Guardians of the Past

27th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The Circle of Valor begins the trek back to Amphail and the Tomb of the Maiden King. Just before dusk, 6 pilgrims of Tyr from Nesme traveling to Waterdeep ask to join the heroes camp for the night.

25th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventurers arrive in Waterdeep and go to the Temple of Tymora to get Corthen’s broken foot healed. The group pays the priest of Tymora a 1000 gold piece donation. Tellazar casts some identify spells on items recovered from the the tomb. Saedellas remarks that the mage surely must love the taste of live goldfish to go through this so often.

22nd of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The party leaves on horseback for Waterdeep to get healing for Corthen’s broken foot.

21st of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

In the tomb of the Maiden King the party stumbles upon a group of zombies and they win the fight but the elf warrior Corthen’s foot is broken in the battle. The party has to leave the tomb. They return to Amphail for the night. Without consulting Erith, Corthen urges the group to seek stabling at the Roaringhorn Horse Farm, but they are turned away by the servants of the Roaringhorn noble family who tell them that they only raise and sell horses. Erith tells the party since this is where he grew up, he could have saved them the trouble had he known that is where they had run off to. A hobbled Corthen buys everyone a set of horse riding gear from Dorfan’s Fine Horse Leather Shop. The group stables the horses back at the Stone Stallion.

Saedellas watches over the injured Corthen while training his pet bird. The remaining members of the Circle of Valor head to Mother Gothal’s Festhall. Silvaris seems to be infatuated with Dalara, the 8 foot tall black woman from Chult who is employed as the festhall bouncer. Tellazar says that the elven rogue always seems to have a taste for the exotic. The Chultan woman does not seem to be amused by Silvaris and he finally decides he wants to keep his bones on the inside of his body and beats a hasty retreat into the arms of a loving companion. The cost for a glass of Elverquisst is 10 gold and 1 copper coin per cup of mead. After a few drinks the subject of dwarven births arises and Uldred tells Silvaris, Vinullas, Tellazar, and Cortonas “Dwarves aren’t born. They just pop up from the ground like groundhogs.”

20th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen wakes up in his bed at the Stone Stallion Inn in Amphail with a fried hand pie of minced beef and mutton. For whatever reason, either deciding to embrace his sword curse or disbelieving in its power he decides to eat the hand pie this morning. He later tells his companions that it was very tasty.

The group packs up and leaves the inn slipping over to the horse pond on the edge of the village. They dive into the water and locate the bronze doors of the tomb. Tellazar must once again open the doors as they are once again sealed with magic. The group produces torches and proceed up the staircase. Silvaris reminds the group where the blade trap is and everyone manage to avoid it. The heroes find another group of skeletons in another chamber and go after the smaller of the 2 groups first. Saedellas displays his symbol of Corellon and 5 of the skeletons turn away from the power of his god. The group is able to overcome the skeletal undead in the chambers. In another area they fight 2 groups of giant rats and are able to kill the rodents.
The adventurers come to a desecrated chapel in the tomb and decide to make camp for the night in the chapel’s storeroom.

19th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen awakens in the roadside campsite to find a glass marble in each of his hands. He is moody all morning thinking of the cursed longsword that he destroyed and contemplating if he is still under the effects of a curse now.

The party passes a mounted patrol from Waterdeep along the Long Road in the afternoon. The guardsmen briefly speak to the party before sending them on their way. The heroes arrive in Amphail after dark. They spend the night at the Inn of the Stone Stallion. The rooms cost them 1 gold each a night which includes their stabling but no food or drinks.

18th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen wakes up in his room at the Dripping Dagger with a 4 foot section of frayed hemp rope in his hand. He informs the rest of the party of this event. The group discusses if this is a result of destroying the cursed sword that he was unable to be rid of until yesterday. Saedellas goes to the shop of Hilmer, and picks up his custom suit of apprentice-made plate armor.

Now the 9 members of the Circle of Valor are ready to return to adventure and decide to head back to the Tomb in Amphail. Corthen buys everyone a riding horse as well as riding tack. They depart the city and head to the village of Amphail and the hidden tomb of the Maiden King.
Along the way, they encounter a merchant caravan traveling south to the City of Splendors and the caravan guards tell them the road ahead is clear.

11th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen’s rust monster has arrived from the proprietor of the Old Monster Shop in Waterdeep. The moon elf hires some teamsters to take the caged rust monster out of town into the country. Corthen Nightglade then feeds the greater cursed long sword, as well as his other long sword to the rust monster since a remove curse spell could not remove the blade from his hand. This is effective at destroying the cursed sword that he found in Undermountain. Corthen then bribes the teamsters to keep their mouths shut about the event and and he returns the rust monster back to the Old Monster Shop for 1% of the 10,000 gold he paid for it.

6th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

They 6 members of the Circle of Valor spend several days relaxing, eating good meals, and enjoying some wine and ales with their 3 new acquaintances. They swap some stories and Corthen and the others can see the value of a few extra blades, especially since they have so recently found a hidden hoard of dwarven gems in Undermountain.

Corthen offers Nolia, Cortonas, and Vinullas a place with the Circle of Valor. The 3 youths eagerly agree to the proposal. Corthen feels that they are ill-equipped for the encounters that the group might face so he offers to help them with better armor and weapons if so needed. Corthen proceeds to take them out into the city shopping. Corthen goes to the Riven Shield and buys a suit of ancient elven plate for himself and an old suit of elven plate armor for Vilnullas.

Saedellas travels to to see the armorer Hilmer. There he purchases a suit of apprentice plate mail for himself. Later Saedellas accompanies Corthen to the Old Monster Shop where he orders a live rust monster!

4th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The members of the Circle of Valor return to Waterdeep from Amphail. They gather their wealth from Tellazar’s parents home. Everyone agrees that they should not speak of the great wealth in gems they recovered from Undermountain just days ago. Corthen advises that everyone try to remain quiet of their great wealth so as not to bring thieves down on them. They also discuss finding a safe place to keep their gems.

Tellazar says that some moneylenders will provide safe storage for clients. He says that Mirt the Moneylender is said to have a very secure vault. The group hires a carter to transport their chests as they accompany it to the home of Mirt in the SW Dock Ward.

The group speaks to the moneylender named Mirt. He is a fat older man prone to wheezing. He asks the party what they plan to store within his secure vaults, and the party shows Mirt the treasure taken from Undermountain. The merchant agrees to store their gems and he agrees to accept the largest gem as payment.

The group returns to the Dripping Dagger Inn and pay Filiare for 2 months more stay. Corthen inquires if Kazlar has returned by chance. Filiare informs the group that he has not. He does introduce them to 3 adventurers who have recently arrived from the wilds of Tethyr. The Tethyr group is composed of a human, Cortonas Bowhawk of Tethyr; a moon elf, Vilnullas Whitewood from Elventree; and a female half-elf, Nolia Fallas of the High Forest.


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