Diary of Thrulsin "The Harbor Shadow" Eskin

Diary from Tomb of the Maiden King


“Tuspexa has found the tomb; it was buried under much earth. She set her followers to digging and after three days we uncovered the entry doors. We enter tomorrow at dawn after Tuspexa leads her followers in prayer to the Strife Lord.”

“After our entry, Tuspexa ordered a dozen of her followers to lead the way into the royal tomb. I told her that such a place is likely to be filled with magic and traps, but her arrogance got the best of her and eight of them died in the main entry stairwell. She will not listen to my warnings!”

“The Banite has set her remaining followers to recklessly plundering and defacing the shrines of this tomb to Tempus. May Mask hide me in the shadows! She has even awoken the fallen priests and warriors of the tomb. I regret … (illegible) the bargain.”

“Tuspexa and her Banites are trapped inside what I told her was a false tomb. She did not believe me when I told her that all of the coins and jewels are fake. … (illegible) the tomb door is sealed. I am alone now, although I can hear her screams of rage through the door.”

“I cannot leave the tomb. I have spent days trying to. The outer doors are sealed with magic and the last of my light is dying. If I should be found, my name is Thrulsin “The Harbor Shadow” Eskin and I wish to be buried with a stone overlooking the sea.


Diary of Thrulsin "The Harbor Shadow" Eskin

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