Guardians of the Past

9th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff
Seeking Robes

Come morning, the gathered heroes rouse Ayremyr from his slumber for morningfeast. They discuss replacing the enchanted vestments of Cyric since the robes are tainted with evil and are adorned with his holy symbols spun of silver thread.

Samira suggests seeking robes at the temple of Mystra. Tellazar plans on speaking to Iriethana Waveharp at the tower of the Watchful Order. He plans to inquire about mages of power who are known to craft items for pay.

Rehs travels with Samira to the House of Wonder, the holy temple of the Goddess of Magic. She tithes and prays at the holy altar before approaching a priest of the temple. She inquires if she might speak to the High Priest and gives her name and a brief description of why she seeks assistance.

A short time later Samira and Rehs are taken to the study of Meleghost Starseer. The bald priest wears a ghoatee and wears long robes with many arcane symbols upon them. Samira asks if the Magister of the temple can aid them in creating the party robes that protect the wearer from harm. She relates that in recent fighting with priests of Cyric that the party recovered several of the black robes and wished to have similar protections.

Meleghost asks who serves the Lady of Mysteries as ordained clergy. Samira admits that she is the only party member who serves Mystra. The bald priest tells the two adventurers that such holy items created upon altars of the goddess are only for her servants and no other beings are worthy of her protections. Samira asks if she might ask for such vestments since she is a priestess who serves the Lady of Magic.

Meleghost Starseer tells Samira that if she can eventually gather enough wealth to pay for the materials and related items that he will have the robes created for her. Samira inquires and is told that the costs are 30,000 gold coins. Samira tells the Magister that she will have that money brought to the temple before Highsun on the following day.

Tellazar speaks to Iriethana during his studies of new spells. He asks her about the mages of power in Waterdeep who might enchant items in exchange for coin. He tells her that he has spoken to Khelben in recent days and he turned down him down since he was too busy.

Iriethana tells Tellazar that the mages of power that she knows of are Kappiyan Flurmastyr, Maaril, Savengriff once of the Company of Crazed Venturers, Maskar Wands, and Nain Keenwhistler; a former comrade of Savengriff.

8th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff
A Visitor at Night

Corthen has been slowly recuperating from his wounds caused by the enchanted wounding longsword during his swordfight with the evil Baron Blackstone just over a month ago. This night Corthen is startled from his evening reverie by the sound of footsteps from inside his bedchamber. Reaching for his ready flametongue blade he grasps the hilt and turns to face his intruder.

He stares into the face of Khelben Arunsun, the archmage wizard of Waterdeep. Quickly removing the steel away from the area of the mage’s vital organs he hastily asks the Blackstaff why he has come in the dead of night. Khelben’s reply, “I expected that my agents would report back on recent events if they so happened to return to this fair city. I don’t suppose that I missed such documents from you and your friends, have I?”

Corthen quickly apologizes to the wizard. He offers to gather his comrades and give a full report directly to him, if he so wishes. The mage agrees and Corthen sends his guards to summon the others to his residence in the North Ward. A little over an hour passes before Erith arrives from his home in the Castle Ward.

Corthen brings the other Harpers into his study to meet with Khelben. Erith, Samira, Tellazar, Rehs, and Corthen brief the Master Harper on events since they left Waterdeep aboard the Mermaid Sword. They tell him about Aithe and the Dark Druidess and her plans to release the Seven Dead Gods to serve Cyric. When they are finished Corthen asks Khelben if he will examine the torc taken from the crypts beneath Darkhorn Castle. He warns him that it harms anyone touching it.

Khelben looks over the ancient torc. Tellazar asks him how they might use its powers against the evil powers. Khelben is unsure and suggests striking the demons and other planar creatures with the item to learn its true powers. The archmage returns the headpiece to the Guardians of the Past. He informs them that in the future they should relay their reports to Jhandess Millomyr, of Millomyr Harps. She will be the group’s contact in Waterdeep and they should keep her informed of their activities. Khelben bids everyone farewell before uttering his words of magic and teleporting away from the room.

11th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
Shopping in the City of Splendors

Ayremyr grows bored hanging out at the Elfstone Tavern and goes walking about the city. A chance encounter with the city watch and the elf ends up inquiring about buying potions. The watch commander informs him that if he is looking for draughts that he should seek Kappiyan Flurmastyr, a potion maker in the South Ward off Anchoret Court.

Meanwhile, Rehs begins searching Waterdeep for a shop or warehouse for sale in Waterdeep. His plans are to find a suitable property that he can use as a residence and a business.

Corthen, Erith, and Samira approach Stromquil Halazar to inquire about having some gems cut. The proprietor of Halazar’s Fine Gems examines the uncut rubies that the Guardians of the Past liberated from the wizard who served the Dark Druidess. Stromquil agrees to accept the assignment and he negotiates a price for his services from the trio.

Ayremyr locates the residence of Kappiyan in the South Ward. He initially bungles his intent with the wizard’s servitor creatures and his apprentice, Shalara Malarkkin. He leaves empty handed. Upon talking to his comrades, Erith agrees to accompany him and smooth everything over on his behalf.

Returning to Anchoret Court, Ayremyr is able to meet Kappiyan Flurmastyr, an elderly human mage who creates potions sporadically when it suits him and sells some to fund his researches. Kappiyan asks Ayremyr if he is an adventurer. The young elf warrior states that he is. The mage asks him if he faced the Blue Alley. Ayremyr admits he knows nothing of it but he asks the potion mage where it lies.

Kappiyan informs him that the Blue Alley lies in the city’s Sea Ward. He shares that it was created by a outlander mage who enjoyed watching others attempt to defeat his defenses and win his magic. The mage offers several potions to the elf who buys a Sweetwater draught and two potions of Vitality.

9th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

The party gathers at Corthen’s manor house to divvy up the treasure and enchanted items that they have gained during their adventures in the Moonshae Isles. Tellazar heads off to the Watchful Order to learn new spells from his guild.

8th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
The Guardians Return

The party leaves Aithelar in the morning via the mirror. Corthen has learned that Dirtan Blackstone’s sword has left him with wounds that cannot be healed with potions or prayers. His only recourse is to let the cuts heal naturally with time. He informs the others and the group has decided to return home and rest. Tellazar readily agrees because he wishes to take time to learn more spells from the Watchful Order.

The group divides all treasures and spoils from their time in the Moonshaes. Tellazar studies the enchanted items before casting a number of Identify spells to learn their powers.

7th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
Meeting the High Queen

At dawn, the adventuring party rises after a short mornfeast, they transport themselves to Caer Callidyr via their enchanted mirror set up in Waterdeep. The party makes their way to queen’s palace. They show the guards their letter from the High King for service in transporting the blades from Waterdeep.

The party is escorted inside the grand castle. The guards have them disarm before taking them before Alicia, High Queen of the Moonshaes. The party bows before the young queen. Corthen shares that he carries a letter from her father in whose service they have been in. He hands it over to one of the councilors who examines it before giving it to Alicia. The High Queen thanks the heroes for their service to the Moonshaes and she promises to make payment that her father had promised.

Corthen Nightglade speaks and states that he has another matter that her majesty might wish to discuss further. He quietly tells her councilor that he bears word from Alatar Magnus. The High Queen dismisses her court and she leaves the throne after being given the message by her female councilor.

Rehs and his companions are led from the throne room by the queen’s staff and into a grand conference room and asked to sit and wait. The High Queen enters the chamber along with a wizard, dressed in robes, much like those worn by Alatar Magnus. She asks everyone to sit back down and asks bluntly what word they have from her court mage.

Corthen quickly tells Alicia the story of how they were approached in Waterdeep and how they helped the ffolk of the Moonshaes fight the invading forces of Cyric. He then tells her how they met Tirran Bravesword and Alatar. Finally he states that they were taken before her father and asked to recover his sword and return it to Caer Callidyr and to her. He hands over the letter written by Alatar Magnus with Tristan’s seal.

Corthen tells her that they have recovered the Sword of Cymrych Hugh and they wish to give it to her. Alicia summons one of her handmaidens, Thyreene. The servant shows the heroes to their quarters after the High Queen thanks the party and promises they will be rewarded for their deeds.

Later in the day, Thyreene gathers the companions and takes them to another part of the palace. There they meet with the High Queen and a small retinue of knights and two court wizards. Alicia informs the party that the seven small chests are theirs and that from the other items upon the table that each hero may select one item from the royal treasury. Alicia states that each member may also select three potions from the rack across the chamber for their aid in the battle against the Dark Druidess.

The heroes examine their chests and each one contains gold and platinum coins. Everyone gathers their three potions, before deciding that they must decide who will select an item from the Queen’s magical items first. Quickly the party sorts in out and they each make their choice. Erith and the others thank her majesty before they inform the High Queen they wish to hurry back to Aithe and aid the Cauldyth’s in their fight against the enemy.

Once outside the city, the party travels to the open portal that the mirror created. Slipping back through, the party returns to Aithelar and observes that the last of army once led by Lord Dirtan Blackstone is fleeing north.

6th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff III
Siege at Aithelar

The party returns to the forest camp and gather the dwarven priest. Samira uses divine magic to transport herself and Ayremyr to Corthen’s manse in Waterdeep. Samira uses the magic mirror to open a portal for the rest of the party to walk through to Nightglade Manor.

The heroes rush about the city to gather supplies that they need before returning to use the mirror again. Tellazar scries Aithelar. The mirror’s image shows that Aithe Keep is under siege from Lord Blackstone. His troops are dug in and his catapults are battering the Cauldyth keep.

Tellazar wishes to learn about the enemy so he uses the mirror to focus on the treacherous Lord Blackstone. The mage watches as three Calishite men are escorted into the enemy camp and into a large command tent. He attempts to scry more but soon learns that the tent is protected from magical scrying and he cannot see anything inside the protected radius.

Samira offers Mystra’s aid to rest and regain spells through a Nap prayer. The group takes their rest and they make plans after waking refreshed. The party scries once again and learns that the enemy has broken through the gates of Aithe Keep. Quickly Tellazar opens a doorway with the mirror inside the courtyard. Uldred and Tellazar quickly launch Fireballs at the invaders.

The party dispatches the last of Blackstone’s men from the keep before launching more spells and missiles at the retreating enemy. The Aithe defenders close the main gates and quickly attempt to brace and support them in case of another assault. A soldier approaches Samira and informs her that Lady Brwynella requests her healing. The Calishite priestess follows and is taken to the Lady Cauldyth. Two Chauntean priests are with her as they try and staunch the wounds of her younger sister, Rhiannon.

Samira examines the young girl and sees that she is badly wounded in the chest and will likely die without aid. She removes a scroll and recites a Heal prayer which saves her life. Tellazar hears a rumor that Caer Callidyr is under attack, so he returns to the mirror to scry. He soon learns that the High Queen’s seat of power remains unharmed at the moment.

The Guardians of the Past gather again to discuss their next step. They decide to destroy the catapults of Lord Blackstone. Using Invisibility and Flying magic, the party successfully sets the siege equipment on fire using flame oil during the night. Using the fire as a distraction, the group uses the mirror to get close to the command tent.

Corthen charges into the tent while the rest of the party battle with Blackstone troops outside the tent. Corthen lunges at the human warrior he believes to be Baron Blackstone and attempts to slay him. Ayremyr, Rehs, and Uldred enter the tent and attack the other occupants. Uldred is dazed by the magic cast by a drow female. Ayremyr attacks one of the Calishites attempting to flee. Erith and Samira engage a Northlander warrior inside the tent. Ayremyr kills his opponent but his two companions cut an opening and flee into the night. Rehs swings his sword and severs the left forearm of the drow mage. Erith kills the Northlander and Ayremyr finishes off the drow female. Corthen suffers at the hands of Baron Blackstone. His sword causes the elf’s many wounds to bleed more. The party manages to put down the treasonous Baron. The quickly toss the bodies of the dead into their Portable Hole before fleeing from Blackstone’s heavy footmen.

Returning through the mirror before opening it again at Aithe Keep, the party speaks to Rhiannon Cauldyth. They ask her some questions about the sword of the High King. The young bard tells them that the blade belonged to the first High King, Cymrych Hugh. she says that the blade is pure silver with exquisite workmanship and the symbol of the Earthmother worked into the guard. A short time later the party searches through the items from the tent that the plundered, and they discover the blade inside a fine wooden box that they plundered. The party takes several hours of well deserved rest at the keep until morning.

6th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff II
Unexpected Visit

Samira is approached during the middle of the night by the wizard, Alatar Magnus. The Queen’s wizard tells her to wake her friends. Everyone is to leave their armor, weapons, and gear behind in the camp and follow him quietly and without question. The Calishite priestess slips over to her companions and arouses them from their slumbers. The party agrees to Alatar’s instructions, except for the dwarf Uldred. He refuses to disarm and remove his armor for anyone.

Leaving the stubborn dwarf behind under guard of the High Queen’s soldiers, the heroes follow the archmage. He leads the companions through many trails in the darkness of the deep wood before arriving before another camp site. A tent guarded by four fierce warriors dressed in surcoats of the wolf’s head. Alatar escorts the band into the tent. Lying inside the tent is a badly wounded man. Alatar announces his return and calls the wounded warrior majesty and bows. Corthen, Ayeremyr and the others bow as the figure struggles to sit up. The man’s wounds cover one side of his face and his right arm is withered and mostly useless.

The party quickly learns that the mysterious figure is High King Tristan Kendrick. He speaks to the heroes and thanks them for their service thus far. Samira offers the healing power of Mystra to aid the High King. Alatar speaks and informs her that no healing can aid the High King. His wounds were caused by Moander, God of Corruption.

Tristan speaks and tells the group that Lord Haembar Cauldyth saved him by sacrificing his own life when they were betrayed by Lord Blackstone and Moander attacked the King’s party. Saddened by the news, the party asks the High King why they have been summoned. Tristan asks them if they are willing to accept a mission for his young daughter, Alicia, the new High Queen. The heroes accept. Tristan asks that they recover the sword of Cymrych Hugh from Lord Blackstone. Alatar swears everyone present to secrecy and they promise not reveal that the High King yet lives. Tristan has the wizard write a message to his daughter promising gold and one enchanted item of choice from the Heroes’ treasury upon completion of their return of the sword. Alatar returns the party to camp before daylight.

5th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff II

The heroes wounded and weary from their recent battles agree to seek cover in the nearby Dernall Forest. They leave the hilltop and make their way across the ruined farmlands of Cantrev Stagford.

The party encounters ffolk who warily watch them from behind hedges and from other vegetation. Rehs approaches a middle aged woman named Elsi, who questions him about which side they are on. Rehs assures her that they are in service to the new High Queen. Elsi asks if they can spare food and water for the survivors of her village. She shares that Baron Blackstone’s forces took their livestock, food stores, and that they pressed the able bodied men and boys into his army heading south including her son.

Rehs informs the others and they break out their food and water to share with the dozen women, children, and an elderly man. The party offers their protection and suggests that they travel with them to the forest where they can camp.

Near the forest, the group is surprised by a young teen girl who sprints up to them asking for food. She tells Corthen that her family is camped in the Dernall near a fresh water stream. Hyrra offers to lead them to the camp in exchange for rations. Several members quietly discuss the chance that the camp is an ambush, but they feel that they can overcome any attack should it come.

Hyrra leads the party to her campsite. The gurgling of the stream can be heard nearby and a campfire burns in the clearing. Corthen asks where her family is. She quickly suggests that they have taken the trail for water and she darts off down another path. Tellazar looks to the others and whispers, “I knew this was a trap.”

Suddenly a shout comes from the boulders surrounding the party. “Death to the Dark Robes!” This cry is repeated by many voices and the party and their entourage finds themselves completely surrounded by a huge ring of angry armed men. With swords drawn the men move forward with death in their eyes. Tellazar tries to talk to the ring of men. Their leader in white plate armor accuses Tellazar of being a priest of Cyric. Tellazar and his friends deny the charge while the Stagford villagers scream in terror.

The white armored knight informs Tellazar that he can feel his evil and that their wizard can see his true form, that of a dark robed Cyricist traveling with Blackstone troops. Tellazar tells the man that he wears the robes, but he has claimed them as a battle trophy. The knight spits and says that no honest man would wear such garb. Ayremyr recognizes some of the heraldric devices of the opposing force. Some of the men are soldiers of Lord Cauldyth of Cantrev Aithe while others are in service to the royal family in Caer Callidyr. The others bear shields of a stag leaping a silver waterfall.

The ring of soldiers moves to do battle with the Guardians of the Past, when a man runs up to the white knight and urgently gets his attention. Erith recognizes the man as Douglar, a Harper they had met in the Wild Wood during their exploits in Aithe. Douglar speaks loudly and tells the assembled knights and soldiers that he can vouch for the adventuring party and that they are friends of Aithe and the High Queen. Douglar introduces the party to Sir Tirran Bravesword, paladin of the High Queen and to a grey-bearded wizard who has appeared nearby as Alatar Magnus, Court Wizard. Ayremyr speaks up and asks Alatar who rules as High Queen since the death of High King Tristan. The mage states that his eldest daughter, Alicia, rules the islands since the battle of Blackstone. Sir Tirran tells the party to rest and stay in the camp until they are needed.

5th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff
The Cloven Stone

The Harper party led by the warrior Swiftsword leads the heroes across the fen even after sunrise. By midmorning, the tired men and women reach dry ground.

Owain points to a clearing in a thicket ahead and directs the group to an ancient standing stone that has broken over time in two from top to bottom. The druid speaks, “The Cloven Stone is your quickest way to Alaron. This will take you to a bald hill near Stagford, north of Aithe. From there, you’re on your own. Beware- they will doubtless be waiting for you.”

A bard steps forward. “Between the stones all of you. Touch another until all are linked together”, he orders. Once everyone is in place, the Harper stands facing the Guardians of the Past, Darga, and Volo. He removes a harp from his pack and begins playing a haunting tune, and then releases the instrument as it plays on its own. The Harper bard reaches his hands out and touches each half of the Cloven Stone.

The bard looks at Corthen and his companions and says, “You must fight on for us, Harpers.” Blue-white flames begin to envelop his body. Looking into his eyes, the party is horrified to watch as flames rise and begin to blacken his flesh. White mists rise up from around the stones and blot out their view of the dying man. His last words come as a deathly rattle, “Do not fail us!”, he gasps.

White mists cover everything the party can see. They are briefly disoriented; someone shouts, then a hail of arrows fly out seeking their lives. The party shakes off their stupor to see themselves ringed by an armed band of twenty human archers. The bowmen have some success as several arrows strike Volo Geddarm. He is sorely wounded and soon he disappears from view.

Corthen, Erith, Ayremyr, and Darga charge out to put swords to the archers. They engage several of them and kill a handful but the remaining bowmen are persistent. Uldred grows tired of them and uses his helm to release a Wall of Fire spell. Most of the archers are either caught in the flaming circle or on the outside of the roaring wall of flames. Three bowmen are trapped inside with the heroes. They quickly drop their bows and shortswords and beg for mercy. Darga is rather unlucky. He was caught in the dwarf’s flames and dies.

Corthen accepts the surrender of the men. He questions them about the Dark Druidess. The men profess they are soldiers of Lord Blackstone and it was he who left them here to guard the hill from meddlers on Gwynneth. Corthen asks if Lord Blackstone is in league with the Dark Druidess to which the men claim no knowledge of. The elf asks if Lord Blackstone is in Blackstone and they inform Corthen that their Lord has ridden south to siege Aithe Keep.

Corthen asks Volo how many days travel it is to Caer Callidyr from their current location. The geographer tells him it is nine days to the capital by horse along the north coast road that travels near Blackstone along the way. He tells Corthen that the trip south to Aithelar and through the Dernall Forest is equally as long by horse. The party begins discussing what to do. Corthen urges that the group travel to Aithe to aid Lord Cauldyth and his family against Blackstone. Tellazar disagrees and urges traveling north past Blackstone and on to Caer Callidyr. The archers agree to serve the party wherever they go and swear by Chauntea to do so with honor.


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