Vilnullas Whitewood

Male moon elf warrior from the village of Elventree.


Vilnullas Whitewood, level 5 Moon Elf Male, Warrior

ABILITY SCORES Str 18/59, Int 18, Wis 13, Dex 14, Con 16, Cha 14, Com 18.

HP:49 AC: 2 Rear AC:2 Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapon Proficiencies: longbow, longsword (specialization), two handed sword (specialization)

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus – lyre [special training]
reading/writing – Elven, swimming, hunting, tracking, running, bowyer/fletcher, fishing, set snares, and riding land based

Notable Items: +1 platemail, Flame of the North : two handed sword +2, +4 vs. CE beings, everbrighted, absorbs magic missiles and electrical attacks on the wielder, 10% chance of reflecting spells back to the caster that targeted the wielder

Patron God: Corellon Larethian


A warrior by training, Vilnullas left the Dalelands and traveled the roads west to the Sword Coast. He met up with a rogue and a ranger in Tethyr. They formed a small adventuring party and defeated a evil hedge wizard plaguing the area.
Vilnullas and his two companions, Nolia and Cortonas traveled to the City of Splendors. Here they joined forces with another group known as the Circle of Valor. They explored many dark hallways and hidden chambers in Undermountain. It was in a crypt that Vilnullas claimed the sword ‘Flame of the North’, a two handed sword with phantom flames on its blade.
After the departure of both Nolia and Cortonas from the adventuring group, now called the Guardians of the Past, Vilnullas made the decision to leave as well. He informed Erith Talvera, the group’s bard that he had grown tired of adventuring and had decided to retire from the Guardians of the Past.

Vilnullas Whitewood

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