Guardians of the Past

27th of Marpenoth 1365 Year of the Sword

Arriving in Daggerford, Erith is reunited with his sister Elenna and her husband Ighmar Redhunt who he has not seen in two years. Hadanna begins sharing the Code of the Harpers and her knowledge of Harper trail signs with the party. She also begins training group in musical ability and tells them that for the remainder of the trip they are to perform as a group of traveling minstrels in training when the opportunity presents itself.

20th of Marpenoth 1365 Year of the Sword

The party has been living off the plants and berries as well as the rations that they brought with them while undergoing intense weapons training with Hadanna for the past five weeks. She has tested their skills and made them sleep on the ground without a fire since they have been in the Ardeep. At dawn after a simple morningfeast she informs the group that they have passed the first test and she has seen their skills increase. She tells them it is time to break camp.

13th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The Guardians of the Past and Hadanna arrive in the Ardeep Forest where the Harper begins weapons training with the others.

11th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The party arrives at the Beer Golem Tavern in the Adventurer’s Quarter of the city. They meet a human woman dressed in gray leathers with her black hair pulled back and tied into a long braid. She carries a broadsword, a bow, and several daggers line a baldric across her bosom. She introduces herself as Hadanna. She asks if they have all of their equipment. The party members soon realize that they were supposed to bring a musical instrument with them, so all but Erith and Tellazar rush out to buy something to play. Once the group reassembles in the Beer Golem Tavern, Hadanna tosses a gold coin to the passing serving girl and asks for a round of beer for the table. Once the jacks of beer arrive, Hadanna picks hers up and says, “Here is to journey, may the gods watch over us and keep our bottoms dry, our throats wet, and our bellies full. Cheers!” She then lifts her jack and drains it in a swift motion. Hadanna then looks at the party members and says, “Drink up! We shan’t sit here all night playing nursemaids to your cups!”
The party walks out of Waterdeep on the road south.

9th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The Guardians travel back to Waterdeep via the magical portal left by the mirror. Once settled back into the city the group meets to divide their treasure. On the street the party is approached by a beefy push cart vendor who introduces himself as Rugbert Yathsemmel. He offers them ice cold Evereskan ale which appeals to the heroes. The group enjoys their drinks and once the group reaches Corthen’s old villa house Erith informs the others that the beer merchant slipped him a note.

Erith unfolds the parchment and reads aloud. “Friends, your application to study music has been graciously accepted. Anyone who wishes to study music with a master should bring with them their harps and traveling gear and meet with Mistress Hadanna two nights hence at the South Ward’s tavern known as the Beer Golem. Please expect thy studies to last 4 months and bring coins for thy upkeep of food and wine. Sincerely Luce“

The party discusses amongst themselves the Harpers and their aims and goals. During the discussion Erith and Rehs tell the others that they are going join the organization. Soon the others decide that they will also join the secretive group. Corthen is the last member to decide and he finally chooses to undergo the training as well.

Samira does some shopping and locates several craftsmen whom she commissions to make her a holy water fount; she pays in advance and informs them she will return in several months for her finished bowl and cabinet.

6th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The Guardians of the Past speak to Lord Duirsar about the quality of Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter’s horses. They show him the mounts that Lord Hawkwinter has brought from Amphail. The elves are impressed with the horses and a deal is made for continued yearly sales for the next five years.

4th of Elient 1365 Year of the Sword

Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter has arrived at the Halfway Inn with a herd of his spell trained war horses. He greets the group of adventurers and thanks them for their assistance with the Ruling Council of Evereska.

28th of Eleasias 1365 Year of the Sword
Samira learns that the female halfling and elves who have spent time upstairs with many members of the Guardians of the Past are collectively known as the Halfway Ladies. Contrary to some beliefs held by some members of the party, they are not common coin lasses. They are devout followers of Hanali Celanil, Goddess of Elven Love and Beauty who gain donations for her temple.

The group is met again at the Halfway Inn by Lord Erlan Duirsar. He escorts the party into Evereska under blindfold for a ceremony at the Temple of Corellon. Corthen asks if his human and dwarven companions would ever be allowed to return to Evereska. Lord Duirsar’s answer is that it is a possibility, but there is only one way and it can be discussed later.

Once inside Evereska the party is taken to the temple for the ceremony honoring Glondril Brightspear, the Moon Elf hero who sacrificed himself in battle over 1,000 years ago against an orc horde. After the High Priest gives a speech before the assembled elves at the ceremony, a statue of Glondril is uncovered. The girdle adorns the marble statue and the elves are happy to see the holy artifact returned to their homeland. Many elves politely thank the Guardians for returning the girdle.

Lord Duirsar introduces the Waterdeep based adventurers to Lady Alustriel, a beautiful human woman with flowing silver hair. She tells the group that she has heard good things regarding them from the elves of Evereska as well as a few other people. Lord Duirsar informs the group that Lady Alustriel can help the party if they wish to join an organization she is involved with. He states that her bands of musicians are always welcome in this city. Erith expresses interest in performing with such companions. The group members seem intrigued with this opportunity being offered by the Harpers. Lady Alustriel shares that she will send word to Waterdeep to have friends contact them upon their return.

25th of Eleasias 1365 Year of the Sword

The Guardians of the Past return to the Halfway Inn through the magic mirror’s gate.

24th of Eleasias 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar uses his magic to identify the ring found in the giant’s lair. It is a ring of wizardry. The mage asks for it; in exchange he gives up the Ring of Undermountain which goes to Erith. Erith now has the ability to teleport into and out of familiar places in Undermountain.


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