Black Robes of Cyric

Black robes with embroidered flaming skulls upon it.


The black robes worn by some of the clergy of the Dark God, Cyric.

  • The robes grant the wearer a +3 Armor Class bonus and a +4 saving throw to all saving throws while wearing the vestments.
  • The vestments provide the wearer with protection equivalent to the third level wizard spell Protection From Normal Missiles.
  • They act as a first level wizard spell Feather Fall.
  • The robes act as a Ring of Fire Resistance.
  • The wearer can employ True Seeing three times in any one day period.
  • The wearer can Dimension Door three times in any one day period.
  • The robes possess a secret command word that make the robes invisible and levitate them in place until the command spoken in reverse to make them reappear.

Black Robes of Cyric

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