Letter from Rhiannon to Erith

recieved on 21st of Marpenoth 1366 in Caer Callidyr

Dearest Friend, My hope is this letter finds you well. My sister Brwynella sends her warm regards to you and your companions. She asked that I send her thanks once again for your timely aid during the siege of our family home. We have been busy making repairs to the stone walls. We have repaired the south wall completely, but the damage to the west wall was extensive and will require at least another season.

The Ffolk of Aithe have had some better luck with the crops over the warm months despite the sickness that has prevailed across the Kingdom. The priests say this is a sign of Chauntea’s unyielding strength in the face of corruption and dark deeds. Bandits still raid the Cantrev but no foul darkrobes have been reported in our Cantrev since you dispatched the black-hearted traitor Blackstone.

We have heard rumors that you and your companions rode north from the Caer Callidyr into the Farheight Mountains two months ago. Any further inquiries into your whereabouts or well-being have been fruitless. I hope that my messenger is able to deliver this letter to you before Winter falls. The reason I have made such an effort is that I wanted to share news with your llewyrr friend Ayremyr.

His former lady Jessandra Blossom is with child. She has confessed to my sister and I that during the voyage to the islands that the two of them consorted aboard the Mermaid Sword and she is now bearing his offspring. Jessandra also had more to tell. She sobbed in fear when she told the tale to Brwynella and myself. She shared that she and her sisters escaped servitude to a cruel man named Sufontis. The man is a powerful Pasha of Calimport. Jessandra told us that she learned of the Calishites who were aiding Lord Blackstone during his attack on our home. Jessandra stated that those men were tasked to bring the Blossom sisters back to their former master so he could torture them mercilessly and finally slay them when he was ready.

Jessandra says that the three sisters learned to steal morsels of food from the kitchens of the Pasha since they were often starving as slaves to the uncaring Pasha. Finally gaining enough courage the trio stole some gems from the wealthy despot and fled the city aboard an outgoing vessel that took them to Waterdeep and into your lives.

Jessandra has not asked this of me, but I felt it was important to try and reach out to you so that Ayremyr knows of the child. Jessandra does not seem to think he will make any effort for his child and it will not be able to carry his name. She has said that she now believes that she was nothing more than a passing dalliance for him and he has treated her poorly since her arrival in Aithe. I feel she is mistaken and that your friend is an honorable elf who would not abandon his own offspring in the face of the dangers that it and the mother face both here and from abroad.

Please send word back if it possible. I have instructed my messenger to await your reply should this letter reach you. I keep you all in my thoughts and in my prayers to Chauntea. May she guide you all and keep you safe. We hope to see you all in the coming months if the Goddess grants us our desires.
As always your loving friend,

Rhiannon Cauldyth

Letter from Rhiannon to Erith

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