Guardians of the Past

6th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen is healed in the morning before his 3rd and final Honor Duel. He meets Jorg Blackpool, the Lathkule champion on the floor of the arena. The middle-aged swordsman is armed with a bastard sword, shield, and wears plate armor. The warriors engage one another on the field and trade blows back and forth. Corthen battles Jorg moving about the arena in a fierce display of arms. In the end, Corthen collapses to the earth unconscious, but he fought valiantly and was in the fight until the end.

Corthen wakes once again from the care of the healer employed by the arena. He is glad to have the honor duels over with, even though he had hoped to win these contests. Upon leaving, several of the swordsmen who are employed at the field tell him that he has nothing to be ashamed of. One named Caladorn says that the noble houses employ the most experienced warriors they can buy and few can do much against them.

Tellazar, Samira, and the others bring up Corthen’s horse so that he can ride back to his manor house in the North Ward. Once they arrive at the grand house, the group taps a keg of ale and spend the afternoon drinking and swapping tales until an exhausted Corthen falls asleep in his chair.

5th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

After dawn Samira and Uldred are permitted to heal Corthen’s wounds from the Honor Duel that he was engaged in the previous day. Erith suggests to Corthen that he ask for mercy if he is outmatched. He says that this would let the noble house regain its honor without Corthen being nearly killed in the process. The elven warrior turns down his friend’s suggestion.

Corthen returns to the Field of Triumph before Highsun to face the Zulpair House champion. Corthen meets the warrior named Zanben on the field. His opponent is dressed in chain armor and wields two short swords. Corthen is optimistic because he is better armed and is better protected in his plate armor. The two face off in the center of the arena and cross swords. The clash of steel and the cheers of the crowd fill the full stadium. Corthen soon learns that Zanben is lightning fast, striking quickly and often.

As skilled as Corthen is, Zanben is better. He finds several gaps in the elf’s defense and his swords pierce Corthen Nightglade. It is clear to everyone present that the Zulpair champion has the upper hand. He swiftly ends the duel on another critical blow to his elven opponent. Corthen collapses before the gathered crowd. Corthen is revived by the physics of the Field Master. Corthen gathers his gear and limps home in defeat with his friends to aid him in his journey.

4th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen makes his way to the Field of Triumph in the Sea Ward accompanied by his adventuring companions. In a few hours he will face the champion of the Ilzimmer House in an Honor Duel. Corthen chooses plate mail armor and two longswords from the master’s armory at the field.

He makes his way onto the field to find the stands are nearly full in the arena. The Field Master pronounces that the duel is for honor and that either combatant may yield at anytime and the victor must accept the surrender. He states that the victor shall have their honor by right of arms.

Corthen looks over his opponent, Derthek Runzaar, the Ilzimmer Champion. He is a tall human of solid build. He carries himself with confidence and comes to the field dressed in plate armor and wielding a bastard sword in both hands. He carries an axe as his second weapon at his waist.

The two warriors are soon engaged in combat. They trade blows and dance around the field before the attentive audience. Several of Corthen’s friends make wagers that he will triumph in the duel. The two men clash weapons looking for weaknesses in their opponent’s training. Corthen lands several good blows but soon realizes he is outclassed against a superior opponent. Some of the crowd, yell for the elf to submit to Derthek, but the elven adventurer ignores the calls and is determined to either win the combat or go down fighting. In few more minutes, the matter is decided for him. The Ilzimmer swordsman lands two successive strikes with his blade putting Corthen down onto the sand floor before the screaming crowd.

Corthen wakes inside a chamber of the arena. He has been revived from unconsciousness by a physic of the Field of Triumph. His friends help him home to the North Ward. Tellazar and the others tell him that he did his best and that he came close to victory. He thanks his friends for their support and tells them he shall triumph in his next battle.

29th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

Samira travels to the House of Wonder, the holy temple of Mystra in Waterdeep. She meets with the High Priest, Meleghost Starseer. She attends services to the Lady of Magic and tithes 2,102 electrum coins to the temple. During the morning Rehs goes about the city to look at apartments and shops that he could rent. He makes no decisions on any of the properties and returns to Saedellas’ house by midday.

Corthen has a bad day. He receives three letters at his home in the North Ward from three of the noble houses of Waterdeep. It appears that the noble scions of the Ilzimmer, Zulpair, and Lathkule families have taken offense at his very public insults on the Deep Delvers. Corthen has Tellazar read the letters to him from each family.

To Corthen Nightglade of Elven Court,
In the city of where my forefathers helped to defend against sea pirates, orc hordes and cutthroats you have recently stood in public and insulted the Lathkule family name repeatedly. Your slurs upon members of our esteemed noble house have brought dishonor to my family’s name.
You have dishonored every member of my noble family. I demand satisfaction for your injurious actions. You have two choices if your family has taught you of honor. You either follow the Code of Contrition and submit yourself to my mercy, or you will have to face the Lathkule sword champion on the Field of Triumph. Because you are an alien to Waterdhavian customs, I strongly recommend you find an ally who will educate you on the details of matters of honor, contrition, and honor duels.
Lord Nimor Lathkule

To the dishonorable knave known as Corthen the Carouser,
What gall, sir! Your drunken and bitter ranting should shame you. Although most friends and allies of the house Ilzimmer immediately discount your vicious words, your lies still dishonor Jandar Ilzimmer, my young nephew and this family.
No matter what your motives are for calling my nephew and his friends liars, I will not let your insult to Jandar or the Ilzimmer House stand. Your letter to Regnet Amcathra does not remove the dishonor you have wronged us with. You have two days to rectify matters properly with my family before I make you regret your insolence.
Lord Boroldan Ilzimmer

Corthen Nightglade of the North Ward, known adventurer of Undermountain,
Does bitterness take control of thy tongue and jealousy thy heart? Few cowards brave the depths of the tunnels beneath our city but plenty of fools do, of that I am certain. You have recently stood amongst the crowds in the Yawning Portal and shouted accusations at my son’s friends while they celebrated their victory over the mad wizard.
You called each of them a liar for their heroic feats and actually challenged the veracity of their story without proof. When your insults were not enough, you quickly attempted to assault any of them you could find.
My family will not be dishonored in such a way by you. Your insults have spread throughout the entire populace of Waterdeep and will soon spread far and wide to every thorp and dale if left unchallenged.
As the head of my Noble House, I Olomar Zulpair demand that this black stain be removed within three days, else I take action to regain my family honor.

Corthen asks Tellazar and Erith about the contrition act that Lord Lathkule mentioned. They inform the elf about the subject. They tell him that the Code of Contrition is an old human custom in the North used by nobility to regain honor by requiring the offender to submit to the Lord or Lady whose honor has been sullied.

They say that the custom is for the offender to submit to the dishonored noble who provides the rags of a beggar which the offender must don from sunup to sunset. The custom requires the offender to sit outside their estate and proclaim their contrition before each passerby and to ask forgiveness of each member of the offended noble family who comes past that day. Erith tells him that some nobles will intentionally gather stable waste and have it placed at their gate to make the offender have to sit among the droppings. He says that adults may not harass the offender undergoing Contrition, but children under the age of fifteen are permitted to toss eggs and rotten fruits at the offender.

The bard says an honor duel takes place before the public on the Field of Triumph in Waterdeep. Custom dictates that the dishonored noble may choose any member of his noble family or a champion to defend his honor. The offender has no choice but fight for himself, unless the offender is an infirm nobleman incapable of wielding a sword. In those cases, an infirm noble may choose someone else from the family to fight in his stead. Erith informs him that absolutely no magic may be used by either party in an honor duel. Each combatant may choose one set of armor, one shield, and two weapons that he may enter the arena with; this equipment is taken from the armory of the Field of Triumph. No one may use their own equipment which prevents dishonorable items such as poisoned blades or any hidden enchantments from entering the duel.

Erith tells Corthen that a duel lasts until one party submits and asks for mercy. Custom dictates that the winner must grant the loser mercy and the duel is over. No duel may be to the death. Tradition dictates that the loser of an honor duel may not seek healing prayers from any priest until the next morning. The purpose is to make the loser feel the pains suffered in the arena, so they will learn something from the duel.

Corthen mulls over his choices for a while and decides that he will choose Honor Dueling on the Field of Triumph. He sends replies to each noble house informing them that he has chosen to duel. He decides to meditate and work on his weapons training until the days of his Honor Duels.

28th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The group gathers the enchanted items to learn their magical properties. Tellazar shares that the ring’s powers are for swimming, and that the spear is only enchanted for combat prowess. The sword Harrikas, has not decided to reveal his powers at this time.

Corthen speaks to Durnan at the Yawning Portal about apologizing to the members of the Deep Delvers. He has Tellazar pen a letter of apology that the elf carries to the Amcathra villa in the North Ward. Erith accompanies Corthen to assist him in his mission. They speak to the elderly Lord Challas Amcathra, father of Regnet, of the Deep Delvers.

Lord Amcathra informs them that Regnet is away on business. He states he and his friends have begun the process to sell some of their treasure find from their explorations. Lord Challas tells Corthen that he once lived the life of an adventurer many years ago, until plague and tavern brawls took the lives of all of his elder brothers. He then had to assume the lordship of his family’s holdings in the city. He tells Corthen that soon he will be stepping down as the ruling head of his family and give the title to his son Arilos, his eldest son. He tells Erith and Corthen that he plans to travel with his wife to see the lands east and visit his youngest son in Shadowdale.

Corthen asks him if his son is Mourngrym, Lord of Shadowdale. The elderly lord confirms this fact. Corthen seems to have a greater respect for the Amcathra name, now that he realizes the leader of Shadowdale is of this same family in Waterdeep.

27th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

After waiting nearly a day at the fountain room there is no sign of the missing members. A loud bell begins to toll possibly from deeper in the ground. It vibrates and shakes the room. Corthen urges the party to return to the city to search for signs of the missing men. The party navigates the passages safely and returns to the Yawning Portal.

Corthen asks Durnan if he has seen Erith or Tellazar in the last day. He tells the group that he has not seen them since they descended the well with the rest of the group early yesterday morning. Durnan tells the Guardians of the Past that they heard bells ringing from the entry well and the building shook from the vibrations. This news seems to concern the adventurers who wonder over what might have caused such an event.

The group walks to the South Ward and Samira uses her crystal ball to try and locate the teleported duo. She spies Tellazar lying on a bed studying over his spell tome while Erith sits at a table with his bare feet propped up having a bite to eat. Corthen urges the party to use the enchanted mirror to go to where they two are. After reuniting, Tellazar explains they are far from Waterdeep in Hlintar and were transported to this Temple of Chauntea. They met with Growthmaster Gosmani Hagaris who serves as the senior priest and he was kind enough to allow them to stay in a dormitory room while they awaited rescue. Tellazar leaves a note for the Growthmaster as well as another donation for his kindness. The group travels back through the mirror’s gate and close it behind them.

26th of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The party descends back into Undermountain. They try to go West past the Hall of Mirrors. The Black Water Corridor lies before them. Corthen prods the water with his wooden pole and discovers that it slopes down to at least 3’ deep. The black substance is oily and fearing a trap, Corthen uses his shield to fly over the water and check the other side. He doesn’t find anything on the other side except more hallways. He flies back and sets fire to the black water. It burns easily and doesn’t stop so the group decides to try another route west.

After regrouping and aiming for a large room marked on the Lords’ Map they suddenly find themselves triggering a trap in an empty hall. Large stone walls fall. One comes down on Uldred pinning him to the stone floor, while Erith and Tellazar are imprisoned between the two falling walls. The others managed to roll forward when the trap was sprung and in front of the block of stone pinning the dwarf.

The bard and the mage discover that something is attempting to eat them when the floor beneath them begins to fold up around them. With quick thinking, Erith grabs his friend and teleports them to the Fountain of Knowledge. Meanwhile, the party of Rehs, Samira, Corthen, and Vilnullas attempt to rescue the dwarf from death. They are unable to lift the stone, so Samira uses her prayers to turn herself and Uldred ethereal. They walk through the fallen wall to check on the welfare of the mage and the musician, but the two men are gone and they find nothing between the walls.

When Samira relates this news the group decides to travel to the Fountain, since it is one of the rallying points the group uses and it relatively close. The group reunites at the Fountain of Knowledge. Uldred checks his equipment and discovers that his Staff of Curing and a minor healing scroll were smashed in the trap earlier. Tellazar relates how he and Erith were swallowed up by the floor. Corthen scoffs and tells him that it was likely another smashing trap. Tellazar tells him that this is Undermountain and there are many strange beasts who reside here. Samira rallies the party to return to the area of the floor beast and attempt to slay it with ranged attacks and spells.

The Guardians return to the lair of the floor beast. Once attacked with arrows and spells the beast mimicking a stone floor moves forward. It engulfs the two elven warriors who stand against it. The party continues its attacks until the beast is slain. Erith, Samira, and Uldred search the area which triggers the trap once again. They recover some coins and a potion of healing. All the weapons found were broken and twisted by the floor monster. Samira uses chalk to write “trap here” with an arrow pointing towards the area. Following the battle the group decides to rest back at the fountain and regain spells.

After several hours of rest and regaining of spells, the Guardians of the Past travel north from the wall trap. Suddenly the party find themselves near a cave in, the halls shake, dust falls, and the rumbling of stones falling. Once quiet descends on the area, they investigate the area and discover a huge collapse has filled an ascending staircase. Corthen and several others ponder the cause and someone realizes they have found another Undermountain landmark, the Falling Stair. The group recalls asking the Lords of Waterdeep about areas that they should not go to and being informed that the Falling Stair is not a means of leaving Undermountain.

All agree to leave the Falling Stair and move onwards. A 12’ long black dragon tail is found in another hall. The party removes several scales that remain intact and take several of the tailbones. Tellazar then matches their present location to an area to Lords’ Map. A search of a nearby room turns up five orcs guarding a storehouse of crates. The orcs try to get the adventurers to leave and the party tries to get the orcs to surrender. The orc leader tells them master will kill them if the abandon the room. Tellazar tries to find out who they work for, the most he learns is that he is a powerful human who uses magic against his enemies.

Corthen then bribes the orc guards with 500 gold coins. They gather their gear and the gold and flee down the hall past the group. A search of the sealed crates with an “H” in Thorass burned into the wood turns up fine cloth which is worth some money. Some roughweave sacks contain potatoes, and other root crops. Someone speculates that this is a storeroom belonging to Halaster the Mad. The group fills the bag of holding again and again while Erith teleports it to his home in the city above.

A search of the room uncovers a secret door. The party opens the hidden way to find a circular shaped room with a 10’ walkway surrounding an open well. A strange tan jelly-like creature speeds around the pit to attack Vilnullas and Corthen. Badly damaged, the creature manages to surround Corthen Nightglade’s legs and it attempts to yank him into the pit. The jelly falls into the open well without the elven warrior. Moments later it reappears back on the floor inches away from Corthen. A few more attacks end its life. Corthen tosses a torch into the well only to discover that this well is a gravity well without the darkness masking it like the place where Whitlowe was killed. During a search of the room and hallways off of the well chamber climbing rungs and a shaft up are found. The group ascends the rungs to find an area of rooms that are only 4’ high requiring all except Uldred to crawl around.

The dwarven priest finds a human corpse stuck in a dusty web. The giant spider behind the corpse turns out to be a dried out husk, but a large centipede exits the mouth of the dead man and attacks the dwarf. The centipede is killed and the area is looted. Rehs finds some coins and a map that shows two rooms. One is labeled “Statue- Beware lightning!” and the other says “Throne – Way Out”. The edge of the map contains the cryptic phrase “Three beholders guard it.”

A search of another crawl room turns up a short sword that springs up from the ground and tries to attack Uldred. The sword flits about attempting to harm several members of the group before Rehs manages to snatch the blade’s hilt. When he does it stops attacking and Rehs stares at the sword for a minute or so before telling the others that the sword contains the soul of a man named Harrikas who has been alone for a very long time and he attacked because he thought the group a figment of his mind. Questioning Harrikas further, it is learned that he was merged into the sword in the year 820 by the wizard Halaster. He imparts that he was a ranger living in the Kingdom of Tethyr and he accidently traveled through a portal of magic into an underground complex. Shortly thereafter, the wizard used magic to place his soul into the blade.

A final room contains a stone coffin. Inside Uldred sees a shining steel spear that glows with a faint blue light. Uldred grabs the weapon and it glows brighter and the dwarf claims he felt a surge of power in his arm when he picked it up. The group leaves the crawl passages and searches the passages to the North.

Tellazar directs the band to a side hall showing a large room on the Lords’ Map. The Guardians pass an ornate archway into an expansive room. The room is empty except for a glowing red script on the East wall. Tellazar and Erith disappear after trying to read the writing upon the wall. No one else is able to decipher the red writing so they decide to push on without their spellcasters. While the group is looking around for secret doors, a band of kobolds attack from a side passage into the room.

The surviving adventuring group members engage the kobolds believing it to be a short fight. The kobolds fire quarrels at the party from behind a broken barricade. One bolt strikes Corthen and then transforms into a flying snake that attempts to bite him repeatedly. He decides to take the fight to the kobolds behind the wall of broken barrels and orc corpses. Once behind the barricade, Corthen found himself in trouble as a number of angry kobolds stabbed at him and a giant pet weasel attacked him. The weasel’s ferocious bite and blood draining nearly take the warrior’s life blood. The female who led the kobolds downs a potion then flies out of the room. She shouts at the humans and elves telling them “You will pay for this!” The flying kobold shot off down the hall while Samira cast spells at her.

Uldred, Vilnullas, Rehs, Corthen, and Samira take the kobold treasure and retire to the Fountain of Knowledge to recuperate and see if the missing mage and bard are waiting there. Tellazar and Erith are not present, so the others bed down and wait for them.

23rd of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The party travels back to the crypt room where Samira casts a remove curse on Corthen. He puts the sword back into the coffin with the original owner and the party seals it with the lid. Samira uses chalk to write cursed sword on the coffin lid in common.

The group expands its search for the drow to the West of the Spider Idol. Walking through a hallway the party members swear they can hear someone calling to them softly from an open archway nearby. Curious or compelled, they give in and enter the darkened room to come face to face with an insubstantial man dressed in ancient armor and carrying an ancient blade. Most of the party cannot face this undead warrior leaving Rehs Wrenwater and Tellazar Hemzall alone with the ghost-like figure. The two adventurers decide to hasten a retreat as well when the ghost warrior charges towards them. They run but not before the undead man drains some of Rehs’ life force from his body. The party hastily retreats and decides to exit the dungeon and return to the city to rest and nurse their wounds.

Rehs travels to the House of Inspired Hands, the local temple to Gond. He asks the priests if they can aid him since he was attacked by the undead ghostly warrior in Halaster’s Halls. The lesser priests discuss with Rehs about worshipping at the temple. They agree to help him for two large jacinths given by Corthen to cover the cost of the restoration prayers. The priest Hamol gives Rehs a brass holy symbol so that he can pray to Gond.

Samira travels to the shops where she had commissioned a holy water font and wooden cabinet. She picked them up and took them home. Meanwhile, Corthen traveled to the plinth and located the shrine to Sehanine Moonbow. He spoke to the elven priestess about healing his missing finger. She regretfully told him that she cannot channel the Goddess’s power for such a task. Corthen then approached the clergy of Tymora for aid. They agreed to help him for three large jacinths, since the Guardians of the Past helped with the Finders of Luck.

22nd of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

After resting and regaining spells and healing their wounds the Guardians return to the Gem Pillar Room. Uldred prays to meld with the pillar. He enters the stone looking for Corthen’s ring but he returns without anything. The group searches several rooms nearby, but they are empty. Searching past the empty rooms the party finds a locked door. Rehs attempts to pick the lock but he fails in his attempt. The band forces the door open and discovers a crypt. A dark four poster canopy is located around an open stone coffin where something slithers out of the crypt. When they approach, the black tomb snake slithers away from them.

Corthen remarks that he doesn’t like the canopy and fears something might lurk above it. He plunges a sword up through the fabric; moments later tentacles lash out at the party and a frantic but short battle occurs. When the party sheathes their swords the group discovers that the creature looks like a large brain with a beak and tentacles. Inside the coffin is a human wearing a black helm and clutching a sword. The helm crumbles when Vilnullas attempts to remove it. Corthen removes the longsword from the crypt. Erith points out that there is a shaft in the ceiling above the stone coffin where the creature once lurked.

Rehs the rogue climbs up the shaft and returns with several items that radiate magical auras when checked. Erith examines a bone wand and wooden rod and he identifies the maker of the rod as Yarizin of Tempus. Tellazar uses his magic on the rod to learn its powers. He informs the party that it is a resurrection rod with nine charges of magic.

The stone coffin is moved and a storage niche holding a wooden chest is discovered. The warriors lift the chest up but it disintegrates spilling coins in all directions. A stone block falls out of the south wall and a skeleton armed with a scimitar attacks the distracted party. Corthen tries to discard the sword he picked up earlier only to discover it is cursed and he cannot cast it down! The party eventually defeats the skeleton and begins to recover the spilled coins.

Minutes later the party is attacked in a hallway off the crypt room. The party tries to dispatch the undead instead they are swinging wildly and having difficulty in the battle. Corthen is hampered by the cursed blade he is wielding. They finally defeat the unarmed undead and confirm that the skeleton is the same one they battled just a short time ago. The group then decides to search the hall for secret doors and passages. The skeleton reappears whole once again while the adventurers are examining the walls and attacks. Corthen curses the undying enemy and whatever necromancy created it. The Guardians kill the skeleton and someone suggests they exit the tomb area before the skeleton has a chance to reform and attack them again.

The adventuring party goes through several passageways and accidently steps through a waiting teleport. It whisks them away from the crypt area to a small empty room. The party searches the area nearby and discovers a room full of firewood. They recognize the chamber and reorient themselves on their map.

The group decides to make for the Fountain. On the way there they see lights moving towards them. A quiet hail greets them and calls them out by name. It is a female adventuring band known as the Huntresses. Terleeza, once a paramour of Silvaris, is the Huntress who hailed the Guardians. The Huntresses tell the group they are heading for the city after days in the depths. The band of ten female elves, half-elves, and humans depart and the Guardians set up camp in the Fountain of Knowledge chamber.

21st of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

The Guardians return to Waterdeep after traveling the roads. Their journey took them to places like Liam’s Hold, Gillian’s Hill, Secomber, Uluvin, the Ellar Protectorate, Red Larch, Amphail, and Rassalantar.

Samira receives a message and informs Corthen and the others that Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter has asked for the party to come the Hawkwinter Villa once they had returned. Lord Hawkwinter greets the party and has food and drink brought out for them. After talking for a while, Lord Eremoes has servants bring forth gifts which he presents to his friends. He gives each adventurer a fine steel everbrighted dagger that has their name engraved upon the leather sheath. He also gives each member a bottle of Berduskan Dark Wine from his wine cellar. To Uldred he presents a handkeg of dwarven mead from the Earthfast Mountains. Finally he signs a document giving 300 acres of Hawkwinter land in Amphail to the party.

The Guardians gear up and travel to the Yawning Portal for another foray back into Undermountain. Upon entering Durnan’s inn they hear excited gossip about the Deep Delvers, an adventuring group of young nobles from Waterdeep that has reputedly returned recently from slaying Halaster, the master of Undermountain. Stories claim that they took his staff and other personal effects he was carrying.

Corthen Nightglade goes into an apoplectic fit and challenges the veracity of two members of the Deep Delvers who have remained behind to drink and bask in their glory. Corthen questions where the death occurred. Regnet Amcathra informs him that they had traveled to the 6th level of the underhalls where they encountered the mage. Corthen calls Regnet and the rest of the Deep Delvers liars and challenges them. A frowning Durnan tries to break up the trouble, but Corthen is upset and only agrees to step outside to face down the Deep Delvers. Corthen waits in the snow and cold for an hour before Erith finally comes out to inform him that Regnet and Bleys have left the tavern.

The adventurers finally make way and descend the well of the Yawning Portal. They decide to search rooms near the throne which transported them to the Forgotten Forest. The group is surprised to see that the armor that they destroyed in the Throne Gate Room is now intact and once again guarding the chamber. They leave the throne alone and examine a door off to the side. It is clear someone has plundered bronze plating that once covered this wooden door. Rehs checks the door and declares it is safe. Vilnullas opens the door to chamber beyond.
A single pillar covered with dried mud encrusted with gems. The party checks for traps and finding none they proceed to start plucking stones from the sparkling pillar. Suddenly a bony snake creature with a human-like skull merges out of the gem pillar. It attacks and in a quick strike it bites Corthen taking his finger and his enchanted ring of swimming. The Guardians of the Past struggle in melee with the creature; Tellazar finally destroys it with his spells. Corthen searches for his missing finger and his ring but the creature seems to have carried them inside of the gem pillar.

Repeated attempts to remove gems by the party bring out another six of these creatures. Uldred believes that they are known as Necrophidius, a lesser known undead creature. They party tired from their battle and a long day in the city above retreat to the Fountain of Knowledge for the night.


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