Dark Hand

An enchanted gauntlet worn on the left hand.


The Dark Hand is an item looted from a priest of Cyric in the Moonshaes. It is a flexible metal mesh the glows with an eerie purplish-black radiance. It is worn on the left hand, so the wearer is able to wield a weapon as well as the glove. A successful attack roll is required to deliver any of the Dark Hand’s touch effects.

  • A Dark Hand absorbs all spells (and equivalent monster natural powers and magic item effects) of third level and less, regardless of class or origin. Such attacks will simply not affect the wearer or any items carried or worn by him, regardless of the wearer’s actions (or even if dead or unconscious). Area affect spells are not negated or diverted; they simply do not affect the glove wearer.
  • A Dark Hand can be used actively. Its touch can be used to drain magic items of 1-4 charges, per touch or round of continuous contact, if the wearer wills. Each grasped magic item gains a saving throw against Magical Fire to avoid being drained and must save anew for each contact. Magic Items that do not use charges are rendered dormant and useless for 1-4 rounds.
  • Magic item powers are not known to harm Dark Hands. Its mesh resists piercing and cutting by even the keenest blades. The wearer’s left forearm and hand are protected against critical hits from cutting and piercing attacks, as well as swords of sharpness and vorpral blades. The arm and hand are affected normally by bludgeoning attacks.
  • If the wearer wills, a Dark Hand’s touch can paralyze living beings, who are allowed normal saving throws to successfully resist. If failed, the target is paralyzed for 2-5 turns. Any attack on a being so paralyzed will automatically hit, but breaks the paralysis instantly.
  • Undead can be paralyzed by the hand’s touch. Hand wearers roll turning attempts, as a cleric of the same level. If the result is a “T”, 2-5 turn paralysis occurs. If the result is a “D”, the paralysis is permanent-until an attack ends it, or magic is used to dispel it.
  • Dark Hands can release absorbed magical energy through a touch attack. The electrical energy discharge affects only the being touched. A saving throw vs. poison is allowed. If successful a victim suffers 2-12 damage; if failed, 1-4 hit points of the damage of each hand contact is permanent. No saving throw will allow all damage to be avoided. This power can only be used four times per day. If a touch attempt misses, the energy is not discharged and wasted; a discharge occurs only if an attack succeeds.

Dark Hand

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