Guardians of the Past

28th of Tarsakh 1364 The Year of the Wave


Arising at dawn the travelers are set upon by five non-human skeletons armed with black scimitars. Tellazar strikes first on these vile creatures. Whitlowe proves his mettle as a warrior and handily dispatches one of the creatures with his first swing. Not to be outdone, Corthen destroys another. When the dust settles, all of the party has proven themselves to be quite competent in battle. Saedellas grab one of the skulls as a trophy and so he might be able to have someone identify what the party just fought. The group heals up as best they can, then roll up the scimitars and press onward.

After a couple of hours they find a trail headed west into higher elevations. They later find out that this trail leads to Fang Rock Tower. Later in the day the party comes to a small town with a wooden stockade, a dry moat and a drawbridge. This town is called Trail Ridge. Tellazar pays the copper tolls to enter the town. The guards ask them their business and when they inform them that they are adventurers, the gate guards tell the party that Mayor Edmar may wish to hire them. The guards tell the fledgling group to check the Light and Lantern Inn or go by the town council house.

They head over to the town council house and find Mayor Edmar. He says that several days ago, a work group headed by Delea the White, a mage, went to Trail Ridge Tower to do an upgrade on the beacon network. Last night, her familiar brought a note that there were bandits in the tower. He asks the group to clear the bandits out and rescue Delea and her work crew as well as the tower staff. The pay offer is 1800 gold pieces total to clear the bandits out of the tower and 200 gold pieces per person they rescue. The tower is manned by priests of Oghma and has six other staff members normally. Delea’s party consisted of a dwarf named Haril and five human mercenaries and is guided by a ranger named Shaador. Delea was hired by Silverymoon and Everlund to upgrade the towers by casting her spells of light on the foci. Her party was using ten mules and Shaador’s black horse. The mayor also tells them that the tower has a total of four levels and it is of dwarven construction.

The mayor loans out five horses and a pony to speed up the trip. Silvaris and Corthen get five white cloaks to help them blend into the snowy terrain of the mountain. While they are out, a man on the street tells them that his friend Thinrock saw a man on a dragon land at the tower.

Having left town and have been on the trail up the mountain side a while, Silvaris notices something off the trail up ahead and thinks it may be signs of an ambush. The riders dismount and lead the horses. Corthen thinks something is odd over off the trail. Kazlar finds five human corpses stripped and covered in scrub brush. Two of them appear to have died of fear.

The group hides the horses and makes camp. It is a foggy night and Tellazar believes he sees a campfire through the fog. The adventurers set up the same watches as the previous night and it passes uneventfully.



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