Guardians of the Past

21st of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The adventurers are waiting at the Halfway Inn for Lord Duirsar to contact them again. They are approached by Hadril Mossystone, a Druid of Sylvanus. He asks them if they will help the sylvan denizens of the Forgotten Forest. He informs them that he has approached them since they are idle and have helped rid the forest of an evil not long ago. Hadril doesn’t know what is slaying the forest creatures but he promises to aid them if they are willing to undertake the task.

The party agrees to aid the gnomes and animals of the Forgotten Forest. The druid brings them to a hilltop and with his prayers he summons great eagles to take them quickly to the center of the forest. The eagles carry the Guardians of the Past high in the air and a journey that would take days has taken hours.

The party lands in the forest and begins searching for signs of trouble. They spread out listening for sounds of battle or anything that might lead them to the enemy. Near dusk the party comes to a small clearing with a shallow stream. The ground has been torn up and flies swarm around a pool of blood. An expanding search makes contact with a weak and seriously injured unicorn. It has been shot with several black arrows. The creature allows Uldred and Samira to perform healing spells and restorative magic to save its life. The party sets camp and keeps guard over the wounded unicorn for the night.

20th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

In the late morning, the party sits in the common room at two tables talking amongst themselves. Besides the smattering of human caravan merchants and a few old elven warriors there are several new faces the party has not seen. Corthen starts a conversation with a female moon elf named Ilona, who is dressed in a green and yellow silk gown. Corthen tells Ilona about himself and they talk about her interests in painting, singing, and fine elven wine. Corthen learns that she is of the Duirsar House.

Erith meets another group of elven women sitting together. Rehs and Vilnullas join the conversation with Sharlesta, Tanith, and Jarella. The heroes find the elven women beautiful, cultured, and friendly. Uldred meets a halfling woman named Emee that he shares drinks with.

Erith eventually leaves with Sharlesta and they go upstairs. Corthen finally gets the courage to ask Ilona if she would like to see his room. Rehs is accompanied by Jarella the half-elven woman and Vilnullas and Tanith leave together, followed by Uldred and Emee.

Tellazar rebuffs all offers of a drink from several attractive females. He goes upstairs alone as does Samira. Each adventurer finds that the lady who accompanies him asks him for a donation of gold to Hanali, Elven Goddess of Love. No one balks at the request and each hero agrees to donate enough gold for the entire night of companionship.

19th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar gets busy learning the powers of the the enchanted items gifted to the party by Lord Duirsar. The group divides the items among themselves and spend the day eating, drinking, and resting at the inn.

18th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party is met by a small contingent of elves at highsunfeast. The party meets the two noble looking elves accompanied by elder looking priests that carry the holy symbols of Corellon Larethian. The elves meet in private with the heroes and ask if they may now see the girdle recovered from the Forgotten Forest. Corthen removes the ancient artifact and places it carefully onto the table. After close inspection by the feywardens, they announce that it is the holy relic lost long ago. The party tells the elves of Evereska that it belongs to the elven people and they wish to return it to them.

The leader, Erlan Duirsar, thanks the adventurers. He tells them that they have a good reputation in Waterdeep according to his father. Erith and the others realize that Erlan is the son of Evindal Duirsar, the patriarch priest of Corellon in the City of Splendors with whom they met with when they met with the Evereskan Embassy.

Erlan has servants bring in elven made clothing for the party, as well as 4,000 platinum coins and twenty moonstone gems. The last gifts are a mix of enchanted ioun stones, a magic harp, magic gauntlets, and a wand.

17th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar attempts to Identify the powers of the girdle, but the magic is too powerful and he suffers a blackout that weakens him for the remainder of the day. It appears that the elves may be right, the girdle very well may be a god-crafted item given long ago to the elves of Evereska.

16th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

At midafternoon a tired but happy group arrives at the Halfway Inn. Clammas and Varnella inform the party that they must travel on to Everska and report to the Coucil Lords. Clammas asks the party to wait at the inn until called upon again. The inn is a collection of buildings located in a small wooded forest. The inn sits surrounded by paddocks and warehouses that the merchants trading with the elves use. The party sees a mixture of humans, elves, dwarves, and a few gnomes in the small merchant village.

The heroes make their way to the inn where they ask the pretty young elf girl directions to the proprietor. She ushers them into the taproom where a smiling elf introduces himself as Myrin Silverspear. Myrin sets the party up with rooms, baths, food, and drink. Even Uldred finds the Halfway Inn to his liking when he finds that Myrin stocks many different spirits for travelers, even several good dwarven ales.

Tellazar inquires if he can buy pearls anywhere nearby. Myrin informs him that a local human, Branchek Yuldis, is a local who deals in gems and jewelry. Tellazar and Corthen visit the gem merchant and purchase 10 pearls for the mage to use in his Identify spells.

13th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party led by Clammas and Varnella travel across the open lands towards the mountains that guard and protect the elven land of Evereska. Cresting a small berm near evening, the party and their two elven escorts are met suddenly by a contingent of gold and moon elves. Clammas identifies himself and shares with the patrol that they are heading to the Halfway Inn. He assures the commander of the patrol, Thyimas Roethlindar, that the party rescued Varnella and himself from certain doom and that they have something important with them that must be protected.

The 25 elf patrol agrees to protect the travelers and make sure they reach safety once Clammas and Thyimas speak alone. The elves welcome the adventurers to their camp and Erith shares songs and stories with his new audience.

7th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party fit for travel says goodbye to the gnome Brendark who gives over the flying shield to Clammas. The party led by the elves of Everska begin traveling Northeast from the clearing. The tell the party that it will a week back to the Halfway Inn.

5th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

Having retrieved the table the previous day that Muragh sat upon and discovering its magics only prevent aging and dust from laying upon its surface. The heroes learn the cursed skull, Muragh, has some useful abilities they agree to let him join them on their journeys of exploration.

Corthen leads the party back to the throne room. This time the party is prepared with spells to fight the suits of plate armor. The group moves forward into the chamber together close to the throne. Tellazar casts a Web spell between the party and the deadly armor. He then sits down on the throne which begins to pulse with light. Suddenly the mage vanishes!

The heroes fight a few of the plate armors managing to defeat them with a combined force of arms. Uldred uses his helm and blasts the remainder with fire eventually destroying them. There is a fierce discussion on what to do next. Corthen and Samira want to return to the city and use the magic of the mirror to locate Tellazar. Erith argues that Tellazar is currently alone and any delay could kill him. He says the party must try to use the throne as well. Uldred jumps on the throne during the arguement and in a few moments he vanishes just like the mage.

Erith follows the dwarf onto the throne leaving Samira, Corthen, Rehs, and Vilnullas to decide if they will follow or if they will return to the city to use the mirror to scry and use the mirror’s gate ability. Corthen finally decides to not split the party and the remaining four adventurers follow their friends into the unknown.

After a short period of disorientation, the reunited party finds themselves together outside. The sun shines overhead and a few puffy clouds drift high above. The party is standing in a large forest clearing with oak and beech trees surrounding them. The ground is covered with wild grasses and a few wildflowers. In the center of the huge opening of the forest is an immense black tree which looms over everything.

Tellazar takes an immediate dislike of the area and suggests the party choose a direction and leave the clearing. No one else joins him in his efforts to run off into the unknown forest. Corthen suggests the group survey the clearing and see if they can learn where they are. The group slowly moves forward toward the black tree. The trunk of the mysterious tree is as big as a cottage. Its long branches spread out far from the base creating a large shaded area that covers most of the clearing.

In the gloom under the immense tree Samira and Tellazar spot a number of yellowed bones poking up through the grass. The mage declares, “I still say we get the tluin out of here!” Erith points to a number of shields hanging from the tree among an entangling of vines. Corthen discovers a line of gold coins hanging in mid-air leading up to a door fashioned into the huge tree. The group stops and begins some minor bickering about what to do next, when suddenly two elves and a gnome swoop down from the tree!

The trio of demi-humans are flying. The dart past the adventurers and grab at exposed equipment on their persons. Shocked by the sudden turn of events most of the party is slow to react. Rehs, Samira, and Corthen have weapons or equipment taken by the flying pickpockets. The elves and gnome quickly fly off with their ill gotten booty into the tree canopy but quickly return for more.

Samira casts a Hold Person spell upon the gnome when he reappears. He crashes to the ground unmoving. The warriors attack the two elves with swords severely wounding the female elf. The two elves retreat, flying back up into the the treetop. Vilnullas and Uldred secure the prisoner who the party tries to question but he seems to be enthralled by magic.

Corthen leads Rehs, Uldred, and Erith up into the tree using ropes to try and regain the missing equipment. While climbing the four are attacked by living vines that snake forward to attack them. Erith nearly dies after a vine grabs him by the neck and begins choking the life from him. The vines are eventually dispatched. The climbing heroes find several bodies, one a mummified human in leather carrying a belt sickle and a rotting elf wearing chain armor and a dagger. After securing the loot the group climbs higher looking for the elves.

Eventually the party reaches the top side of the tree. The upper trunk is hollow so the party climbs down inside. There the four find a upper chamber with several coin purses, moldy bread and cheese, and a cache of weapons, as well as the missing magical equipment stolen earlier from the party. The group climbs down and meets back up with Tellazar and the others. The mage convinces the party to pull back away from the tree and see if they gain any information from the gnome prisoner away from his elven allies.

The party moves away from the tree with Rehs and Vilnullas carrying the gnome. Corthen suddenly lets out a loud grunt and stops in his tracks. He informs the others he cannot move forward that he has run into an unseen wall. Checking the area, the party soon learns that an invisible bubble of force covers the entire clearing and the black tree. Tellazar curses and lets everyone know that he hates this forest.

Faced with no way out, the group turns around and makes their way to the tree and the door in its side. After checking the door the group opens the portal. Corthen finds a shaft descending down inside the tree. Two rope ladders drop down the moist earthy smelling tunnel. The group climbs slowly down. Rehs is hit by a spear trap and impaled on the wooden haft of the fire hardened spear that shoots out from the wall. The thief manages to pull himself off the spear and reach the bottom with the others.

The Guardians of the Past find themselves in an earthen cavern filled partially with murky water. Twisting roots protrude from the pool of water and several weapons hang among them. A faint glow comes from underwater. Corthen dives into the water to learn its source. He finds a glowing leather and metal belt radiating amongst the tangle of several root-like structures. The elf grabs the belt and pulls. Suddenly the “roots” come to life and the entire party is battling a many tentacled beast.

The beast grabs several members at various times and also attacks them with blades held by other tentacles. The party fights back visciously and manages to keep themselves alive in the battle. They defeat the monster under the tree. The two priests heal everyone the best they can while Corthen gathers treasures from the pool.

The party climbs out of the shaft to the clearing. They find the gnome and elves standing awaiting their return. Expecting a battle, the party is suprised that the trio speak and inform the adventurers that they mean them no harm. They claim that they were under the control of the black monster and they were freed once the party killed it.

The party learns that Clammas Marthondin, the male gold elf; and Varnella Nightmoon, the female moon elf are both soldiers of Evereska. The gnome, Brendark Tanglewood, is a native of the forest. The elves inform the party that they are currently inside the Forgotten Forest, days from Evereska. They were part of a large long range patrol that was attacked by a large number of wyverns. Clammas says that the eight surviving elves made it to the forest and to the clearing before they became trapped. He says that one of his party was killed by vines and three more by the tentacle monster. The creature was able to use its magic to charm the survivors. He says that the other two elves were eaten in the following weeks by the beast when it grew hungry.

Corthen removes the items that he recovered from the waters. Varnella and Clammas see the belt and act very emotional. Corthen asks what the commotion is and learns that the leather and platinum belt is something they believe to be a holy item called the Girdle of Glondril. Varnella says that the party must return it to the elves of Evereska and she asks them to travel with her and Clammas back to the Halfway Inn. After some discussion the party votes to accompany the elven soldiers back to their lands.

3rd of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party wanders down new unexplored passages until they come to a wooden door plated with bronze. The plating is etched with a ring of naked swords surrounding a crown. Vilnullas opens the door to a room reeking of death. The corpse of a monster lies huddled near the door. It has the body of a large lion with bat-like wings and a long tail with a few spikes still intact. The creature has been hacked to death, and its head, like that of a large human, has been removed from the corpse and lies nearby.

A search of the area by the party reveals that the dead beast lies atop a canvas sack. In an effort to recover it, Corthen, Uldred, Vilnullas, and Samira grab the dead beast and try to move it to get to the sack underneath. During the effort, Samira is accidently infected by rot grubs that have entered her arms. Quickly Corthen pulls his flaming sword and burns the infected areas, destroying the rot grubs before she is killed by their burrowing. Uldred heals all of her wounds, then the party checks out the canvas bag. Rehs checks the sack and discovers that it contains a broken lantern and a rotting wheel of cheese that has had the broken glass of the lantern driven into it. He dumps the contents out and a single copper coin bounces and rolls out from the mess.

Turning a corner past the dead monster, the party comes to a faintly lit throne room. Twelve suits of armor line the side walls of the chamber and broad steps at the south end of the room lead up to a battered throne. The party splits up, several members move up to the throne, while the rest stay back ready to move forward or back if needed. Rehs begins a search of the stone seat and the suits of armor suddenly activate moving into battle against the party. The empty suits of armor are very tough. The party tries to defeat them, but Vilnullas and the others are being battered and are losing the battle. Uldred blows his horn of Dwarven Valhalla, which summons the spirits of fallen dwarven warriors who charge into battle against the animated suits of full plate. Seeing that they will most likely perish if they stay to fight, even Corthen agrees to flee certain death. Tellazar grabs ahold of Rehs and uses his ring to teleport away. Samira casts a spell that makes the remaining members etheral and they quickly run away from the armored guardians of the throne.


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