Guardians of the Past

22nd of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar goes to the Watchful Order of Mages and Protectors to check with Mhair Szeltune, the Lady Master of the guild. He wants to check on his request to find a wizard that may know how to recharge a Netherese Blast Scepter. She informs him that no one has come forward to accept the task. The wizard now asks if anyone might fashion pins to prevent scrying, he states he is looking for multiple items to be made. Mhair, a human female with long flowing black hair tells Tellazar she will see if anyone is willing to craft the pins.

Corthen travels to Brightspark Smithy to pick up his newly crafted plate armor that is now ready after some minor alteration.

The party briefly enters the Gathgaer gate to retrieve the treasure left behind by the gelatinous cube that the group destroyed with fire the other day. Corthen climbs into the pit to retrieve the coins and ring left behind. Tellazar informs everyone that the ring is magical.

21st of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Uldred casts a Repair Injury prayer upon Corthen in order to heal his injured leg. Corthen receives a note from Erith for everyone in the group to come to his house in the Castle Ward. The group gathers together and marches across the width of the city to Corthen’s former residence. The bard ushers his companions into his house and leads them to the dining room.

Standing waiting patiently are seven masked Lords of the city. Erith whispers to the others that when he awoke they were inside his house already and they asked to speak to the adventuring group. One of the Lords speaks and informs the group that they would like the party to perform a service for the City of Waterdeep. Samira asks what is it that they asking. Another Lord speaks up and says that the recent abductions in the city connected with the Drow temple in Undermountain is a large concern. The assembled Lords would like for the Guardians of the Past to locate any Drow strongholds on the first level of the Underhalls and defeat them and keep them from regaining a foothold so close to the surface and the city itself.

Corthen asks why the Lords they require the group to take action against the Drow. The Lords inform the party that they wish to drive the Drow out without having to reveal they are involved. The Lord states that otherwise they feel any escalation on the their part will result in a greater Drow invasion of the tunnels beneath the city and it could cause panic in the populace as well. A taller Lord says that the Guardians are a perfect force to deal with the Drow. They have already defeated a small force at their temple and since the group has many ties to the elven cultures, it would seem natural for them to want to face the evil Drow that make their home below.

Corthen asks what the party would gain in return for their service. The Lords of Waterdeep inform them that if they agree to hunt down the Drow they will be given information that they most likely do not possess. Intrigued by the offer, the group confers and agrees to accept the mission to drive the Drow out of the first level of Undermountain.

Once the party has accepted the mission, one Lord informs the party that their magic reveals that at least two different parties have been scrying the heroes for the last several months. This creates a stir among the party members and it takes awhile for everyone to regain their composure after this news. The Lords also hand over a partial map of the first level of Undermountain. Tellazar, Erith, and Corthen are thrilled with this since the map shows passages and rooms that they have not even come close to exploring.

Corthen speaks quietly with his companions about the Jester. Everyone agrees that he should inform the Lords. Corthen tells the Lords about how the party was accidently teleported through a gate in Undermountain to the Tomb of the Maiden King in Amphail. He also relates that during their exploration that the party accidently released the undead creature known simply as the Jester. Corthen tells them that the party has tried to permanently destroy the fool, but he seems to come back at the most ill suited times and has been a thorn in their side ever since.

Samira and Tellazar ask the Lords if they can tell them anything about magical properties regarding Halaster’s Halls. One Lord speaks and says that scrying, ESP, and Locate Object do not work there. He says that Teleport, Passwall, and Dimension Door spells will not work.

Corthen asks if there are any known places the group should avoid. He is told that they should not climb the Falling Stair. The elf asks the Lords if they know anything about a man or creature who was able to impersonate him while he was out of the city during the month of Tarsakh. Two of the Lords speak and inform Corthen that his imposter seemed to be throwing the lavish parties at this very house in order to meet a whole host of wealthy and influential people. Hundreds of Waterdhavians attended the constant fetes so it is unclear who or what the ultimate purpose was of his pretender.

20th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

After seeing Nolia off to her new life in Neverwinter the remaining party members decide to use the iron maiden that the group plundered from the the slaver’s house. The gate is set up in Corthen’s basement and the party one by one climbs inside the torture device which teleports the group to a room somewhere on the second level of Undermountain. Tellazar is excited to delve deeper into the dungeon. He has learned that the legendary Skullport can also be reached by descending to the third level of Halaster’s dungeon. He is champing at the bit to face Trell Blackhorn and get his revenge for killing his master and his beloved.

The party open the barred door and proceeds out into a hall. Tellazar views the hall then steps back into the room and bars the door, then uses his ring to teleport out into the hallway. The party discovers a pit with a gelatinous cube stuck in open pit. The party also discovers a colony of caterpillar creatures crawling on the walls. They appear to be attracted to the party’s lights.

The party travels through a room containing dust and stony rubble. A now dry fountain carved like a rampant dragon lines the south wall. Corthen searches and finds a secret compartment. Rehs studies it and discovers that it is trapped. He disables the hidden trigger and the group loots the contents. A room nearby is empty except for rusty pieces of armor and the bones of men and orcs.

The party enters another chamber that is 20′ × 30′. A huge iron cage lies on its side with its door open. A broken chain indicates whatever beast was within is now free. A hobgoblin corpse and that of a headless human body have nothing of value on them. Corthen and Vilnullas lead the adventurers into a large tomb containing fifteen sarcophagi. In their center, one sarcophagus stands taller than the rest. Held up by six squat pillars, its stone bears the carving of a beautiful woman who seems more asleep than dead. The heroes encounter sixteen ghouls who are feasting on two victims. Vilnullas leads the way into battle since his sword is telling him “Strike, strike, strike!” After the battle the party searches the crypts but they seem to have already been plundered by previous adventurers. The only treasure is a silver ring from one of the ghoul corpses.

Exploring further into the second level, the heroes come to what was once a library. Several stacks of moldy books are still present. Four giant black scorpions lair here. During the battle Corthen fumbles more than once. Vilnullas is stung and is poisoned. Samira does what she can but the elven warrior will die without further treatment. The party retreats and makes their way back to the surface through the iron maiden gate. Vilnullas is treated at the temple of Tymora for a donation of gold treasure.

Corthen and Tellazar urge the party to return to the 2nd level of Undermountain. The return through the Gathgaer gate. The party finds a huge chamber where a pile of rubbish is decorated with human skulls and seems to form a rough throne for some missing creature. They loot the coins found in a chest as well as a dagger. In an adjoining chamber the party encounters an amorphous black blob moving towards them. Corthen struggles and fumbles striking himself in the leg with one of his swords. Vilnullas hits the creatures but he ends up with two foes now and there is black goop on the Flame of the North. Samira loses her enchanted magical flail to the creature as it dissolves it before it is killed.

The party wises chooses to leave the dungeon at this time. Corthen takes his suit of armor to the smith for repairs. Uldred declares the elf’s ancient armor to be bad luck since it has been repeatedly damaged. He berates his friend until he is convinced to be allowed to buy him a suit of dwarven forged plate armor from Tolm Brighspark Smithy.

19th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party takes Ravrgin to Lamris Kholl, the Tymoran priestess who asked the Guardians of the Past to search for him. Ravgrin is reunited with his sister, Tanerra. Samira inquires if the temple of Tymora can resurrect their older brother Wergrin since they have no other family to care for them. Lamris tells the party that Wergrin cannot be brought back from the dead because he was slain by a ghost and died through unnatural aging. She says there is no way to raise him. Lamris informs the party that the children will be given shelter at the temple and cared for there. They will be allowed to join the lay clergy when they become older if they want to. She thanks the party and tells them they have done a good deed.

When the party returns to Corthen’s home, Nolia sits the group down and informs them that she has been offered another position within the Ellar Protectorate. She informs her friends that she has been asked to serve as the Ambassador to Neverwinter. She tells everyone that she has accepted the position and will be leaving the city soon.

The group is sad to lose her, but they understand her devotion to her people of the High Forest. Nolia gives up several of her adventuring items that she gained while with the party. She trades swords with Corthen as well. She says that she will not be traveling into harm’s way anymore and she wants to help her friends as best she can. The group throws an impromtu feast for Nolia with plenty of food and drink to go around.

17th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party breaks up into smaller groups and spread out into the Dock Ward. Vilnullas, Erith, and Samira go together. Corthen, Tellazar, Nolia and Uldred are another group. Corthen’s group travels down around the docks looking for information on the missing boy. The elf asks an old man sitting outside a rundown shop if he knows about a missing boy named Wergrin. The old man mutters and gives Corthen a fearful look before telling him he should not provoke things. Corthen pursues his questions to the old netmaker. Olgrus seems upset and tells the elf to stop or he will anger the Lord of the Northern Depths. Corthen sits down beside the man and asks him about this lord.

Olgrus Machari says that Gulkalath takes those from the docks that he wishes. He finally shares that he was kidnapped himself over 30 years ago himself. He says that he was taken before the high priest and he swore to pay a tribute to their cult to keep their god sated. Olgrus says that it is said on the docks that those who fail the Lord of the Northern Depths pay in blood. Tellazar asks the whitehaired old man what he knows about Skullport. The netmaker mutters and says that it is a den of evil that lies off the coast of Waterdeep somewhere underground. The mage pushes him for more information and asks if he has heard of anyone who knows how to get there. Olgrus says he has heard many tales of Captain Nybod relating to Skullport. Tellazar asks who Nybod is. He is told that Captain Nybod is a notorious pirate captain that had great success and is rumored to have retired in the recent past in his old age.

Erith’s group has a tense encounter with a band of street toughs. They encounter the ruffians in an alley. The five young men in their teens and early twenties are gathered there, they lean on walls and sit on crates staring at the heroes from a distance. These men are dressed in studded leather and leather and two of them hold daggers which they seem to be using to jab into the surface of a nearby door.

Erith, Samira, and Vilnullas approach them, one of the youths ask “Hey, whutcha want? Huh?” Samira asks them about Wergrin and a black carriage. One of the older men replies, “Hey, we ain’t da all seeing oracle … if ya want some red leafs maybe weez can help ya.” Erith tells the youth that they do not need any Tekkil Leaf. The thugs push the bard back and threaten the trio with blades. Erith looks at the youths and says, “We have killed more dangerous kobolds than you in Undermountain.” Vilnullas pulls his sword, the Flame of the North, and the dirty thugs back away from the sword’s flames.

Erith and the others carefully exit the area leaving the thugs behind. A couple of minutes later, one of the younger teens approaches the trio alone. This youth, Garris, says he might be able to help them. Samira and Erith ask him to explain. He says, “I know something but I need some coins, man.” Erith hands the boy five gold coins. Garris tells them that on several occasions, late at night he has seen a black carriage turn off Fish Street onto Gut Alley traveling North. Erith thanks the young ruffian and they depart.

The two groups meet back at the Yawning Portal. Tellazar and Corthen strongly feel that the Cult of Gulkalath have snatched Wergrin and transported him to their temple in Halaster’s Halls. They convince the group to enter Undermountain in search of the missing boy. Tellazar suggests the party travel to the “Fountain of Thoughtfulness” to drink of the waters. He says after some sleep the group can assault the temple of the Cult.The party follows this plan and camps in the fountain chamber.

16th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar cast Identify on the water captured from the fountain. He learns that imbibing its waters increases the wisdom and intelligence of the user. The effects last for a day. The mage also learns that water removed from the chamber loses its magical properties. The party decides to exit the dungeon to do research on the fountain.

Upon exiting the well, the heroes are approached by Lamris Kholl, one of the Tymoran priests who record events and heal adventurers entering and exiting the well. She asks Corthen if she may speak to the group in private. Once the group sits down with the priestess, she shares that she needs the aid of the party. She says that the dead adventurers the party paid to be interred in the City of the Dead were known as the Finders of Luck. Lamris says that they were devout worshippers of Lady Luck and that they hailed from Scornubel. The priestess says that one member, Wergrin has left behind two younger siblings.

The children; Ravgrin, a boy of 12 summers and Tanerra, a girl only 10 have no other family. They had traveled to Waterdeep with the Finders of Luck and had remained behind in the rooming house rented by the deceased adventurers.

The young priestess says that according to Tanerra, the Finders of Luck did not return by the agreed upon date and the money for the two children was gone. The landlord of the rooming house let them stay 3 days past the tenday the rooms were rented, but then asked the children to leave when none of the men returned to pay for the rooms again.

On the streets, the children wandered the city during the day for food and they always returned the Dock Ward alley near the rooming house so they could await their brother. Two nights ago, Ravgrin left the alley to buy some bread with coins he had begged for during the day. Tanerra stayed behind in a crate in the alley. While she was sleeping a black carriage passed her in the alley awaking her and then it stopped further down the block. Tanerra says she heard talking. She then heard her brother shout, and then the carriage abruptly left the area.

Tanerra found a loaf of bread lying in the alley where the black carriage had stopped. Of Ravgrin, there was no sign. Yesterday, the crying girl wandered into the Yawning Portal asking for her oldest brother and his friends. She told the gnome, Gnossos Valmar the Gambler who frequents the taproom about her missing brother, Ravgrin, and the black carriage. He informed the City Watch, but Ravgrin has not been found and one Watch Commander said the boy is probably lost or has taken a job and will turn up eventually.

The priestess relates that the girl, Tanerra is safe and being looked after right now by the gnome. She looks to the party and asks, “Will you use your resources to help a poor child who is missing?” Rehs, Corthen, and the others quickly confer and give the priestess their answer. Yes, they will help.

The party splits up, Tellazar, Vilnullas, and Uldred ask that the young girl be brought to Corthen’s manor house in the North Ward. The others ask for directions to the rooming house that the children last stayed at so they may search the area for the boy and clues of his disappearance.

Gnossos brings Tanerra to the manor house. Tellazar brings the girl into the room where he sits her down in fromt of the mirror. He asks her tell him everything about what happened that night while looking into the mirror. As the child recounts the tale, the mage sees everything that happened in the magical mirror from Tanerra’s vantage inside the crate in the alley. Tellazar tries to scry Ravgrin with the mirror but he gets nothing!

Nolia, Rehs, and Erith speak to Baram, the owner of the boarding house in the Dock Ward. The beefy man tells the party that although he felt bad for the two children, he needed paying tenants to keep himself from becoming destitute. He says that he saw the children loitering in the alley behind Turnstone Plumbing once.

Corthen speaks to the plumber whose shop the children spent time behind his shop. He tells him there is a reward for the boy’s safe return. He tells the plumber to contact the Tymoran priests at the Yawning Portal. Samira encounters some teens gambling in a nearby alley. They stop throwing dice and give her dirty looks. She informs them she is looking for a boy named Ravgrin who is missing. She asks them if they know anything. The surly teens shrug and give no answers until she hands each boy two silvers for information. One of the boys named Goose says that people disappear all the time. He says they are usually newcomers to the city or those without families. Samira tells the boys she is looking for a black carriage that travels the Dock Ward alleys at night that was seen when he vanished. She tells the boys if they learn of anything, they can come to the Yawning Portal to get paid for good information.

The three heroes leave the boarding house and rejoin Samira and Corthen on the street outside. Rehs excuses himself and tells the others he is going to check in with a friend who operates in the area. The rogue goes to speak with Vachon, a half-elf retired adventuring thief who recently trained Rehs in his profession. Rehs asks his tutor if he has heard anything about anyone kidnapping young boys in the Dock Ward. The rogue who runs a small festhall known as the Sea Nymph tells Rehs that he should try the Thirsty Throat and ask for Tikillias.

Rehs, Nolia, Erith, Corthen, and Samira go to the rundown ruin that is the Thirsty Throat Tavern. A monstrously fat and ugly barkeep just looks at the group as they enter. Corthen nudges Rehs to go over and ask for his contact. The rogue approaches the toad-like barman who sits wiping a mug with a dirty rag. He asks for Tikillias. The man just looks at him stupidly until Rehs pulls out five gold coins and places them down on the scarred wooden bar. Twofists the barkeep scoops the coins and grunts, “Upstairs, first door.”, then he returns to his dirty mug.

The group climbs the stairs and knocks on the door before entering. Corthen remembers the seated elf from the Moonstar theft investigation. Rehs tells the information broker that Vachon has sent him. He asks if he has heard anything about a young boy being kidnapped from the Dock Ward. He sets a handful of gold down before the elven thief. Tikillias laughs. He says that people disappear all the time, especially from the poorest parts of the city. He says rumors abound about murders, sacrifices to dark gods, and slavery but no one has any facts. He picks up two gold coins and slides the rest back to Rehs.

The entire party regroups at the manor house that Corthen purchased from Silvaris. Tellazar informs everyone that no scrying can be performed on Ravgrin. He says that magic must be involved. The others share that people are vanishing from the Dock Ward and rumors suggest fell purposes. The group makes a plan to try and bait the people behind the kidnappings. Rehs will dress up like a beggar and try to entice someone to take him with the rest of the party waiting to jump out if anyone tries to snatch him.

Uldred agrees to keep an eye and ear open at the Yawning Portal for word of the missing boy. Tellazar remains at the mirror to scry Rehs. The rest of the party returns to the Dock Ward to lay the trap they have planned with Rehs as the bait.

Corthen speaks to a teamster moving a wagonload of furniture. The teamster, Ferben Greymist, says that while he has been working he has seen a black carriage with one horse, driven by a man dressed in black, four or five times late at night during the last six months. He once saw it leaving the Castle Ward and returning to the Dock Ward. Corthen thanks Ferben and lets him return to his labor.

While Rehs sits out begging for coppers with his friends watching him from nearby alleys, Uldred sits nursing an ale at the Yawning Portal. He is approached by four humans and a dwarf. They ask the dwarven priest if they may buy him a drink. Uldred gives them permission. He learns they are adventurers known as the Company of the Green Griffon and they wish to talk to him about Undermountain. The woman is Duranthia of Lathander; the warriors are Ergen Croft, Xirus Lole, and Folgris Blackhammer, the dwarf; and their mage is Whidom of the White Wood. The Green Griffons seem to be an inexperienced fledgling group and they bombard the dwarf with a multitude of questions. The dwarven priest is fine with talking with the group until Whidom gets sick and pukes on Uldred.

While on Snail Street Vilnullas, Erith, and Corthen see a cryer who passes shouting, "See Feloria Flame perform the dance that made her famous up and down the Sword Coast. Only the Lady of Flame can inspire you with the Forbidden Mating Dance of Myramata. Come tonight, See many beautiful ladies on the stage at the Three Pearls Nightclub.”

Before dawn the party decides to return home for some much needed sleep. Walking up Gut Alley the party is accosted by a group of men and women. The party pulls weapons and prepare for the advancing threat. The threat turns out to be fourteen zombies. The group puts down the walking dead. Nolia notices a parchment pinned to one of the corpses. She reads it.

“Tellazar, you looked really bored earlier today searching for some snotty little brat no one really cares about. So I decided to give you and your friends something to liven your evening and destroy. I purchased these stupid groveling slaves today and choked the life from each of them with my own hands. You should have seen them beg for their lives. Then I gave them over to undeath so you and your friends could finish in this alley what I started. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did. Perhaps you and I can sit down to a drink one day in Skullport. I’ll be there with a bottle of zzar when you decide you are ready to face me. Only then will we know who the better pupil is.
P.S. I had nothing to do with your lost wayward child. I wouldn’t wish to lead you astray on your mission of mercy…”

The group returns home and speaks to Tellazar. He says the zombie attack and note are the work of Trell, his hated foe. Tellazar says that old rumors exist of an underground port city, known as Skullport. He says that he must abandon the search for Ravgrin and the party should find Skullport and deal with Trell Blackhorn. The party has a drawn out and heated discussion over the matter. Eventually when put to a vote, the majority vote to keep searching for the missing boy. The party does agree to see what they can learn about Skullport so that they can make possible plans later to deal with the black wizard Trell.

15th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

After spending two months improving their adventuring and martial skills the newly reminted Guardians of the Past gather at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. The group now consists of Corthen Nightglade, moon elf warrior; Tellazar Hemzall, human mage; Erith Talvera, human bard; Nolia Fallas, half-elven ranger; Vilnullas Whitewood, moon elf warrior; Uldred Watchever, dwarven priest of Gorm; Rehs Wrenwinter, human rogue; and the recent addition Samira Asiya Bashirah, Calishite priestess of Mystra. Samira was recruited by the party during the last month of training.

The party descends the well into Undermountain. Corthen desires to push further west on the first level. The group travels familiar halls until the reach several unexplored passages. The heroes discover a room filled with much purple fungus. Corthen searches the area as much as possible but nothing is uncovered during his investigation. Rehs opens a nearby portal and discovers a privy room. At another stone door, Rehs the rogue hears someone talking behind the door. The door is locked and he fails to pick open the door lock. The group chooses to move on past the door since they were not able to open the door stealthily.

At the next archway, Nolia hears the splash and gurgling of water echoing down the dark hallway. The group moves through the hall carefully until they reach the source. A large stone fountain of blue and white veined marble dominates the room. An exquisite nude female made of pure white marble stands atop the fountain’s plinth. She cradles a jar in her arms with water spilling from the jar into the fountain’s pool below. The pool is 15’ across at the base and the water in the pool appears to be 2’ deep.


Rehs checks the fountain for hidden traps and finds none. Corthen steps up and tastes he water; he finds it to be cold and pure. After a moment the elven treasure hunter feels different. His mind is clearer and more focused than it had been previously. Realizing that the waters may be enchanted, he informs the others. Tellazar finds that the water does radiate magical energy. The group all decide to risk tasting the waters. Everyone enjoys the benefit of mental clarity that comes from the fountain’s waters. Someone decides to refer to the room as the “Fountain of Thoughtfulness”.

The adventurers leave the fountain and travel down another nearby passage. They enter a 80’ by 90’ chamber. Its arched ceiling rises to 60’ above the stone floor. The whole room reeks of sweat and other worse odors. A large stone table and benches sit in the center of the room. The table is crusted dried food and bits of loose debris. The floor around the south and east wall is covered with heaps of old carpet, ratty furs, and old hay. Rising from the carpets are a few large creatures. Most are green-skinned, with lanky limbs and have a seriously bad attitude. One of the other creatures is wearing hides and had two heads. He yells something before they attack. The Guardians of the Past fight together using blades and spells to vanquish the occupants of the room. Corthen uses his flametongue to dispatch the troll corpses. The party scoops up the loose coins and jewelry of the creatures and leaves by climbing a short flight of stairs up.

Traveling down a long hall the party discovers a partially open door. Beyond is a 30’ by 40’ room with a high 50’ ceiling appears to have served as a meeting hall. The room’s dominating feature is a rotting long table surrounded by 16 wooden chairs. Tatters of mildewed fabric still cling to the West wall. What the tapestry once represented the heroes cannot make out.
Surrounding the table on the wooden floor are seven bodies of an elf and six humans, some are old men but all have died violently.

Suddenly the rogue shakes violently and screams. Failing in its attempt to possess Rehs a semitranslucent figure appears and tries to grab members of the group. The party uses its spells to fight the ghost and defeat it. Tellazar, Samira, Corthen and Erith find that the encounter with the undead spirit has unnaturally aged them by a decade.

The party searches the corpses and discovers that they know the deceased adventurers sprawled across the floor. They have seen them in the Yawning Portal in the past months. Vilnullas says they called themselves the Finders of Luck. Corthen says that their luck seems to have run out. The group decides to remove the dead men and woman from the dungeon. The heroes carry the bodies to the entry well and give gold to Adama of Tymora for their burials in the City of the Dead. Uldred notices that several of the regulars of the taproom take notice of the group’s compassion for the dead. Several of them give him a silent nod of respect for their kindness. The group returns to the depths.

Traveling back the passages south of the recent ghost encounter that group finds a door with a skull and crossbones painted on its surface. Rehs carefully inspects the door and several offcolor flagstones in front of the door before he picks the lock. Corthen slowly pulls the stone door open and leads the way for swords bared. The party finds a straw matress and a wooden stool in the otherwise empty room. Rehs and Vilnullas search the area and Rehs finds a folded piece of parchment. He unfolds it. On it he discovers a list with the names and descriptions of each current member of the group except for Samira!

After some debate and some fearful speculation the group agrees to put the list back and secure the door again. Not knowing who created the list or its purpose weighs heavily on several members of the group. They all agree to keep adventuring for the time being. Opening another chamber nearby the party finds that someone has scrawled messages in white paint upon the South wall. They read “Disturb not the dead, for they sleep lightly.” “Woe upon the foolish who would try to descend into Halaster’s Halls. Although he is gone, his works remain to slay even the greatest of mortals.” and “Yanar found the lair of the Loathbeast.”

During a search of a nearby passage Corthen finds a secret door. Nolia discovers the trigger and opens the hidden way. Corthen and Vilnullas lead the adventurers through into an impressive chamber that is 50’ high in the center. Slender pillars of dark marble line the entryway into this vast chamber. Ruby red carpet covers much of the dark tiled floor.

Traveling further into the hall, the heroes see immense relief carvings on the wall of semi-nude and nude women, men, and elves of both sexes embracing in many acts of passion. An oval pool of clear water 3’ deep and 30’ in diameter fills much of the floor between the walls of the carved lovers. On the far side of the pool, lies another carpeted area, this is covered with dozens of large black silk pillows. Erith jokes that they have found the cellars to Corthen’s villa. The elven warrior shoots a dark look at his friends for laughing since he still is upset about the imposter who turned his home into a pleasure palace during his absence while adventuring for Lord Hawkwinter.

Beyond the hall of many pillows, are four large 30’ tall pillars of smooth white marble with veins of gold throughout their surface. Atop each pillar is a large winged lion of immense size made of bronze. They stare down at the group with unseeing eyes. The area beyond the lions appears to be the temple proper. Here in this chamber of polished black stone, a 30’ tall, cat-headed woman surveys the chamber from her raised platform against the back wall. A 20’ long, 6’ wide, and 4’ high altar of shiny black marble stands 10’ in front of the scantily clad cat-headed statue. The group carefully approaches the black marble altar.

The black marble altar has several items upon it. On the left side of the altar, a golden incense burner and a golden chalice with dancing nude women and studded with amethysts sits. Soft white silk bedding occupies the center of the altar stone.The right side of the altar holds a small golden chest with the raised relief of a cat’s head with hooped earrings. Corthen begins appraising the treasure sitting atop the black stone surface. Samira and Uldred try to examine the items to identify what deity this temple may be consecrated to. Samira shares that a cat-headed deity named Bast is worshipped in lands to the East. Erith says that the only goddesses that he knows of that might have been worshipped here are Sune, Goddess of Love or Sharess, Goddess of Lust. Corthen gathers up the temple items and secures them in his pack.

When the party begins to exit the temple proper they find that the bronzed winged lions are now moving and watching the group and look ready to pounce down on them like they are a drove of sheep. Corthen quickly runs back to the altar and puts the goddesses’ items back with haste. Once he returns the golden items from the black marble altar the bronze guardians revert to immovable statues again. As they make their way out of the Cat Goddess’ temple, Corthen says no one else in the party has the stones to search the pool besides him. Erith laughs before removing his clothes and gear and entering the pool nude. After joking for several minutes, the pool is found to be empty of any hidden treasures or secret portals.

A search of a side chamber reveals a large statue of a human male with an upheld sword. An oval cut sparkling gemstone amulet is part of the warrior statue. The party is reluctant to awaken magic that may be part of the bald headed carved warrior. The group decides to leave the hidden temple area and make camp back at the fountain chamber they had discovered earlier in the day.

15th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

In the morning, Saedellas, Silvaris, and Whitlowe depart Waterdeep for Silverymoon. The others say their goodbyes at the gates of the city. They discuss taking time to do weapon training and improving adventuring skills. The group agrees to start a training period in the morning.

13th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes return to the Spires of the Morning, the Temple of Lathander several hours before dawn. The group presents remains of their friend, Whitlowe, who was killed the previous year during their early explorations into Undermountain.

Erith and the other members present the lesser priests of the temple with a number of large gemstones as a donation to gain the favor of Lathander. The group meets with High Radiance Ghentilara, the female Morninglord, the high priestess of Lathander’s temple in the City of Splendors. She performs the resurrection ceremony when the rays of the dawn sun rise above the horizon. In a blink of an eye, the gnomish warrior, Whitlowe, draws breath and is made whole again.

After gathering his wits, the Morninglord informs the gnome that he has returned to the physical world by the renewing touch of Lathander. The gnome sits up and is tearfully greeted by his friends who are happy to see him alive once more. There are hugs and much joy between close friends. After leaving the temple, the party returns to Silvaris’ residence. There Silvaris and Saedellas inform the gnome of their plans to return to their homes in Silverymoon. Whitlowe agrees to join them on the journey.

The gnome meets Nolia, Vilnullas, Uldred, and Rehs. Corthen tells the gnome of everything that has occurred since his fall in Halaster’s Halls. Afterwards, Silvaris pulls Corthen aside and asks him if he would like to purchase the manor house from him or not. The elf ponders the idea for awhile before accepting the rogue’s offer. They agree on the price and agree to transact the sale with Mirt and record the sale with the city.

Saedellas speaks to Tellazar and tells the wizard that he can make contact with Gorund Hardwand before Tellazar makes a trip to Silverymoon to return the staff. The priest of Corellon tells the mage that he will send word to him before he makes a journey all the way to Silverymoon trying to locate the other former pupil of Ildus. Tellazar thanks Saedellas for his help in the matter.

In a generous mood, Erith gives Whitlowe, Rehs, Vilnullas, and Nolia several large jacinth gemstones from his personal treasure. The bard tells each of them it is to aid them in paying for anything they desire. He says it is only fair to assist the members who are not wealthy as some in the group. The four adventurers thank him for his generosity.

12th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes gather together at the Dripping Dagger to talk over some drinks. An upset Corthen has been mollified somewhat after he speaks to Mirt the Moneylender in the morning and finds out that his imposter never withdrew any of his wealth from Mirt. Corthen is puzzled as to why his imposter spent thousands of gold to furnish his house like a pleasure palace but did not try to steal his secured wealth.

The treasure hunter tells his friends that he is bothered by having someone masquerade about the city claiming to be him and having debauched his good name. He says that he isn’t sure if he can sleep comfortably in his own house now knowing that hundreds of Waterdhavians have used his house as a festhall. A surly Corthen shares that he may consider selling his home if he can find a buyer.

After the warrior has finished venting to the others, Saedellas and Silvaris inform the others that they have some news they wish to share with the group. Silvaris informs the party that he has received a letter from home and that his family needs his assistance with caring for his grandparents who have fallen ill. He tells the party that although he loves adventuring, he will be retiring from the life and returning to Silverymoon. Saedellas speaks up, he tells the stunned group that he also will be returning to Silverymoon with Silvaris. The elven priest offers the use of his home in the South Ward for Rehs or anyone else who wishes to live there.

The two retiring heroes inform the party that they are willing to trade or sell some of their magical adventuring gear to their friends if they are interested. The party members discuss the weapons and cloaks for a while before Erith speaks up. The bard says that since two of the founding members of the group are retiring and returning to Silverymoon that perhaps they could use another traveling companion. Everyone looks at Erith strangely before he elaborates. Erith says he believes it is past time to attempt a resurrection with Whitlowe. The bard pledges four black sapphires fom his personal fortune to make it so. The gathered group is moved by the bard’s suggestion and soon the others chime in and make offers to aid in the plan. The group agrees to find a holy temple in the city who will agree to perform the ceremony. The group leaves the Dripping Dagger and travels to several of the large temples before finding out that the Morninglord of Lathander is willing to perform the service for a proper donation to his temple. The party agrees to their requested donation and promise to return before dawn tomorrow with the gnome’s remains.


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