The intelligent short sword bearing the soul of Harrikas the ranger.

weapon (melee)

This short sword has a green translucent gem on the sword’s pommel. Inside this gem lies the soul of Harrikas the ranger. Harrikas was a level 9 ranger before he was imprisoned within the sword and left to rot in the Underhalls beneath the City of Splendors, Waterdeep. When the Guardians of the Past initially found Harrikas, he attacked them thinking they were enemies as the years he had been left in Undermountain had made him very untrusting of everyone. Once the party convinced Harrikas they were honorable, he agreed to be wielded by someone in the party whom he would choose. Before he chose the party member whom would wield him, Harrikas spent time with each person getting to know them. He eventually chose Corthen Nightglade as his wielder and companion and has been with Corthen ever since. Harrikas is a +2 short sword who can telepathically communicate with his wielder. Against trolls, Harrikas’s intense hatred for the beasts shines through as he becomes a +4 shortsword. Harrikas grants his wielder a 56% chance to hide in the shadows within a natural environment as well as a 70% chance to move silently within natural environs. Harrikas can also “dance” independent of his wielder up to 6 rounds once per day. When “dancing”, Harrikas uses the THACO of a level 9 ranger. Corthen considers it an honor to wield this blade.



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