaks out when the bony hand fights back after he grabs the item. The thief is in worse shape when over a dozen animated hands swarm him and his friends above. During the battle, the rogue is disemboweled by the attacking bony hands. The party fights back and finally destroys the crawling claws. Samira is lowered by rope and uses a Repair Injury prayer on the dying thief. She casts several healing spells before Rehs is well again.

The party searches a nearby room only discover it is being used as a makeshift latrine. The party quickly moves to another chamber that is full of refuse. Corthen, always the curious one to poke around in the nasty and smelliest rooms, lives up to past exploits by digging into the dungeon garbage. He is rewarded for his efforts by being grabbed by several tentacles that choke him before one of the spellcasters uses a dominating mind spell to free the elf from the Neo-otyugh. After the others question the spell-bound creature and learn that it was only defending its territory, the treasure hunter executes the trash monster with his blades while it is still disabled. His hours long dig through the dead beast’s smelly lair of broken pottery, piles of dung, broken armor, rusted chains, and rotting pieces of wood finds only a usable flail and nothing else.

The party urges Corthen to wash and recuperate from his wounds from the Neo-otyugh. The group marches across the dungeon only encountering a group of rats who flee at their approach. The party sets up camp at the Fountain of Wisdom. During the first watch the party hears the tolling of a loud bell from below and the shaking of the room that follows. Nothing else occurs during the rest of the night.


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