Guardians of the Past

24th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

While Tellazar, Samira, Ayremyr, and Corthen make a journey back to Dultann, Erith takes Rehs and Uldred’s bodies to the Temple of Tymora in Waterdeep. There he pays the priests of the Luck Goddess many gems to bring the two back from the dead.

23rd of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff
The Horns

Two days out of Dultann the members of the Guardians of the Past arrive at the Horns, traveling through forest in the fog and rain. Ravens have been croaking in the forest of thick trees. The party searches the area look for secret compartments and writings upon the stone altar. Ayremyr chops a fallen tree off of the top of the grey stone altar. Corthen uses his wand of metal detection and searches for gold without success. He tries searching for steel; the wand points to the base of altar. Uldred, Ayremyr, Corthen and Rehs muscle the altar block from the base to find a niche underneath. In the 3’ deep pit Ayremyr recovers a longsword and a bone tube with two Raise Dead spells.

The heroes inspect the area around altar for other treasure and it turns to night when a translucent elf riding a spirit horse charges Samira, her lance misses, but she is trampled by the horse. The dead elf swings around to charge the others in the group when Tellazar casts a lightning bolt spell striking her. She releases a horrid sound which causes Uldred and Rehs to die in terror just from her scream. The survivors gather up their fallen comrades and pull back from the Horns and the dead elf before making a camp several miles away in this cursed forest. With such loss, the decision is made to place the dead in the portable hole and risk Erith taking them back to Waterdeep for Ressurection via his Helm of Teleportation.

22nd of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The adventurers leave Dulith Griffonmane’s homestead and travel northwest in the morning. Passing the sheep grazing lands the heroes journey into wilder country of steep hillsides and broken bedrock with scattered pines. The party travels the entire day before making camp near a small brook. The night is peaceful in the wilderness.

21st of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

With the peddler leading the party, the group travels west and north uphill most of the day. The countryside is rugged and wild with grasslands and scattered copses of trees. Towards evening, Dorgan leads them down a well used path into a rolling valley. Eventually as darkness falls their escort points to lanterns burning off in the distance.

The adventurers are tired and ready for some food. The tinker leads the party into the village. Passing several stone cottages surrounded by sheds and barns the curly haired man exalts. “At last! Dultann’s Beard! I am ready for a pint.” Dorgan passes into the noisy taproom filled with the scent of food and pipe smoke.

As soon as Ayremyr and Corthen step through the door the room grows quiet. Men with weathered faces look at the gathered heroes eyeing them with worried expressions. The tavernmaster steps forward and introduces himself as Paedrac Rollstone. He leads the group over to a table in the corner and asks if they are looking for a bite, a mug, or both.

Uldred speaks up and tells the tall human that they are seeking both food and drink and he places several gold coins down on the table for Paedrac. The tavernmaster calls over his plump daughter to bring these travelers some hot soup, bread, and roast lamb. He apologizes to Corthen for not carrying any wine. Corthen speaks and tells him that ale is fine.

After dinner, Rehs asks Paedrac’s daughter if the establishment has any available rooms to rent. The girl tells him that the Beard is a tavern and that there are no inns in the village. Dorgan comes over to the table with a broad-shouldered man and introduces the party to Dulith Griffonmane.

The silver haired man looks over the elves, dwarf, and humans and asks what brings them to Dultann. Corthen looks at the large man and informs him that the group left Waterdeep to aid the good people loyal to the High King. Several other locals turn and listen to the conversation. A fearful looking man steps forward and asks the party why anyone should trust any llewyrr and their outlander companions. Erith speaks up and informs the man that he is a bard studied in his craft from revered master bards in Silverymoon, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep. He goes on to tell the distrustful man that he and his companions rescued several Chauntean priests from captivity of evil priests in Aithe just days ago and were honored guests in the home of Lord Cauldyth of Aithe. This quiets the man named Tarm and he slinks away and returns to his seat.

Dulith asks Erith if he might play or sing for the taproom. The bard pulls out his harp and takes a seat near the middle of the room. He performs several jaunty songs and the spirits of the tavern rise. Corthen puts down a handful of coins on the bar and tells Paedrac that drinks are on him for the whole taproom. Soon the party has made several new friends besides Dulith. Storn and Anarsk join the heroes for more drinks at their table.

Rehs and Corthen ask the men what places might be of interest to the party since they wish to explore and fight any local evils. Storn tells them that dark robed men who serve “The One We Never Name” are rumored to travel the land spreading death and chaos. Dulith notes that Dultann is too remote to be of value to evil men in service to the Dark Druidess. He says that the party may wish to visit the haunted ruins of Darkhorn Castle, visit the unholy altar known as The Horns, or investigate the old watchtower to the south. The group absorbs the directions to each place from the locals. When Tellazar mentions setting up camp outside of the village for the night, Dulith Griffonmane tells them that they may stay in his barn where it is warm and dry. The party rouses Ayremyr from his ale soaked reverie and they sleep amongst the fragrant hay of Dulith’s barn.

20th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party has been on board the Catahara for three days. Captain Muham has been nothing but charming to the adventurers. He has given up trying to speak to Samira. She has no use for Calishite men due to her horrible childhood.

During the previous evening, after speaking to one of his lookouts, Muham turned his ship sharply to starboard and noted that a trailing vessel followed suit. Now at dawn, lookouts report that the Catahara is being trailed by three vessels.

Corthen and Tellazar approach the Calishite Captain and ask him what is going on. He tells the duo that he suspects pirates and he is trying to outrun their ships. Knowing they are approaching their destination, the elven warrior asks Muham how this impacts their dropoff. The Calishite tells them that he is willing to give them one skiff and he will race off again as soon as their small boat is in the water. Tellazar promises to assist the ship with some his magic.

Three hours later, the Catahara a mile from the coast of Gwynneth rounds a point and drops a skiff into the waters. The heroes jump aboard the rowboat. Tellazar casts a Mist Magic spell that begins to spread across the surface of the water. The merchant vessel pulls away and engages full sails. The heroes pull hard on the oars and before they have landed they see three ships further out to sea moving past their location and after the Calishite vessel.

Erith, Ayremyr, and Uldred pull the small boat up onto the pebble beach. Samira keeps an eye out for returning ships in case the three ships were actually seeking out the party. She has Call Lightning ready to recite should she need it.

The party moves inland after hiding the rowboat above the high tide mark in some scraggly shrubs and thorns. The party marches inland and up the steep coast of the region. Rehs finds a trail that weaves its way up to rugged terrain. Above them Corthen spots a stone cottage. He decides to approach the simple home by himself and knocks on the door. An ancient voice yells, “Go away!” Corthen tries again and tells the resident he is trying to find Dultann. The elderly woman once again yells, “Llewyrr, go away! I’ll not fall for your tricks!” Realizing he is not going to learn anything he walks away to rejoin the others.

The group continues inland seeking some sort of village to get their bearing but find only wild, rugged highlands. As dark settles, the party makes camp and begins to cook an evening meal. As they begin to dig in, a voice calls out from the darkness. “Well met, travelers! Might I come forward in peace and share some of my food in exchange for a spot near your fire?” Corthen tells the man to come forth so that they might see him. A middle-aged human with curly hair comes forward with his hands out, palms visible. He states, “My name is Dorgan the Tinker. I am traveling and I come with peace in my heart.” The group introduces themselves and Dorgan is happy to share his fresh sausages and hen eggs with the group. Samira asks the tinker where he is headed and he informs her he is bound for Dultann and Corvu after that.

Corthen asks Dorgan if he will lead them to Dultann as that is where they are heading. The man agrees to help. The conversation later turns to his wares which he shows them his pewterware. Most of the party purchase a single set of his work for when they are in the wilds. The party sets watches and nothing disturbs the party during the night.

17th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The heroes arrive back at Aithe Keep. They meet with Brwynella Cauldyth who informs them that her father and sister rode north before dawn with a body of troops. She says that Zyla and Jessandra have been reunited and left the fortress earlier to purchase some new clothes in town.

Corthen informs the young Lady Cauldyth that he and his friends must depart for the island of Gwynneth. He asks her if she can recommend a ship to transport them there. Brwynella thinks for a moment and says that she does not know what boats lie in the harbor but several of the fishermen may consider the trip for the right price. Corthen changes the subject and asks Brwynella if the party may leave their sea chests down in the dungeons of the keep. She smiles and assures him that they will be safe until they return to claim them. The group gives her their thanks and goodbyes when she sees the heroes off.

At the docks, Corthen and Rehs look at the vessels in the harbor. The largest ship is loading crates aboard and the crew is preparing the ship for departure. Seeking permission to meet with the Captain, Corthen, Rehs, and Samira walk up the plank and onto the main deck. A richly dressed Calishite greets them. Corthen gives the Captain their names and informs him that he and his friends are seeking passage to Gwynneth.

Captain Muham gives them his name and asks how many passengers and Rehs tells him there are seven in their party. The Captain smiles with a gold tooth prominent in his mouth. Muham asks what port that they wish to dock at. Corthen tells him they are going to Dultann. Taken aback, Captain Muham tells him that Dultann has no port as it is some small village several days inland. Corthen is insistent, so the Captain names his price for ferrying the group. Corthen disagrees and gives a much lower offer. Giving the elf a shocked look, Muham informs Corthen that he might as well sell his wife and children into slavery to cover the ship’s expenses with such an offer. Corthen makes another offer in which the ship captain replies, “You wound me, sir!” The two men haggle a bit longer before agreeing to a price closest to Captain Muham’s asking price.

The others board the merchant vessel and are shown to the quarters below deck. The ship, ‘Catahara’ sets sail leaving Aithe and the island of Alaron behind.

16th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party rides all day in an effort to make it out of the forest before nightfall. The riders do manage to leave the Wild Wood before night fully comes. In the distance the heroes can make out fires burning in one of the villages near the edge of the forest. Leaving several horses for Lord Cauldyth’s party the heroes depart.

The heroes ride into the small farming village to find it sacked with dead lying around the road and near some of the burning barns and cottages. Coming through the smoke the party sees a group of humans. Realizing something is wrong, they observe the stiff gait of the humans and realize they are no more than reanimated dead. The party puts down the zombies and moves out of the village.

Several miles from the zombie encounter the party hears ragged screams and ride their tired horses forward to those needing aid. The Guardians of the Past crest a hill and see three figures running towards them being pursued by snapping wolves. The man, woman, and boy look exhausted as they try to outrun the worgs chasing them. Suddenly the boy is snatched by a worg by the neck and killed. The angry heroes attack the creatures and kill the lot of the worgs, saving the remaining farm folk.

Speaking to the man and woman and binding their wounds, Corthen apologizes for their loss. Staring blankly at the elf, he asks what he speaks of. Corthen tells him that he is sorry that he was unable to save his son from the beasts. Velis informs the group that they are mistaken. He says that Talen was the son of Randran Oakshalt. The woman, Charina, says that she was neighbors to Talen and saw his father killed by several worgs being frenzied by dead flying bats.

Samira asks where the attack took place. Velis points to the north and says that the village is Sparwood. Uldred and Erith give up their mounts and tell the two survivors to ride to Aithelar for safety. The group marches north towards Sparwood. The party reaches the village to find only the remains of twenty dead villagers scattered among the dead livestock, all killed by worgs. The group sets to interring the dead in the cemetery when a familiar figure steps out of the darkness near the burial plot. It is the Harper wizard, Mairae Ulzander o’ the Winters.

She informs the party that her companions are seeing Rhiannon Cauldyth, Zyla, and the Chauntean priests back to Aithe safely. She says that a messenger arrived in Aithelar yesterday morning from the High King asking for aid from the Lord of Aithe to move north with half his troops. Mairae said that she informed the Lord of Aithe and rode off immediately for Aithe Keep. Corthen tells Mairae that they defeated the priests of the Dark Grove in the Wild Wood, although one of the Cyricists did escape. Corthen suggests that the group should join Lord Cauldyth if they are needed. The harper shakes her head no and tells him that she and her friends recently learned that something important to the Dark Druidess is getting ready to happen near Dultann on Gwynneth. Corthen asks her if she wants the party to travel across the water to Dultann and the woman says that is what is needed. The party thanks her and say their goodbyes as they make their way to Aithelar.

15th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

Early before breaking camp, Tellazar speaks to the group and shares the powers of the dark gauntlet and the Cyricist robes. Rehs and Tellazar each take a robe and Erith is awarded the left handed gauntlet which grants immunity against spells of lower power and the ability to paralyze anyone that is touched.

The party breaks camp and rides hard this day. Their goal is get back with the Chauntean priests and Zyla as quickly as possible. The group finally rests after dark knowing they are close to leaving the forest behind in the next day.

14th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party badly wounded from the struggle with the trolls moves their camp several miles away from the burnt troll corpses and make camp again. Samira and Uldred recite every healing prayer at their disposal, but the group is still in bad shape. Tellazar crushes pearls and mixes it with wine to learn powers of the items that radiate magic.

Afterwards, the spellcasters use the spell Nap to regain used spells. Samira heals the party and the High Harvestmaster cures Lord Cauldyth. Only Corthen remains badly wounded and near death. Late at night, Uldred casts every healing prayer onto the wounded warrior closing the gashes left by the troll and making him healthy once more.

13th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party battered by the fight against the black robed priests of Cyric receive healing from the two priests within the party. Zyla rides with Erith and does not speak much. The party rides all day until dusk before making camp.

Tellazar discusses taking some Identify spells for the morning so he can learn of the powers of the items plundered from the dark priests while Corthen examines the gems and valuables to establish their value.

During the second watch of the night of Tellazar, Uldred and Samira hear snapping branches and Uldred attempts to wake everyone before the party is swarmed. He recognizes the sounds of trolls. The dwarf wakes Ayremyr and Erith, but Corthen is still in reverie. Twelve trolls attack the camp and one of the hungry creatures leaps beside Corthen’s bedroll and claws and bites the prostrate elf.

The elven warrior lies unmoving as the creature descends again to tear his flesh from his bones when Zyla Blossom snatches up his flametongue longsword and stab the offender with the burning sword. Hacking and burning the trolls, the party manages to slay most of the foul giants. Samira finally is able to rush to Corthen’s aid and revive him. Lord Cauldyth, Ayremyr, Rehs, and Zyla dispatch the remaining trolls and put them afire to combat their regenerative powers.

A pale and weak Corthen looks to the angry and defiant Zyla standing with his sword still burning and asks for his blade. The girl looks at elven hero and states he may have his enchanted blade when the party rightfully returns her moonstones seized at the grove. The elf seeing no way out of this but giving the raven-haired female the twenty gems that they had claimed while she was deceased. He has Rehs bring her the stones which she accepts before extinguishing the flametongue sword and placing it back into its sheath and tossing it to him before walking away.


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