Guardians of the Past

3rd of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

The party travels north again up the short flight of stairs and heads east from the 4 kings statue room. The party has two days left to stay in Undermountain at this point to win the bet they made days ago in the Yawning Portal. The group comes to a bare room with broken glass on the floor. Uldred and Cortonas move in to look for traps and then stop moving. Their friends realize something is wrong quickly but prepared for magic or a hidden trap. As they close in, it becomes clear that it is a gelatinous cube that has paralyzed them with its secretions and is engulfing them with its mass. The others battle the creature with weapons and spells managing to kill it and save their friends.

The party moves out from that chamber. Later the group comes upon a stone door that is locked. Cortonas and silvaris both make attempts to pick the lock and fail. Everyone tries to force the door open, but Silvaris manages to put his shoulder into the door and the lock breaks allowing entrance to the chamber beyond.

The room is empty but for a large bronze door on the north wall with a screaming demon face that covers the surface. The door is also covered in frost. As Silvaris moves forward to inspect the portal, the demon face says, “Turn back. The lair of the black sorcerer lies ahead. Nothing but death awaits.” Being full of swagger, the party ignores the warning and prepares to break into the room. Tellazar enhances Nolia’s strength through his spells. When the group approaches the door this time, a swarm of black wasps fly out out of the fiend’s mouth and assault everyone. The stinging wasps inflict pain upon the heroes. Unable to fight back, they run away as fast as they can. The group returns to their base camp and let the priests tend to their injuries.

2nd of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

Returning to passages around the skeleton on the the throne the party finds a small dusty room. It doesn’t seem like anyone has passed through here in many years with the thick dust and mold everywhere. There are Elven runes on the walls. Saedellas reads them, “Few will mourn the passage of Jerlan the Bookless. May he be forgiven his folly.”

The adventuring group opens a room filled with stale air. They cover their faces and let fresher air enter the portal before entering. There is stone rubble on the floor and it looks like the northeast corner of the chamber has collapsed. After a very long hallway, the group comes to a room where the air is freezing. Everyone feels uneasy; they have the sense of some unseen evil. When some of the party approaches the door across the chamber, a vague man-figure appears behind Silvaris. It grabs ahold of him and begins to feed on his life energy. Silvaris’ friends leap to his aid and manage to destroy the evil wraith. Silvaris is weak but thankfully he has survived the touch of the dead spirit. Under a loose flagstone, Corthen finds a 6’ deep pit with a strongchest in it. Cortonas and Corthen remove the chest and add the spoils to the packs and sacks the group carries.

The group exits the wraith’s chamber and come to another throne room. This one is an ivory throne for a giant or some other titanic creature. Uldred manages to fall into a pit trap. It is a shaft filled with large webs and giant spiders which rush towards him. Corthen springs into action throwing a rope down and making the others lower him down. Corthen cuts the dwarf free of the entangling webs but the dwarven priest falls down the shaft to a cave below. Corthen and Cortonas climb down to the cave to assist Uldred. The rest of the party use ranged attacks from above to help kill the spiders. Cortonas finds the husk of an adventurer in the webs along with bones of two other victims. After the climbers get back up, the group searches the throne and find an inscription carved into its back that no one can read, even Tellazar.

Later the group comes to a dead end passage and there is a message written on the wall with torch soot. It says in common, “Aghairon lives.” Erith tells the others that Aghairon was a wizard of power who lived for several hundred years and that he established the rulership of the Lords of Waterdeep in 1032 DR by defeating the last cruel Warlord of Waterdeep who had attempted to kill the wizard.

the party comes to a 20’ by 50’ chamber. It is empty except for a large black battle axe that Corthen adds to the party’s loot. The heroes comes to a locked door. They open the door and go inside. The room is different than the rest of the chambers nearby. The floor is packed clay and earth. Moss and fungus grow on the floor and walls. There is a small stream cutting through the room. It is a little cold in the chamber. Corthen finds a spike driven into the ground. He digs it out and finds a verdigris bronze box beneath the spike. Inside the box are silver coins and a dagger.

The explorers come to a room dominated by worn limestone statues. There are four of them. Two of the statues have runes on them. The one on the east wall says “Cortamm of Tybor” in Thorass and the one on the south wall says “King Jerlan Hameny I.” The group decides to pull back for rest and needed healing and secures an empty room for the night.

1st of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

The party is healed and ready to explore passages and rooms of the dungeon travel south. They enter a large open chamber where there is a smell of death and signs of recent battle. There are pools of sticky blood, two broken spears and a broken broad sword. There are no bodies present and no trail left by anyone to follow out of the other exits.

The party travels down a small hall with three stone doors. The west door connects to a hall. Cortonas listens to a door and can hear footsteps walking away on the other side of the door. Corthen opens the stone door and sees nothing. The room appears to be empty. The Circle of Valor hears chanting but doesn’t see anything. Suddenly Corthen, Vilnullas, Uldred, and Nolia fall to the ground unmoving. A disembodied voice in the room speaks,“Hold weapons!” A small shadowy figure drops from the ceiling. He is a black clad halfling with a scar on his cheek. His group comes out from under an invisibility spell. The two parties have previously met before. They are the Steadfast Order of Shortfellow Swashbucklers. The halflings think the Circle of Valor have been following them. They say that they set this ambush because some band has been stalking behind them for a day in the passages and chambers of Undermountain. Saedellas speaks up and assures Lyrantha Talltankard that is not the case. He tells them they have been recovering from wounds for the last two days and have only been exploring this day for several hours. Lyrantha and the others seem to accept the elven priest’s words and their illusionist removes his spell from Uldred and the others.

The two parties say their goodbyes and travel off in opposite directions. Checking a portal, Cortonas hears a low moan from behind a door to the east. He and Silvaris clear the the door. Behind the door are 16 zombies. The Circle of Valor charges into the room and put down the undead beings and move on to exploring the halls beyond.

The explorers come to a grand hall with a 40’ high ceiling. The stonework has been defaced. A human sized figure is crouched over what appears to be a strong box. Corthen hails the figure but gets no reply. The party thinks the man may be dead and approach him cautiously. It turns out to be a goblin and he is clearly deceased. Silvaris thinks the goblin set off a trap on the chest and was poisoned. Silvaris tries to pick the lock and gets pricked by a needle. Apparently the goblin got the dose of venom because the elven thief is not poisoned. Silvaris opens the strong box and finds 4 platinum coins inset with electrum and decorated with crescent moons. Tellazar tells the others that the coins are Harbor Moons, a coin minted in Waterdeep. He says that they are valuable in the city only; one Harbor Moon coin’s value is equal to 50 gold coins.

The group moves on and find a locked stone door along one passageway. Both thieves fail to turn the lock. The warriors all try to batter the door. Erith manages to break down the door after all other attempts to open it have failed. It is an eerie gigantic hall. There is something scratching around in the rubble behind stone guardians that stand three times the height of a man. There is a skeleton sitting on a throne in the room. The ceiling is so high that it is out of the range of the elves’ infravision. The statues come to life and attack the intruders.

The heroes battle the stone guardians in an intense struggle. After destroying the statues, the adventurers inspect the seated skeleton on the throne. It is a human skeleton draped in a faded cloak. In the hand of the skeleton, hidden under the cloak, is a 5’ long staff of wood. Silvaris finds a secret door along the south wall. The door is operated by a decoration on the throne.

There are piles of bone in this rough stone cavern. It is dark and has broken cobwebs on the ceiling. There is a narrow single file passage that drops slightly for every few feet you go. At the end of the passage is an open cavern with inky water covering the floor. In the center of the cavern is a stone sarcophagus protruding from the surface of the water. Saedellas loans Silvaris use of his ring allowing him to move over to the coffin walking on top of the black water. Humanoid creatures jump from under the water and claw at him. The heroes fight back and manage to kill some of the creatures. They collapse back into the water as bones.

The group retreats from the watery cave and the remaining undead creatures return back into the black lake. Corthen and the others formulate a plan to go back and fight the undead shapechangers. The plan helps the group prevail this time in battle. Inside the coffin are a heap of coins. The priests try to heal up Corthen’s wounds from the battle but they will not heal. Saedellas has to use a Heal scroll to heal the cuts to his flesh. The group decides to camp in the bedchamber room for the night in the hopes of regaining spells and getting some needed sleep.
Feast of the Moon 1364 Year of the Wave

The group spends this day healing up their wounds in Undermountain. Saedellas reminds everyone that the day is a day of remembrance. The group gathers in Ferdul’s tomb and they celebrate and honor the dead. They light candles and share stories of family and friends passed on. They honor the memory of their friend, Whitlowe the gnomish warrior, who died in these very underhalls. Afterwards, the party retires to the bedchamber room again before setting watches and getting some rest.

30th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

Erith tells the others that there was a man name Ferdul mentioned in Waterdeep’s past. He lived during the time of Amphail the Just, Warlord of Waterdeep around 935 DR. He speculates that the room they slept in is actually his tomb.

Erith says that Amphail the Just reigned during the second Trollwar, but his reign lasted only one year because he was killed during a battle against the trolls. His rule followed on from that of Gharl, successor to Nimoar, and he was succeeded by another five War Lords during the next twelve years. The bard shares that the village of Amphail is named after him, and some say his ghost is still said to walk the streets there.

Erith says that Amphail was the middle of three Caradoon brothers. The oldest brother was Renwick Caradoon, a noted wizard, and the youngest brother was Samular Caradoon. Amphail and Samular were both paladins in the service of Tyr.

Whether because of the mention of ghosts, the thought of sleeping in a tomb, or the desire for more comfortable quarters, the majority of the group decides to relocate to the bedchamber north of Ferdul’s chamber. Uldred and Saedellas continue healing prayers the rest of the day to aid the injured members of the party.

29th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

In the morning the girl has recovered, the group learns that her name is Maith and she is from the High Forest. She arrived in Waterdeep with her parents 3 days ago on the 26th of Uktar. During the night intruders slipped past the locked door and kidnapped the sleeping elf. Maith says that her family was staying at Maerghoun’s Inn in the Sea Ward. She tells the group that her parents are Tramlar and Enella Slenderbow.

The group travels to Maerghoun’s Inn and ask for her parents. The innkeeper summons a member of the city watch. The heroes explain to the watch captain that they rescued the elf from Undermountain and they let him speak to Maith. Her parents arrive back at the the inn and thank her rescuers. Tramlar Slenderbow is very greatful and promises to reward each member in the near future. The group says their goodbyes to the elves and decide to return to the dungeon today.

Uldred leads the group into the Yawning Portal. In the taproom a number of the patrons are drinking and making wagers on a group descending into the well. Corthen decides to try and get into some of the gambling and makes several boasts to the gamblers. One burly moneylender, Julas Bergstrom, challenges Corthen and they make a bet for 100 gp that his party will stay at least a week and head east in the dungeon. The gamblers require the party show them their map to prove what areas they have already explored and agree to show them the updated map when the adventurers come back out. The moneylender says this is to prevent the group from holing up in a sealed room facing little risk of death. Julas says that either the party will return early or the will lose at least one member in the seven day period.

The group descends into Undermountain and make their way into the eastern passages. Exploring several long hallways, Cortonas hears some snarling behind the party down a turning hallway but nothing else is seen or heard. The group travels up one flight of short stairs. Turning a corner in the passage, Corthen and Vilnullas fall into a pit trap and the stone floor closes behind them. Tellazar and Saedellas yell at the trapped members beneath the floor and they respond. Nolia tries triggering the trap again by walking out onto that section of floor but either she is not heavy enough to trigger its opening or the pit has now locked. Vilnullas tells the party the pit is deep and filled with spikes but they only suffered minor injuries. The frustrated rescue party gives up searching for a trigger and decides to break their way through the stone floor. Once the dwarf breaks away enough of the stone, Silvaris and Erith lower lines down and then the group pulls the warriors up with the ropes. Uldred heals them and the group resumes its exploration.

At the end of one hall is a shimmering wall of light. Bats fly out of a door to the east that the party has opened. Behind it the party finds a set of stairs leading down. Not wishing to descend to a lower level the group retreats and closes the door. Across the hallway Silvaris finds that the reinforced wooden door is trapped. He manages to trigger the trapped door, it opens really fast and spikes emerge from the door face and smash into the hall. The door moves to close again on its own, but Silvaris the rogue manages to hold the door open with a pry bar and can see a room behind the portal. Cortonas and Uldred enter the room while Silvaris and Corthen keep the door open with their prybars. In the center of the room is a broken table that is severely rotted with several chairs scattered around. Cortonas thinks this may have been a meeting hall. In the rubble he finds a brass cup and a tarnished silver necklace. The dwarven priest and the human rogue check out an adjoining chamber. The smaller room contains human bones scattered along the floor. Uldred and Cortonas exit the meeting room and rejoin the others.

The adventuring group approaches the shimmering wall and examine it. The barrier is magical and gives off a soft glow of light. Saedellas says his sixth sense prayer, afterwards he filled with an ill foreboding if the party attempts to engage the magic here. The servant of Corellon speaks to the others and warns them that he does think the shimmering wall of light is a thing for them to probe further. The others agree to let the wall alone.

The party backtracks and descends the short flight of stairs. Silvaris and Cortonas check door giving it an inspection for hidden traps. Finding none, Vilnullas opens the door to a room that looks like a bedroom with rotted furniture and bedding, but the floor appears to be swept clean. The group continues south and finds a locked door which Silvaris picks. It has a 15 foot ceiling and a tapestry that goes from the floor to 12’ up. It is of a hunting scene and is faded. A 2 foot spider drops down on Tellazar but it dies before it has a chance to bite him. A check behind the tapestry finds nothing of interest to the group.

Vilnullas opens another door along the hall that opens into a larger area. It is a big campsite. There is a 6’ tall staff with a human skull mounted to the top. It is propped up on the wall. The skull is painted orange and has Ferdul the Fabulous written on it. The walls in the chamber are covered in graffiti. “Faeries freedom will doom you.” “I love Ferdul.” “Beware the metal mage!” “Rest in peace…Ferdul Olizeen,” in Thorass. “This tomb is the holy site of the nightwalker.” “All pay respect to the dead. They see all.” “The halls of Meilarkin shall be reclaimed. Rengar Stormbeard, Blood of King Angargrim.” “The treasure lies below near the temple.”

The hallway west opens into a large room. It is empty except for a metal plate on the wall with three levers. Silvaris checks for traps and then pushes the west one up. A blue mist fills the air in the room. It is very poisonous. The group uses the last of their healing spells and retreats back to spend the night in Ferdul’s room.

28th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

Erith has discovered some information on the mermaid platemail that was found in the ghast burial chamber. He says that it belonged to Warrior, Thorblos the Wavehammer, and that he lived in Waterdeep 150 years ago.

The nine members of the Circle of Valor gather together for a new expedition into the Underhalls. Corthen leads the party west into halls they have not mapped. Down a hall they see a light slowly moving towards them. Cortonas sneaks up to investigate and sees two men. One of them is wielding a long sword. Corthen moves forward and the light goes out. He hails the unknown party and they respond. Corthen learns it is Delphar and Zaras, a duo the party encountered several months ago. They tell the group not to head down the way they came because of the hallway is full of traps. Corthen thanks them and heeding their advice changes direction.

The adventurers come to a unique chamber. The north wall has a large face carved into it and it stares directly across the room. Vilnullas finds a secret door. A small stone on the south wall triggers the secret door and it connects to a room which leads back to an area they have already explored. Corthen finds a large detached claw lying on the floor.

Searching another nearby room Saedellas finds a secret door and a small stone which activates the door. The hidden passage comes to a room with five orc warriors. There are engravings covering the walls. The orcs want a fight and the party is happy to oblige. Silvaris takes some orcish manufacture caltrops from the spoils. Cortonas finds some knuckle bones and coins on the floor. Apparently the orcs were gambling when the heroes interrupted them. Tellazar and Uldred spend 40 minutes looking over the engravings carved into the walls and discover that they are mage spells; hold portal, light and an unfamiliar spell named arcane sensitivity.

Down a hall the explorers come to a large chamber lit with torches. There is a massive spider idol in a rearing position in the room. It has gems for eyes. Two drow guards stand watch at the doorway arch. There is a moon elf woman tied between the spider idols legs. Large spiders descend on the elf and the heroes rush to her aid. In the the battle, the party dispatches the drow warriors and managed to kill a large number of spiders. Corthen is angry that more drow are not present as he feels the large buckler-sized spiders are not worth dirtying his blades with. The other members cajole him into aiding them in destroying the remaining spiders and help them free the young elven lady.

Silvaris and Saedellas free the elven prisoner and try to talk to her but she is disoriented from spider poison in her body. Saedellas tends the girl while Corthen and the rogues loot the drow and search the spider idol. Silvaris finds a room inside the thorax of the spider accessed thru a panel behind the altar that was near where the elf was held. There is a keyhole in the panel and Silvaris easily picks it. A large spider with insect wings flies out and attacks the party. Uldred and Corthen fiercely attack the creature and the others join in. They kill the flying spider. Inside the compartment, Cortonas finds an ivory coffer with 3 scrolls inside. Corthen and Silvaris, who had been bitten in the initial spider fight, begin to feel the effects of the spider toxin in their bodies. The rest of the party aids the stricken elves as well as the elf girl and head back to the well. Adama Miiralln, priest of Tymora, examines the three and determines that they have all been poisoned, but will recover in time without need for any herbs or antidotes. The group retires to the manor house with the girl.

28th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes spend the morning inspecting their plunder to see if any of it is enchanted. Tellazar learns that several items of plunder are magical. He also finds that the top of the staff is hollow and has a tightly rolled parchment inside the cavity. The group examines the documents and learns that they are clerical magic spells. Corthen takes his broken armor to the Halls of Hilmer again. The armorsmiths inform him that it is going to take two weeks to repair his ancient elven made platemail armor.

The group agrees to take time to train their skills, learn new spells, and learn how to fight with unfamiliar weapons. The party agrees to spend the months of Marpenoth and Uktar in training. The warriors seek out martial training with Ulreth the Blademaster. Uldred and Saedellas spend time at the Plinth at their respective shrines praying to their Gods and offering to serve those powers in a greater capacity. Erith spends time performing music and swapping songs and tales with other bards coming into Waterdeep. The two rogues seek out a local retired thief who can help them in their skills with doors and traps. Tellazar spends time with Irethina of the Watchful Order of Wizards. She tutors him in new spells and discusses the use of the art with him.

27th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes arrived back in Waterdeep the previous day and made plans to re-enter Undermountain. The group descends the well and heads back to the burial chamber where they had cornered the Jester and defeated him in combat. A search of the chamber does not produce the dead fool who has plagued them for many months. Cortonas notices there is a two-handed sword resting atop the sarcophagus. Silvaris moves close to inspect the area for hidden traps. As he approaches, an enchanted mouth appears on top of the tomb and speaks, “Take the sword. It is yours, the Flame of the North, but death is near.”

Nolia notices there are scratches on the east floor near the coffin. It appears as if the coffin had been moved. Tellazar translates the inscription in Thorass on the base of the coffin. “Here lies King Arthangh, son of Meirra, Lord of Emberden. He should not have fallen.”
Vilnullas grabs the sword. The large twohanded sword ignites with a cold blue flame. The flames go out when the sword is sheathed or when let go. Vilnullas discovers that the flames on the sword are but an illusion. Several of the stronger adventurers open the coffin to find a human skeleton inside but nothing more. Corthen, Erith, Uldred, Vilnullas, and Nolia slide the coffin across the floor and discover an empty storage cavity underneath.

The party comes to a magical curtain of darkness and Saedellas seeks divine prayer from Corellon. He warns the others that to cross the rippling curtain of utter blackness filled him with impending doom. Not wishing to die a horrible death, possibly like poor Whitlowe, the elven priest steers the party away from the dark area.

Traveling south, the party comes to a huge 30’ by 30’ room filled with a one and a half foot layer of fog that clings to the floor. As they enter the fog, the party members can hear crunching underfoot. Upon closer inspection, Corthen learns the floor is covered in small bones and many species of beetles and bugs crawling around in a greyish-white goopy substance.
The groups come to another larger chamber 30’ by 40’. There is a tabletop attached to the east wall with a man painted on its surface obviously used for thrown dagger practice. Otherwise, the room is empty. A thorough search finds several bat bones which leads Sadellas to believe the goop in the other chamber was bat guano. Corthen and Vilnullas pry the table from the wall and find nothing.

The group come to a barred door. The bar is raised and the door opened. Inside is a crypt with almost two dozen stone sarcophagi. The group enters in search of treasure. Vilnullas’ blade speaks to his mind saying, “Strike, strike, strike!” The door suddenly slams shut and they all hear the bar drop back into place locking the entire party in the tomb. A host of ghasts and ghouls leap out and attack intending to eat. A very bloody battle ensues.
Corthen’s breastplate is damaged by the claws of one of the ghasts. Many of the party are nauseous from the stench of the ghasts and have difficulty in weilding their weapons with much success. Half of the party ends up paralyzed from the creatures filthy nails, but the Circle of Valor manage to claw out a victory once again.

Ghouls gone wild

Silvaris and Cortonas check the sarcophagi for traps. One stone coffin has a suit of plate mail with mermaids engraved upon it and some coins. Another cache contains a ceramic flask and a bronze trident. There is also a bone tube which has the deed to a house in Neverwinter and a priest scroll. One other sarcophagus has a box with some parchment in it. Silvaris examines the writings and goes blind. Tellazar teleports to the other side of the door using his ring and removes the bar and opens it.

The wounded adventurers head out of Undermountain. The Tymoran priestess, Lamras Kholl, at the Yawning Portal is able to cure Silvaris of his blindness. The group buy drinks at the Yawning Portal and spends the rest of the day healing up and being ever watchful for sign of the Jester’s return.

24th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventurers of the Circle of Valor begin the return trip to Waterdeep after failing to find the elusive creature known as the Jester. Both Corthen and Cortonas feel the effects of too much wine. Neither man looks well and the first few hours of riding seem to pain them but eventually their hangovers end and Erith takes to singing from the saddle once it is clear such ‘noise’ won’t result in curses from the duo. Several others join in the songs and the spirits of the party seem lifted after such disappointment in losing the Jester’s remains through some magic.


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