Guardians of the Past

8th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The group heads back to the Underhalls. They search unexplored passages near the Drow Temple looking for the Jester. Silvaris hears metal scraping from behind a door in a passage off of the throne room. Vilnullas opens the stone portal and is greeted by a large hall filled with bugbears. The group engages the creatures with spells and blades. Some of the bugbears flee from the room. The only bugbears that remain are either dead or slumbering from a Sleep spell. Nolia and Uldred dispatch the bugbears that are not yet dead.

In another room Corthen opens a door to find four goblins playing dice and one big goblin guarding the door. The large goblin grabs Corthen in a bear hug and then morphs into grayish amorphous being. Corthen is held tight and is being squeezed by his foe. The rest of the party engages the goblins and the gray being. The party rescue their friend from the clutches of the shapeshifting creature and dispatch the goblins. Tellazar learns that one of the die that the goblins had bears some type of enchantment. The adventurers gather their goblin spoils and retreat to the storeroom the sometimes use for camping.

7th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar finishes casting Identify on the items the group recently gained. One of the items recovered from the Drow priestess appears to be a Netherese Blast Scepter which is very rare. Tellazar takes it to Irethina at the Watchful Order because he had some trouble identifying all of its functions. He also wants to learn if the scepter can be replenished with magical energy from the weave.

6th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar begins identifying the magic items recovered from the dungeon.

4th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The group returns to finish searching the long hall where they recovered Whitlowe and fought the Drow priestess and her cadre of guards. Vilnullas finds a parchment lying on the floor that reads, “Watch for tail by falling stair, Follow it to empty air. Around nothing once and then turn back west towards tail again. All side ways spurn turn right to air again. If of life ye are fond. Ye will win the way beyond. Sinister wrong, dexter right, Follow on, to the light.”
The group studies the riddle of the parchment and while doing so the loud booming voice repeats its dire warning once again, “Doom! Doom takes us all!”

The party decides to return to the surface so that Tellazar can study the items taken from the Drow and learn their powers. The group encounters a small band of goblins on their return trip to the well chamber, but they flee when they see the well armed band moving towards them in the halls. Uldred bangs on the shields to get a rope lowered from the taproom 140’ above. The group pays their coins to Durnan and walks back to Silvaris’ mansion in the North Ward.

Once everyone has gotten out of armor and made their way to the kitchen for a meal, Cortonas tells his friends he has some news. He tells his companions that he plans on retiring from the life of an adventurer. He tells them that he has had too many brushes with death and he believes that he would be happier working around people than being pursued by undead and becoming one. Cortonas shares that he was offered a job in a pawnshop during the search for the Moonstar heirlooms. The rogue pulls out his enchanted boots that allow him to move quietly and presents them to Silvaris. Cortonas tells his friend that he no longer has a need for them since he will be appraising bracelets and jeweled daggers for a living. Silvaris thanks his friend for the gift and tells him that he will miss his help when it comes to disabling those deadly traps. The group’s meal turns into a small party with ale and wine flowing the rest of the evening until even Uldred stumbled off to bed before dawn.

3rd of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes travel to Piergeiron’s Palace to report to the Lords of Waterdeep. Once inside they are stripped of their weapons and enchanted items. They inform one of the palace advisors that they have information for the Lords. The guards place them in a holding room. After waiting an hour two robed Lords enter the chamber. They ask the party what news they have to share. Silvaris tells the Lords that all of the women are dead, sacrificed to the Drow at their temple. The thief says that they did recover Kilmara’s body, but a huge spider appears to have consumed the other two victims. The other Lord asks about the Jester. Corthen speaks up and informs the masked Lords that unfortunately the Jester ambushed him and got away. He tells them he will not rest until the Jester is destroyed. He tells them the group plans to descend again today and hunt for the undead fool.

The party gathers their equipment and walks to the Yawning Portal. They pay Durnan his fee and are lowered back into the depths of Undermountain. The party moves straight to the Drow Temple. There is no activity and the decide to search the areas nearby hoping to find the Jester and Whitlowe’s remains.

Down one passage the group encounters a wall of flames. They study it and try to bypass it but are unsuccessful. Another passage south of the Temple is filled with a familiar black curtain of darkness. Expecting a dangerous gravity well Corthen sticks his 10’ pole into the darkness and black spikes fly out of the blackness. Corthen is hit in the leg by a spike and someone calls him a death magnet because if he does something, all the danger usually is centered on him. The party chooses to leave the curtain of darkness alone.

The group decides to check a passage north of the Drow Temple. They come to a huge chamber with two rows of 26 stone seats on each side of the hall. A loud disembodied voice booms, “Doom, doom takes us all.” Silvaris and Cortonas check the thrones for traps and anything else of interest. The deceased occupants appear to have been looted ages ago. The swordbelts have been cut, and neckchains broken on the dessicated remains. On one of the thrones the rogues discover Whitlowe’s remains and armor. The party takes his remains and gear for reburial.

As they are leaving the hall they run into a band of Drow with a female leader. There are nine of them in all. These are the Drow that Kilmara’s spirit told them about. A pitched battle breaks out. The female Drow uses a short rod that she points at the party and blasts them with. Many of the heroes are knocked down and wounded. Erith manages to cast a grease spell beneath the feet of some of the Drow. The party wins a narrow victory in this battle against these Drow. The heroes search the drow for magic and treasure before traveling to a secure room for some healing and sleep.

2nd of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Saedellas prays to Corellon and asks for a healing to repair Corthen’s head injury. Corthen’s broken skull is healed by the divine power and his life is saved.

1st of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Saedellas uses a prayer to mind read the drow prisoner to gain knowledge of recent events he has witnessed. Saedellas sees images of a giant spider devouring a woman wrapped in spider silk as well as an image of the drained remains of a third woman’s body. The elven priest also sees an image of the jester, it seems that he has had contact with the Drow and he sees an image of the altar room.

Saedellas shares the news that the Jester has been aiding the Drow and that all of the kidnapped women are dead, sacrificed to a giant spider. Corthen becomes incensed and tells his comrades that the Drow guard is an evil murderer and he needs to pay for his crimes. He tells them he will take care of him now. No one stops the warrior. He places his longsword between the Drow’s neck and his collarbone and slides the blade down swiftly. Uldred preserves the bodies of the dead Drow to keep them from stinking up the campsite.

Corthen decides that he needs to search the altar room some more. He tells the others to stay back in the hallway leading to the Drow Temple and await his call to enter the room. Corthen checks the altar and finds nothing. He then carefully opens the hidden compartment that is located in the giant spider idol that dominates the chamber. Just as he opens the door to the compartment to peer in, the blade of a longsword stabs the elven treasure hunter in the head and he lets out a gurgled scream before collapsing onto the flagstone floor unmoving.

Uldred rushes into the room and he catches a glimpse of the garish clothing and he can hear the jingling bells of the undead creature known as the Jester as he flees north. The party rushes into the chamber. The two priests check over their fallen friend. His is alive, but Uldred says that his skull is broken from the blade’s penetration. They strip him of his heavy armor and gear before Tellazar loans Saedellas the Ring of Undermountain to transport the wounded Corthen back to the mansion quickly. The other members gather the remains of the deceased woman and walk back to the entry well.

30th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes head to the altar room of the drow elves. They quietly move into the room. There is figure suspended by webs underneath the gigantic spider idol, it is wrapped in white linens (actually spider webs). There are two male drow guards flanking the altar. The party moves in to attack the two evil drow when a dart hits Corthen from behind. Saedellas looks around and discovers that two more drow are perched up high along the western wall on small platforms. After a short fight, the adventurers prevail and take one drow prisoner. Corthen and Saedellas try to question the prisoner but he resists any efforts to make him talk and when he does he speak it in what they assume is his native tongue. An angry Saedellas quips, “I don’t speak Drow, but I can speak with the dead.” Uldred checks the woman wrapped in spider silk and finds she is already dead from poison. Saedellas comforts Corthen when he examines the poisoned darts and informs him that they are covered with a sleeping poison.

The group retreats to one of their ‘secure’ rooms for the night taking the prisoner, the dead drow, and the deceased woman. Saedellas uses his enchanted spear to speak with the girl’s spirit and she says she saw 12 male drow and one female drow before she died. She gives her name as Kilmara Loundly.

29th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Nolia receives a written message at the mansion from Durnan to gather everyone and come to the Yawning Portal. When the adventuring group arrives, Durnan takes them into a private dining room where four black robed figures wearing masks stand waiting. They are the Lords of Waterdeep. They tell us that three days ago the body of their fallen comrade, Whitlowe Stonecloak, was stolen from his final resting place in the City of the Dead. The Lords describe what the City Watch observed. The Party surmises that it was the Jester. Corthen tells the four Lords of Waterdeep the story of the Jester and how they accidently freed him from the Tomb of the Maiden King.

One of the Lords speaks,“In the past week, three women have disappeared from the city near the City of the Dead. We believe the tomb robber and the women are linked. We are uncertain but there is a chance your Jester has kidnapped others. He may have been the figure seen taking the young elf girl from Maerghoun’s Inn last year.” Erith speaks up and tells everyone present that he thinks they are speaking of Maith, whom they rescued from the drow. The Four Hidden Lords want the party to find the missing women and deal with their Jester problem if he is ever found. The party agrees to accept this task given to them by the rulers of the city. The group leaves to prepare for an expedition in Undermountain.

As the group is donning armor and packing their gear, a fishmonger arrives at Silvaris’ door with a list of the names of the missing women. They are Kimara Loundly, Soreena Vassmark and Yilla Shipley. The group walks to the Yawning Portal and requests passage down into Undermountain. Once down and exploring passages west the group encounters several of what they think are ogres. Nolia shows superb skill with her blades against the creatures and she dispatches a large number of the ogres. The others begin to affectionately call her the ‘Cutthroat of Undermountain’.

The group comes to a room that smells of perfume and there is writing on the wall in charcoal. It says, “Besall, meet us in the room of skulls. We have uncovered the way through the gate.” The party is pretty battered from their encounter with the large ogres so they camp in this room for the night.

25th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

The members of the Circle of Valor go to the Hawkwinter villa to speak with Lord Eremoes. They ask Lord Hawkwinter when he plans to begin this year’s trip to sell horses. He tells them it will not be until after Greengrass. He tells they are free until that time and thanks them for their visit.


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