Wooden harp gifted by the Harpers

musical instrument

This rarity is a favored item of traveling Harpers, who are believed to have devised it in long-ago days. A handharp is a crescent-shaped wooden instrument about the size of a man’s hand, strung with magical metal strings. Its powers can be employed by anyone able to play a tune. When it is played, four small blue globes of light (equal in effects to the first level wizard spell dancing lights) come into being around the harp. These globes may be mentally directed by the harp player, as a wizard directs his dancing lights, without full concentration.

Undead suffer damage and attack roll penalties of -2 within 10’ of a playing handharp. Saving throws against all life-energy draining, paralyzing, and related natural spells and powers (such as a chill touch spell) attacks are made at +2. Creatures within 10’ of a playing handharp cannot be charmed, and charmed creatures who venture within 10’ of a playing handharp will be dazed (treat as the effects of a power word stun) as long as they remain in the handharp’s area of effect. All of these powers can be used as often as desired and do not drain the item.

A handharp has one additional power, which can be used only once per day, though all of the handharp’s magic is exhausted for 1 turn after this use. The bearer of a handharp can, by plucking a certain string and singing a particular note simultaneously, will the handharp to dimension door him or her up to 90’ away. This power will take along all carried and worn items, but not another living creature.

Such travel is instant, but subject to the same dangers that the spell has: if the intended destination is improperly described or not concentrated upon, mid-air appearances and falling damage are possible. Note that a handharp bearer can mentally state (aloud to the DM) any visible destination (e.g., under the apple tree, over there) without giving its coordinates in distance and direction and still arrive safely.

In the hands of a bard, a handharp’s area of effect doubles to 20’ distant, and it can be made to dimension door the bard up to 180’ away.


This item was gifted to the Guardians of the Past by fellow Harpers in the Wild Wood in the Moonshae Isles to aid them in the battle against the evil forces at work. This item was given to Erith Talvera.


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