Party Inventory List

This is a list of the party's inventory


This is a list of the party’s inventory stored as noted

(treasure split on 5/30/15) This the remainder


Non-Magical Weapons & Armor

Giant Sized Long Whip x 1
Morning Stars x 26
6’ Long Spears x 72
Giant Sized Spears x 20
Giant Sized Battle Axes x 28
Giant Sized 2-Handed Swords x 9
Giant Sized War Hammers x 12
Giant Sized Maces x 12
Giant Sized Helmets x 2
Giant Sized Shields x 3
Giant Sized Bastard Sword x 1
Dagger x 1
Giant Sized Chainmail x 14
Giant Sized Broadswords x 17

lolth spider head mace
silver brooch drow glyphs
1 short sword

Magic Items in Group Inventory
Magical Bracers of Defense AC 7 (Rhees put this back in Party Inventory)
Magical human sized Cyricist Priestly Vestments (x8 in Party Inventory)
Magical Alignment based spiked Mace (x11 from Cyricist priests)

Magic Items That Have Been Awarded

Miscellaneous Items

Note addressed to Annfrantel – “The time is nearing, the dark druidess will soon be on her way. Be prepared.” Signed by Tyrostar.

Group Items from Pirate Treasure

a map showing a series of islands. One island is labeled “The Smoking Mountain” and another island has an x marked with “buried trove from the Ocean Blue here”.

a folded and stained parchment map that depicts an area north of Luskan and bears the scrawled words “beneath the tree marked with a carving of a bowman”

A parchment in Halfling bearing “Therongull Highbottle promises to pay to Nimm Hardcheese 7,000 gold danters upon presentation of this blood note after Greengrass 1357.” – 7,000gp

a rolled parchment “Promise of delivery to the bearer – 700 bushels of barley. Nyron Draftunger, Draftunger Warehouses Baldur’s Gate. Signed 26 Flamerule, 1359.” [48lbs per bushel – If moved and sold in the right market its value is 29,600gp!]

Things kept in Party Storage in Waterdeep with Mirt

7 Magic Yellow Human Finger Bones that open very specific locks in Undermountain
+1 Warhammer
+1 Battle Axe
+2 Battle Axe
+2 Battle Axe
+1 Short Sword
+2 Dagger (In the hands of a gnome or halfling, the blade will lengthen and function as a short sword. This weapon when used by a gnome or halfling will penetrate wood or stone as easily as any softer material.

Deed to 300 Acres of Land in Amphail
1 Magic Nybod Wardrobe
1 Magic Nybod Seachest with key
1 Magic Nybod Bathtub
15’ Long Magical connected Black Chain made by Drow that teleports from Mold room

Treasure to be Split

Lockable Iron Chest with Key

Magic Items up for Split

Leather Armor +1
Chainmail +1
Small Shield +1
Mace +1
Potion of Climbing

Longsword +1
Bronze Tube with Scroll of Protection from Acid

battleaxe +3

Miscellaneous Items, Spell Components, Sundry Goods

Vellum map showing a square room with a statue. Map says “beware lightning, the throne is a way out, and 3 beholders guard it.”

Note from room that smells like the sea “Hold the door, open the chest, then search the walls”

(From Undermountain)
Large ornate gold plated key

4 large black candles
Nimraith’s map
34 oil flasks

Transport Owned by Group
1 Large Soft Top Wagon w/ spare wheel
2 Draft Horses

from split on 5/30/15 left Huntresses split

wooden box 1’ square containing salt
giant size ceramic mug containing human teeth
large knife (giant)
giant wooden hair comb
yellow human sized dress
human sized grey wool cloak
200’ hemp rope
3 wax candles on orc skulls
human sized sandals
wineskin with wine
medium sized iron cook pot
battered pewter bowl
Jar containing 30 marbles


DM revised the list after the 2/8/14 game session treasure split.
Corthen revised the list before 5/30/15 Game (This revision does not include items up for split with huntresses. Sorry I was too tired.)

Party Inventory List

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