Guardians of the Past

24th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar studies the tome given to the party by a grateful Rober Moonstar. The spellbook is mostly empty with blank pages but he finds Comprehend Languages and Tenser’s Floating Disc in it.

23rd of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar continues his identifications of the recent items gained. Erith gets a wand of magic missiles with eight charges. Nolia gets a chainmail shirt that bears a protection magic. There is another boat race today, but no one from the party decides to watch. Instead Erith performs two shows at the Misty Beard Tavern in the North Ward. Corthen spends the evening at the Elfstone drinking elverquisst and talking with Neereena. Uldred spends his last night with Embra of Citadel Adbar. She leaves in the morning with a caravan bound for Silverymoon.

22nd of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar begins to identify the enchanted items the group took from Sniff’s gang as well as the items Rober Moonstar gave them as a reward for successfully returning all of the stolen items. Silvaris gets a cloak of protection and a bag of holding. Saedellas gets a short sword of lightning. Cortonas gets boots of Elvenkind. Erith gets a silver amulet with a pair of feminine eyes surrounded by seven stars which allows him to turn undead creatures as a priest.

Some of the party takes a date out on the ‘Sea Sprite’ to watch the ship races. Quallis Harrim accompanies Saedellas, Terleeza Orthoom goes with Silvaris, Pelordan Silvercrown accompanies Nolia.Neereena Stormcrown accompanies Corthen and Janella Soundinghorn accompanies Erith. The noble Olbrinter family of wins the ship race. Captain Kesro tells his passengers that the Olbrinters are shipwrights, and build good but expensive ships.

21st of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Erith, Uldred, Vilnullas, Cortonas, and Corthen go to Feldar’s Pawn Shop looking for the stolen Moonstar items. While the others look around the shop, Uldred talks to Callie Feldar, the shopkeeper. The dwarf’s question seem to bother the halfling. She appears nervous and when Uldred and Corthen ask her if she has seen the sextant or the the cloak pin. Callie says she has not seen the items. She tells Uldred to try the Thirsty Throat, she has heard that a fence may frequent the place.

Meanwhile, Nolia, Silvaris, Saedellas, and Tellazar go to see Gelfuril the Trader and look around. The warehouse that Gelfuril occupies is crammed with old wares, some have seen better days. Silvaris approaches the stout little man and asks him if he has seen a nice sextant or any jewelry. Gelfuril tells Silvaris he hasn’t seen any jewelry. He tells him that he trades and sells most anything but it is typically items people use like tables, anchors, or pottery. Nolia uses her enchanted ring while listening to the shopkeeper. She doesn’t detect any lies from the proprietor. He suggests visiting Kovic’s Bazaar, as he deals in art objects.

The two parties meet back up at the Dripping Dagger. Silvaris suggests they check out Kovic’s. The party travels to the market and enter the shop. Kovic is a human male with short brown hair, clean shaven and shabby clothes. He greets the heroes and asks if they are looking for anything in particular. Tellazar tells the shopkeeper that they are looking for nice comb sets or stick pins to give as gifts. The shopkeeper shows the mage several stickpins. Meanwhile the others search the shelves crowded with a bizarre mix of goods. Fine crystal vases can be found next to dented copper pots. The display shelves are so full that it is hard to see individual items.

The party keeps looking and uncovers some of the missing items. Vilnullas finds the bell and Cortonas finds the flute. Erith finds the mirror. Corthen and Silvaris threaten to call the City Watch on Kovic. They demand he turn over the sextant and the other missing items. The shopkeeper freaks out and he begs the group to not have him arrested. He tells them that he does not have a sextant. Corthen asks him where he got the stolen items from. He says he bought the items from Sniff. Silvaris asks where can he find Sniff. He is told at Halgar’s Boots in the Dock Ward. Kovic gives the party all the items except the sextant which he swears he never saw. He describes Sniff as a human male in his late 20’s with black hair and a thin build approximately 5’7” tall. The party secures the decanter, stickpin, and other Moonstar items in a locked chest back at the mansion before leaving for Halgar’s Boots.

Tellazar casts invisibility on Cortonas. Cortonas, Silvaris, Tellazar and Nolia go inside while the rest of the group circles the building outside. Silvaris asks Halgar if he has seen Sniff. The bootmaker denies knowing anyone named Sniff. Nolia tells Silvaris that the man is lying. After a lot of threats from Silvaris and Tellazar, he admits that Sniff comes in every day and has already been there today. He says if they let him leave, he can deliver Sniff this very day. The members present agree and he shows them a covered trap door in the floor that he whispers leads down to Sniff’s hideout. Nolia escorts Halgar out of the store and motions for the others to come inside. Silvaris checks the trapdoor and finds that the door is trapped with a fine wire but he disarms it before opening it.

The party goes down stone stairs into a large cellar that is 20’ tall and nearly 80’ long. There are strange glowing blue lines and glowing blue discs on the floor in the corners. As the party reaches the floor they find themselves in an ambush. A halfling jumps out of the shadows and stabs Silvaris in the back. The halfling is cut down quickly before he gets another chance to strike again. Sniff’s gang outnumbers the party and they fire arrows, throw daggers, and one member is firing a wand of magic missiles from cover. Sniff even looses a number of giant rats onto the party. The heroes are seriously wounded in the engagement but they have killed the rats and most of Sniff’s followers. After a long, precarious fight, Sniff agrees to parley. He agrees to tell his attackers everything if they agree to let him and the other surviving gang members go. The party agrees if he promises to never come back to Waterdeep. He says a gnome named Orlam Riverstone hired him to steal the sextant. Orlam is staying at the Gentle Rest Inn in the Trades Ward above River Street near the Court of the White Bull. The party disarms Sniff and the other thugs. They gather up their spoils and escort them to the River Gate warning them not to return or they will bring them to justice.

The group heals up before it heads to the Gentle Rest. Saedellas talks to the innkeeper, a tall man dressed richly like a noble. The innkeeper isn’t helpful but the heroes find Orlam’s room anyway. Cortonas, Vilnullas, Silvaris, and Erith wait outside watching the exits and the rest of the party head up to his room. Two gnome guards wait outside the door in the hall. They pull weapons when the party tries to move past them. Tellazar uses magic to stun the guards. From inside the room the sound of glass shattering can be heard. Corthen kicks down the door and finds himself facing two giant lizards. The gnome is nowhere to be seen but a rope is tied off and hanging out the broken window. The two guard lizards appear to be blocking Orlam’s retreat and they lunge at Nolia and Corthen. After a few swordblows both lizards are dead. Corthen runs to the window and looks out. He sees Cortonas and Vilnullas standing in the alley looking up at him. They tell him that they saw no one exit through the window after it was broken and a rope tossed out.

Tellazar and Saedellas begin searching the room for the gnome. Corthen threatens to swing his sword around the room unless Orlam surrenders himself. A voice tells the elf to sheath his sword and he will do so. The gnome appears from thin air, likely cloaked by magic. He offers the sextant and information in return for his safe passage out of Waterdeep. He says he is a proctor hired by a tall man in a hooded cloak in Scornubel. He never got the man’s name, but Orlam says the purpose of the theft was obviously to shame the head of the Moonstar family. He was to take the sextant to Loudwater near the High Forest. He gives Uldred the sextant and a torn piece of paper to use as identification.

The City Guard shows up and investigates the disturbance. The party members get questioned and their stories do not match so everyone is taken by the Watch before a Magister. Magister Colmrose makes the party pay 60 gold to the Gentle Rest for repairs to Orlam’s room and 500 gold fine to the City for breaking the law. The party pays all of its fines. They meet with Geth and tell him to donate their pay to the Temple of Oghma. Geth takes them to meet Rober and to return the Moonstar items. A very grateful Rober serves his guests 200 year old wine from Amn. He presents the party with a chain shirt, an amulet and a tome. He also tells them they may call upon him directly in the future if they should ever need his aid. The tired party thanks him and departs for some well earned rest.

20th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Corthen wishes for the group to work together today. He says he learned of some places yesterday during his search that he wishes to investigate. He wants to travel several places primarily located in the Dock Ward. Corthen suggests the group begin in late afternoon so as to blend in with most of the Fleetswake revelers.

In the afternoon the party travels to the Blue Mermaid Tavern in the Dock Ward. It is very clean and seems fairly respectable. Corthen speaks to Mother Jalyth, the proprietress. He tells her that he is wishing to buy a nice antique sextant for his collection of artifacts. The old woman tells him she will send sellers to him, if anyone has one. As the group is leaving, Silvaris complains quietly about the bad wine. Erith tells him he should try the ale next time, he swears that it is very good.

Darkness falls and Saedellas and Nolia pull out enchanted light stones to illuminate their way. On the way to the Hanged Man Tavern the heroes come upon an angry crowd gathered outside the Sleeping Serpent Tavern. The party can see a well dressed couple in the center of the disturbance. The young male is being pushed around. The young woman is crying so Corthen and his companions intervene. After breaking up the fight, A patrol of the City Watch shows up and question everyone. The young man with the torn clothing and bloody nose is Silern Sultlue, a member of the Sultlue noble family of the North Ward. The young woman is Dala Silmerhelve of the Silmerhelve noble family of the Sea Ward. The guards detain the aggressors who attacked Silern and give the party a warning not to be getting into any more street brawls. The two nobles are released by the Watch. Dala is appreciative that the group rescued them. Silern is an arrogant jerk and flips Vilnullas a silver piece as he is leaving as thanks for their aid. The young Sultlue noble almost is attacked by several members of the Circle of Valor for this action, but several of the calmer heads prevail and redirect the angry adventurers back to the search for the stolen goods.

Corthen wishes to enter the Sleeping Serpent. It is very busy. The crowd appears to be alot of sailors and dockhands. There are female table dancers; some of the dancing ladies are half-orc, and a couple appear to be half-elven. A brawl breaks out in the place and the group decides they should avoid any more trouble and leave as quickly as they can.

The group heads to the Bloody Fist Tavern. It is crowded and has no real furniture. People stand, lean on the wall, or at the bar. A beefy man grabs Vilnullas’ shoulder and tells him he should get his pretty elf faced scarred. Vilnullas prepares to take out the angry drunk. A red bearded man walks up to Silvaris and tells him the group should leave. Apparently this is a place where bullies come just to pick fights. So the group exits the dive and heads to the Thirsty Throat.

The group makes their way up Slut Street to the tavern. The Thirsty Throat Tavern is an old wooden building that looks as if it will fall down into the street. The party enters the crowded and dark taproom. The bartender, ‘Fists’, looks like a huge fat toad. Silvaris tells ‘Fists’ he is looking for a broker. After giving the bartender several gold coins, he points him to a booth occupied by a well dressed moon elf. Corthen and Tellazar approach the moon elf with black hair and violet eyes and introduce themselves. He gives his name as Tikillias. Corthen tells him he is looking for a sextant. Tikillias is sarcastic and his attitude begins to grate on Corthen’s nerves. Tellazar speaks up and tells the broker that the sextant they are looking for is a specific antique sextant. Tikillias appears to be aware they are seeking the stolen items from the Moonstar Villa. Tellazar lays out 10 gold coins onto the table. The elven broker makes the coins disappear with the quick move of his hand. He tells Tellazar to speak with Gelfuril the Trader or Kovic at Kovic’s Bazaar in the market. The mage thanks him and the group exits the Thirsty Throat. On our way back to the mansion in the North Ward, Saedellas spots movement on the rooftops that appears to follow the party for some distance. The elven priest quietly informs the group they are being shadowed. Silvaris and Cortonas try to get up on a roof to find out out who is spying on them. The two rogues get atop a rowhouse but can find no trace of their shadow. The party gets back to the residence without further trouble and turn in for the night.

19th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

The entire adventuring party is briefed on the meeting with Geth Stormlight yesterday evening at the Dripping Dagger. Corthen explains that the mission they have been hired for is recover items stolen from the Moonstar Villa in Waterdeep. Geth has asked for discretion to keep the elderly Moonstars from learning that a family heirloom has been stolen from the residence. Saedellas explains that if the party can find the items before the Sea Festival, Rober Moonstar will be able to display the family sextant during the Moonstar Sea Festival celebration and will be still be the heir to lead the family in the future. Saedellas hands out written descriptions of the missing items and tells his friends that they should split up into small groups and try and to locate the stolen goods.

Corthen and Saedellas go to the Temple of Oghma to speak with Geth. Corthen asks Geth if he can get them into the Moonstar Villa so that they can look for clues at the scene of the crime. The scholar tells the elves that he cannot take them to the Moonstar Villa without Rober’s Uncle learning of it and likely finding out about the missing sextant. He tells them that they will have to find another way to recover the items without a trip to the Moonstar residence.

Silvaris, Uldred and Cortonas go to Felzoun’s Folly. Silvaris’ tells the the two that his street contact in the city has told him that Heljara at Felzoun’s sells information. Uldred tells Felzoun that he is looking for Heljara. The tavern owner points to a female in the back of the dark taproom. The trio approach the dwarven female and ask her if they may join her. She grants them a seat. Silvaris asks her if she has information about missing items. He states they are looking specific items recently lost in the city. One of the items is a sextant. Heljara flirts with Cortonas. He turns bright red and tries to excuse himself by leaving the table. The female dwarf cautiously says she may know something, but cannot recall anything. Silvaris finally catches on that she wants to paid before she talks further. Cortonas and Uldred are confused by the conversation but eventually Silvaris slides 10 gold coins on the table for some information. She tells them to check out Saku at the Crawling Spider. Heljara winks at Cortonas and asks him if he wants to stay and keep her company while the others go see Saku. She tells him that she can think of several things they can do to stay busy while his friends are gone. The human rogue stutters something and walks away fast nearly tripping up the stairs to the street.

Returning to the manor house, Cortonas informs the others that he will stay behind here to relay messages to the groups going out. Nolia joins Silvaris and Uldred for a trip to the Crawling Spider Tavern in the Castle Ward. Silvaris goes in first by himself. The taproom is busy with revelers celebrating Fleetswake. Silvaris orders a drink and bribes the bartender to learn if Saku is there. The barkeep points him to a hearty half-orc dressed in dark blue. The trio approach Saku. They ask him if they can buy him a drink and talk. The boisterous half-orc accepts their offer. Silvaris does the talking. He slips some of his trade tongue into the conversation to see if he can learn if Saku knows the cant of thieves. The half-orc smiles displaying his tusks. He replies to the elven rogue in thieves cant telling him that he will do business with them if they best him in a match of arm wrestling.

Silvaris explains to the dwarf what was said. Uldred accepts the challenge and he beats Saku at arm wrestling. Saku tells that there is an elf in a yellow cloak in the back who may know something or he says to try Feldar’s Pawnshop. Nolia approaches the moon elf in the back of the taproom. He is drinking wine. Nolia asks him if he she can buy information. The elf looks at her suspiciously and tells her that he is neither a fence nor a broker. Silvaris tells Saku that if he hears anything he should leave a message at the Dripping Dagger for him.

Uldred goes to the Brass Boat pawn shop to look for the items. He talks with Yanna, the owner. He does not find any of the stolen items and Yanna seems to be repesctable from their talk. Silvaris and Nolia go back to Felzoun’s Folly. Heljara flirts with Silvaris. Silvaris puts his hand on her leg. The information broker teases the elf not to start something he isn’t prepared to finish.

16th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Saedellas closes a deal for a two story wattle and daub home in the South Ward. He and Corthen travel to see Essimuth to get the guards they hired for their homes. Saedellas hires five human guards, Corthen hires a half-elf male and five human guards.

15th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Corthen takes possession of his home in the Castle Ward. The two story wooden house is two stories with a cellar and a slate roof. It lies six doors east of the Asp’s Strike Tavern.

13th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar finishes with the identifications of the bows. Silvaris, Corthen, Erith, and Vilnullas go shopping at various shops in the city. Corthen is seeking to gain general information of the city and learn more about the city’s history. The group visits Dandalus “Fire Eye” Ruelle. He is the proprietor of the Old Xoblob Shop which is named for the stuffed beholder that decorates the establishment. Corthen learns that Dandalus killed the beholder by himself in Tashluta.

The quartet make their way to the Beer Golem Tavern in the Adventurer’s Quarter of the South Ward. Quallos Myntion is the proprietor and his homebrew is called Golden Banks Lager. Corthen talks with Quallos and learns of a nearby shop that piques the elven warrior’s interest.

Corthen leads his companions down the street to a shop, Essimuth’s Equipment, that sells miscellaneous adventure gear. The shoppers talk to Essimuth Lanys, the owner. He has a patch covering his right eye and has a pegleg from his right knee down. Corthen learns he is an ex-adventurer. He was a member of the Knights of the Sword Coast, a retired group based from Waterdeep. Corthen asks Essimuth if he has ever ventured into Undermountain. The shopkeeper admits that he has; he states that an owlbear in Halaster’s Halls jumped out of a niche and mauled him while he was scouting for his party. When asked, he states that it was on the 6th level down in Undermountain.

Corthen asks Essimuth if he can aid him in getting some guards for his house and Saedellas who is also buying a house. Essimuth is puzzled at why the heroes continue adventuring when they obviously have enough wealth to retire from the adventuring life and live very well. Corthen admits that several members of the party are seeking hidden magic somehwere in Undermountain. Essimuth tells Corthen and Saedellas that he can speak to a friend who can get them trustworthy guards for their abodes. Corthen and the shopkeeper discuss some more about his days in Undermountain and he tells quartet where the descending stairs to the 2nd level of Undermountain are. The heroes thank Essimuth and depart.

The quartet visit the Bowels of the Earth Tavern. At the Bowels of the Earth Corthen learns of a wizard who is known to brew potions. He decides to find the mage named Kappiyan who makes potions but is really hard to deal with. Corthen leads the others to the mage’s home. The elf speaks to the old wizard, but walks away empty handed when he irritates the old man and is asked to leave by the wizard’s young female apprentice.

10th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar begins casting identifies on the bows and staff gifted to the party by Tramlar Slenderbow. He learns that each weapon bears an enchantment to aid the wielder’s aim. He also learns that the bows and staff bear a Faerie Fire that illuminates upon command giving the bearer a soft light when needed.


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