Guardians of the Past

26th of Tarsakh 1364 -The Year of the Wave

The young moon elves Saedellas and his friend Silvaris are at their usual spot at the Owl and Dagger Tavern in Silverymoon. They notice several strangers enter the tavern and decide to strike up a conversation with the group. The two elves approach the two humans, an elf and a gnome seated at a table. Introductions are made and Saedellas buys a round of drinks. The quiet man dressed in the simple robes of an apprentice mage tells the elves that he goes by Tellazar of the Orbs. He says he is from Waterdeep and is out exploring the world. The other human is Kazlar and he says he is from Neverwinter and is in Silverymoon on behalf of Tempus, the god of battle.

The moon elf tells his drinking companions that his name is Corthen and that he hails from Elven Court and is headed to Waterdeep, once the roads are clear. He wears chain armor and possesses two sheathed longswords. The gnome tells Silvaris that he is Whitlowe and hails from Quaevarr. He is heavily armed and wears the armor of a warrior. The group of six spend most of the evening exchanging tales and draining tankards of ale.

Saedellas is suprised by the appearance of his father, Lodellas Nightstar, at the Owl and Dagger. The elder elf, a retired adventurer, is missing his right arm at the shoulder. He informs his son that a message has arrived via the signal towers from Everlund. It seems that one of Lodellas’ old adventuring companions, Turnoc Redleaf, has died and left an item for his friend. Lodellas informs his son that he will need to travel to Everlund and retrieve the inheritance. The elder elf asks Silvaris if he will travel with his son so he won’t be traveling the road alone. Silvaris agrees, and soon the entire table offers to assist the young priest and his father.

The group agrees to meet back at the the Owl and Dagger in the morning to set off on the road.
Saedellas makes room at his home for Corthen to stay with him since he does not have a room in town yet.



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