Guardians of the Past

25th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Corthen speaks to Uldred, Rehs, Samira, Tellazar, and Vilnullas. He tells them that he feels it would not be a bad idea for each of them to find lodgings of their own since each of them is a successful and rich adventurer in their own right. The elf says that they can afford to rent places of their own or even purchase their own fine homes in whatever ward in the city suits them.

The news does not go over well with the five. They pack up their possessions and decide to become houseguests at Saedellas’ home in the South Ward. The absent owner had offered use of his residence to his friends before he left for Silverymoon, so the five adventurers decide to move into his house. Corthen shakes his head at this turn of events. He had hoped to encourage his friends into setting down roots of their own and to become citizens of their adopted city. Their reaction was just the opposite of his intentions. They have left his house as guests just to become houseguests of the departed Feywarden.

Corthen visits with Erith. He shares the news of the others moving out. He tells the bard that he is interested in using some of his great wealth in building or buying a business where he can go and relax while listening to music and having a drink or two. Erith agrees to join him in his search. The two friends wander the Castle Ward for hours checking out local establishments. Corthen likes the Splendid Falcon Theater and Dance Hall. It is located on the Street of Bells, Castle Ward, east-front four doors north of the Pampered Traveler Inn. The elf warrior speaks to the owner of the Splendid Falcon, Teramith Blaylittle. He tries to purchase the business from the woman, but she tells him that she is not interested in selling the theater.

Corthen wants the Splendid Falcon and offers Teramith a small fortune. The business woman finally agrees to a price for a partnership between herself, Erith, and Corthen. The elf is excited to close the deal. He and Erith promise to return in the morning with payment and have all the documents signed. Teramith agrees to continue to run the day to day operations as part of the business deal.



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