Guardians of the Past

9th of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

A Bard's Tale

The group decides to try and negotiate with the Frost Giant leader. The plan is they will leave the giants alone if they agree to turn over the Staff of Chauntea that was taken from the grove in the Moonshaes.

The heroes use the mirror to open the magic gate into the lower level of the giants’ stronghold. Samira speaks a Tongues prayer and calls out for a parley in the giant language. The Frost Giants respond. Samira learns their leader is the Jarl. He demands that the group drop weapons if they wish to parley with him. Corthen and the others refuse to disarm, so the giants respond by attacking the party. The group kills one of the aggressors and hastily retreats from the Jarl’s icy lair. Samira casts several healings over the injured members of the group.

Kiersan suggests that the group search the unexplored areas of the Jarl’s lair for the staff and avoid the mass of giant’s at the throne room. The group agrees, and returns back through the mirror to the upper level carved in the ice. The group’s next encounter is with Fire Giants. there is a fierce battle with the three male giants, one of them swings his huge sword and his blade kills Erith with one blow. Ayremyr, Rehs, and the others hack at the legs and torsos of the dark skinned giants. Tellazar casts several spells and the group manages to defeat these three hulking foes. Rehs and Ayremyr remove one giant’s head, so they may question him through magic. The group retreats back to Waterdeep with the bard’s corpse. Once back in the city, Samira uses the staff to bring Erith back from the dead.



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