Guardians of the Past

3rd of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The party breaks camp in the morning leaving through a stone door of the rat chamber. In the hallway beyond, the group hears a growling voice say, “The door is sealed. Do not approach unless you wish to provoke a being of great power.” Whomever left the message must left the rat chamber some time ago, but his message remains as a warning to those who might approach the portal to the room.

The members of the Circle of Valor travel through the halls until they come to a room with inky black water covering the floor. Corthen makes plans to enter the water. He ties a rope around his waist and he hands it off to the other warriors of the group. He wades out into the inky water that rises to his chest. Saedellas casts a sixth sense prayer and has a feeling of danger so he yells to Vilnullas, Nolia, and Uldred to get him out. They yank the rope and pull Corthen off his feet backwards into the water. He sputters and resurfaces and they pull him back out of the water from something under the water just in time. Corthen is now positive that something is lurking in the depths. Erith tells Corthen that he could forsee this result when he tied a rope to himself but he let him get soaked so he might see that a rope in every circumstance may not work as first thought.

The group prepares for battle and everyone enter the room this time rather than sending in a lone scout into danger. Saedellas chants a blessing of Corellon. As they enter the room the adventurers can see a gray stone statue of a web handed figure standing in a niche in the wall. The entire room is lit by an eerie purple glow. A giant fish strikes at Uldred. It swims around and strikes again hitting Corthen. After an intense battle with the giant gar the heroes manage to stab their blades into the gigantic creature and kill it.

Searching the statue, Silvaris and Corthen discover that the stone head is a separate piece. Vilnullas comes over and removes the head, while Silvaris holds his breath hoping he did not miss any traps. Inside the statue are a few rings. Corthen grabs the rings and 3 skeletons emerge from the water. They appear to be some type of mage skeletons because they start the fight by casting magic missiles at the party and the skeletons teleport around the room. Corthen puts on one of the rings and tries to command the undead but nothing happens. Between melee weapons and spells the heroes manage to prevail over these vile things. Corthen presses a knob inside the statue and 2 black poles with black candles rise from the water.

The group decides to return back to the room of skeletal rats so that Tellazar can spend some time pouring over the magically enchanted items recovered from the dungeon. The group returns to the room past the growling door. The group makes camp while Tellazar teleports back to the manor house to replenish his components so he can cast identify spells in the morning. Before he uses the ring to return back to Undermountain he spots the jester grasping a very bloody hand inside the manor house. The jester takes several steps and is swallowed by the shadows. Tellazar searches the floor for him but all he finds is a open window to the street below. Tellazar teleports back to the rat chamber and reports this gruesome tiding to the others and everyone just looks at each other and no one says another word for a very long time.

2nd of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The Circle of Valor members have finished training. They have made plans to return to their delving of Undermountain. They restock their rations and replace worn out ropes and gear. Greeting Durnan and the staff on hand the party pays the gold fees to descend down the well. The group gathers in the entry well chamber. Near the well chamber Vilnullas finds an arrow on the floor made of rat skulls pointing back the way they came. Nearby is graffiti on the stone walls that says “Zog cooks his meat” and “Delvin’s party was here” and "Lost 2 humans, reward posted.” Corthen leads the band west into the unknown.

The Circle travels through many hallways with nothing more to oppose them but a few bugs and spiders. The group finally comes into a large 40’ by 50’ room. It is finely appointed with wood panels, a plush carpet and table with chairs. There is a fireplace with a fire burning that is giving off no heat or smoke. Someone in brown robes is sitting at the table. Uldred thinks it might be a priest of Ilmater or Chauntea. Corthen hails the figure as they slowly approach. The figure stands and turns around. It is a large skeletal figure wearing black plate mail and has glowing red eyes. Everyone except Saedellas runs away in fear at the sight of the skeletal warrior in black. The figure motions to Saedellas to watch and then he displays in his hands a miniature oak tree bathed in white light. Saedellas, elven priest of Corellon, watches the figure walk through the panel to the north. When the mysterious figure leaves, the fire in the fireplace goes out.

The other members of the adventuring party eventually regain their composure from the fear that gripped them at the sight of the undead priest. They retrace their steps and meet back up with Saedellas. The elves search the area thoroughly for a secret door but it seems that this skeletal priest has literally passed right through the solid wall.

The group moves on to a room with a black stone plinth with a leather bound book on it. There is a circle with no debris around the plinth. Silvaris steps forward to check out the book and as soon as he enters the circle, the area is bathed in light and he can see runes etched on the stones surrounding the plinth. Corthen ties a rope to Silvaris and holds it while Silvaris checks out the book. Both of them disappear as soon as Silvaris gets close to the book. Hoping that the two were teleported to another location the others decide to follow suit and approach the plinth.

The plans works and the party arrives in a 60’ by 60’ room that is empty except for a backpack and bloody handprints on the one wall. 10 ghouls charge into the room. Saedellas manages to keep several of the ghouls turned until the rest are killed. Then Corthen, Vilnullas, Nolia wade in with blades while Tellazar casts spells and the rogues use their daggers and arrows to dispatch the last group of ghouls. During the fight, Vilnullas’ knee is broken. Uldred and Saedellas strip Vilnullas down to his loincloth and Tellazar uses his ring to tranport him to the city above to be healed at the plinth by a priest of Corellon. They donate 1000 gold for the healing spell and then return back via the ring again to rejoin the party.

A search of the ghoul chamber is conducted and Silvaris finds a secret door. The group cannot get the door open so Tellazar pushes on the door and since he has the Ring of Undermountain on, the door opens. Corthen finds another secret door at the end of the empty hall. The secret door is opened and a room behind the door is revealed. Inside the room is a pile of giant rat skeletons which spring to life and attack the heroes. This battle catches them off guard and everyone is battered and bloodied in the encounter. After bashing them with swords and maces and a few opportune spells the skeletal rats are vanquished. The group clears an area to make camp for the night. Uldred and Saedellas says healing prayers and help close wounds and remove pain from the group. Corthen and Erith take first watch and the others put down rolls for a night of sleep in Halaster’s realm.

12th of Elesias 1364 Year of the Wave

Nolia Fallas is returning to Silvaris’ home in the North Ward after a long day of sword training with Ulreth the Blademaster. As she nears the front door of the house, a figure springs up from the ivy and shrubbery plantings. In the darkness, the half-elven ranger can see the bony skull face of the undead jester. Her fright is even more pronounced when she sees the bare steel of a sword clutched by his bony fingers. She screams and the short clown runs away.

Nolia runs inside and calls for those present. Erith, Silvaris, Corthen, and Saedellas respond to the half-elf’s cry for aid. She quickly tells them what has transpired. They go out together in search of the dead fool but he has once again vanished. Corthen speaks telling the others that this jester is going to be a problem. He says that the group should capture him and return him to his sarcophagus in Amphail or destroy him if given the chance.

Silvaris apologizes to the full group later that night. He says that the jester seemed harmless at the time, but he has come to realize that the fool may be more sinister that he appears. Silvaris accepts the blame for asking the others to leave the jester alone when they were dealing with the undead that were created by Tuspexa of Bane in the tomb.

4th of Elesias 1364 Year of the Wave

The group flush with coins and gems from their foray in the Tomb of the Maiden King have all agreed to spend time in training. Tellazar goes to the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors and seeks to become a member. He informs Mhair Szeltune the guildmistress and her advisors of his past and that he seeks access to spells and to further his studies under another wizard since his previous tutor was killed by Trell Blackhorn, another apprentice. Tellazar pays to join the Watchful Order. Mhair introduces the young Tellazar to Iriethana Waveharp, a wizardress of some power.

Iriethana and Tellazar agree to an arrangement for training. She explains that he can also purchase his desired spells from the order along with a few minor items of echantment. Tellazar looks over the items and purchases two magical throwing daggers that return to their sheath after each throw.

Corthen, Vilnullas, and Nolia seek out Ulreth the Blademaster for martial skills training. The two priests go to the Plinth to seek out spiritual counsel from their Gods. The others begin practicing skills of their own.

Later, as the group is gathering for dinner at the Dripping Dagger Erith and Cortonas come inside and inform the others that they just saw the undead jester from the tomb in Amphail lurking outside of the inn. Corthen expresses dismay that the 4 foot tall fool has managed to find them in a crowded city of thousands. The adventurers go out to the nearby alleys and side streets trying to locate the jester but he has vanished.

Dead jester

The members of the Circle of Valor return to the common room of the inn for the evening meal. Silvaris shares that he has purchased a home on Lion Street in the North Ward, near the City of the Dead. He tells the others there is plenty of room in the home, as it is a 4 story manor house. He offers everyone a room of their own if they will help keep the larder stocked and promise not to destroy any of the furnishings. Everyone thanks Silvaris for the kindness and accept his offer.

Tellazar shows the group his daggers and he agrees to get more of these homing daggers if each person gives him the coins needed. Uldred wants 1 dagger and Saedellas asks him to buy him 2 of the daggers.

2nd of Elesias 1364 Year of the Wave

The party has returned to the City of Waterdeep without any further troubles. Corthen works out a long term stabling contract with a stabler for their horses. It is 200 gold per horse per year. Saedellas pays for the stabling for everyone for the first year.

Shieldmeet 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventurers have but one area left to explore in the Tomb of the Maiden King. It is the bronze door that had been guarded by a detachment of undead warriors. The party returns to the area and Corthen tries to move the large metal door. Silvaris steps up and picks the door’s locking mechanism. Corthen opens the door and to it the actual Tomb of the Maiden King.

Inside the party sees a beautifully carved wooden sarcophagus of a female clad in scale armor clasping a single rose lies atop a stone plinth in the center of the room. A round shield and a spear rest casually against the stone plinth. The rogues lead the way into the royal crypt cautiously looking for deadly traps. Neither Silvaris or Cortonas find signs of danger and they motion the others into the room. Corthen and Uldred slowly open the wooden casket of the deceased noble lady. Inside the sarcophagus is the skeletal remains of a woman with long blond hair wearing bronze scale armor with a longsword at her side and clasping a silver key in her bony hands.

Tellazar casts a spell and informs his friends that the sword, spear, shield, and armor are all enchanted. Corthen removes the items and the group gathers the other treasure it has gained from the tomb. The group carefully exits the crypt through the pond.

The party travels to the the woods where they had previously made camps before. The group is suprised by the appearance of the undead jester. He has followed them out of the tomb and stands nearby watching the party, especially Silvaris.

Erith, Uldred, Corthen, and Vilnullas go into Amphail to join in the festivities of Shieldmeet. After a few drinks at the Stone Stallion, Corthen and Uldred are almost arrested for paying with counterfeit coins from the false treasure crypt. Corthen had inspected the gems and jewels from that room and found they were fake but he never checked the chests of coins in that room. Corthen quickly apologizes and pays the tab with real gold this time.

Erith and Vilnullas gather the horses from the smithy and pay for the stabling. The four return to the forest camp and suggest that the group pack and leave for Waterdeep with the few remaining hours of daylight left. As they ride off, Silvaris can see the jester plodding down the road in the distance until he vanishes from view.

Midsummer 1364 Year of the Wave

The rested party breaks camp in the chapel storeroom in the Tomb of the Maiden King. Corthen removes the spike holding the ruined chapel’s door closed from intruders. When he opens the door he is shocked to find the 4 foot tall skeleton jester from the crypt standing in the doorway. The party cautiously try to move past the undead fool but as they move around him he begins to follow them. Corthen tries to shove the skeletal jester back into his tomb chamber, but the undead clown fights back and bites the moon elf warrior. Silvaris and Nolia ask him to leave the jester alone for a moment. Silvaris holds the jester’s mask and walks away and it follows the mask. The group decides the jester does not appear to be a threat so they ignore it.

Corthen then informs the group of some other odd items he has awoken with in his hands while inside the tomb; a horseshoe, a thank you note, and a bell without a clapper. Several of his comrades burst out in laughter at this point and it becomes clear to anyone who wasn’t involved in this “Curse” that Tellazar, Silvaris, and Uldred have been placing random items into Corthen’s hands as he slept over the past several weeks. Corthen claims to have known from the beginning, but no one is really sure what to believe and they decide to return to searching the rest of the Maiden King’s crypts.

They return to the room with the trapped chests and Tellazar uses his spells to bypass the pressure plates. The chests turn out to be just trapped lures for crypt robbers, as they contain only coal. The skeletal jester continues to follow the adventurers and Silvaris wants to give him his crying mask of gold. No one objects, but Corthen doesn’t look happy of losing treasure to some undead being.

The group enters a circular room with decorative alternating marble tiles of rose red and honey color covering the floor in a lanceboard pattern. Carved stone pillars of striated of white and pink marble surround an ornately carved marble pool. Clear water fills the pool with the group’s light dancing off its surface.

Behind the pool lie the scattered and gnawed bones of a man. Rats have chewed most of the bones through; a pitted and rusted short sword and a parchment case covered in verdigris are all that remain. The sword is useless; it crumbles in to shards of rusty metal when Cortonas picks it up. The parchment case contains a glass vial of dried ink, a quill, and several sheets of aged parchment. In Thorass the several pages of parchment written by Thrulsin “the Harbor Shadow” Eskin, a hired thief who helped a group of evil priests find the tomb nearly 150 years ago. It tells of a Banite priestess named Tuspexa and a fake treasure. Apparently the priests of Bane were all trapped in the fake royal crypt and died inside. It is not a very reassuring document, but the party cannot help but feel a little joy about a group of Banites meeting their death in agony.

Only one passage remains to search. That place is the door behind the mummified warrior and skeleton guards. Corthen unwisely charges forth alone to open the door and the skeletal guards and their mummy leader animate and attack him. Corthen is swarmed and cut off from his comrades and he nearly pays with his life for his mistake. The rest of the party hacks and smashes at the tomb guardians in an attempt to rescue their friend. The battle is hard fought, but they ultimately prevail. Everyone is battered and bloodied from this assault and too weak to open the door Corthen tried to breach alone. The party retreats to the chapel storeroom for the night to heal and regain spells.

30th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The group searches more chambers and finds another crypt room. There are 5 stone funerary boxes on each side. The 2nd one on the left is already open. Several of the bodies are wearing a necklace with an amulet of a silver sword on a blood red field. The heroes recover three of these amulets. They also find one mace inside one of the other stone boxes.

The group comes to a room with 3 bronze plated chests along the far wall and 3 tangled skeletons in the center of the room. The floor is stained black with ancient blood. Silvaris and Cortonas discover there are pressure plate traps surrounding the chests so the group decides to leave for the time being.

The Circle of Valor enters another crypt room and are set upon by 5 zombies. The undead are slow moving and the party’s blades make short work of the rotting flesh of the dead.

After fighting the zombies the party finds a door on a main hallway spiked shut from their side. (The heroes will later regret ever opening this door.) On a raised platform sits a small stone coffin. Moving aside the stone lid they can see the remains inside. The bones are that of a small barefooted man dressed in an outfit of garish colors, with a multi-colored cap with belled tassels, and a golden mask of a crying man. The group takes the golden mask and leaves.

The party finds a descending stairwell. After carefully making their way down the stairs the heroes find themselves in a room with a high, arched ceiling that is supported by a double row of pillars. Each pillar is carved into a statue of a king or queen. A single archway exits off the chamber on the East wall. A small crack is located in the Western wall and some loose stone rubble lie beneath it.

As the party enters the chamber their lights disturbs the bats who have taken to roosting along the tops of the pillars and the ceiling which is 20’ above the floor. The bat colony flies about the room screeching and buffeting the adventurers, but no one is really hurt. The bats eventually flee the room through the crack in the wall.

A small set of stairs descends from the pillared hall to the East. At the the bottom of the stairs is a large room is filled with a pool of still water. No floor can be seen in the room, but six carved pillars rise up from the water like swamp trees.

Being that it is a collection of water, Corthen volunteers to check the area. Like a moth to a flame, the elf is attracted to mysterious pools of water. As he swims in the water Corthen is attacked some water beast that could attack like a giant snake. The party manages to defeat the crystalline creature but none of the archers are able to retrieve arrows from the corpse. It has dissolved the arrow shafts. The group returns to the chapel storeroom to rest and make camp.

29th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The party returns to searching the quiet halls of the tomb. The group comes to a bronze door covered with crossed spears with three crowns above it. Silvaris checks the the door and tries to to open it but he cannot get the door to open. Tellazar uses the magic of the Ring of Undermountain to unseal the portal. The group has found a major crypt!

The burial chamber contains a large sarcophagus that gleams in the light. Surrounding it is a number of large wooden chests. The room is littered with broken objects, a smashed throne, a broken chariot, smashed pottery, broken weapons, and torn clothing. Piles of splintered and gnawed bones cover the floor. The walls are covered with carvings depicting scenes of a female warrior leading armies against a host of armored orcs in battle.

Corthen, Vilnullas, and Uldred move the stone lid of the sarcophagus. From inside a dead woman dressed in rotting finery and covered in glittering gold and gems rises up from her resting place. The battle with this undying noblewoman doesn’t go very well. Corthen, Uldred, Nolia and Silvaris become paralyzed in this perilous battle. The others are battered and weakened by the putrid stench of the ghast. Saedellas, Erith, Tellazar, Vilnullas and Cortonas manage to kill this powerful undead.

A short time later Uldred and the others regain use of their limbs and the party checks the room for treasure. Corthen discovers that the jewelry that the ghast wore was all fake and of little real value. In the back of the room Saedellas finds is a secret door and a keyhole. Silvarus picks the lock and a door hidden among the carved orcs and men opens. Inside the heroes find a hoard of coins, rings, gems, a chariot, and warhorse barding inside the hidden room. The group elects to camp for the night in this secret treasure room.
28th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The 9 adventurers arrive in Amphail. They stable the horses with Akrosz Ulvinhand’s smithy since they are not staying at the Stone Stallion. Akrosz charges 3 silver coins per night per horse. The party slips away from the smithy afterwards for the horse pond and enter the tomb just after nightfall.

The heroes encounter a pack of skeletal dogs. Erith, Corthen, and Nolia destroy most of the skeletal hounds with the other heroes dispatching the remaining hounds. Searching past the undead hounds the party comes to antechamber with a mummified human in armor and 12 skeletons guarding a door. The dead guardians do not move or seem to be undead but the group decides to avoid this area for now.

Searching in another area of the tomb, the party finds a chest in an otherwise empty chamber. Silvaris inspects the container for traps and finds none. The rogue backs away and lets Vilnullas open the chest but it is trapped. a number of spears descend quickly from the ceiling and one strikes Tellazar. Everyone else manages to duck and dodge the spears. The spears retract and the mage collapses. Saedellas and Uldred run to aid him. Luckily, he is only unconscious and their prayers are able to revive him. the party retreats back to the chapel storeroom for a night’s sleep.


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