Guardians of the Past

27th of Tarsakh 1364 - The Year of the Wave

The new friends set off on foot on their journey south to Everlund. Leaving Silverymoon the group’s journey should take several days to travel the road up through the mountains. The warriors Corthen and Whitlowe lead the party dressed in their armor. Tellazar the mage and Saedellas the servant of Corellon follow and Kazlar of Tempus and Silvaris the elven rogue pulling up the rear.

After a long uneventful day of travel, they proceed to set up camp. At the site they choose, they find the bones of a person long since passed away. Whitlowe finds a rusted long sword and 6 tarnished silver pieces plus a tarnished silver medallion depicting a rose surrounded by rays of the sun, which they later find out is a holy symbol of Chauntea. The travelers bury the bones and the long sword and then Kazlar says last rites for the fallen. All in all, they have traveled about 15 miles this day. The group sets watches for the night. Kazlar and Tellazar are on first, Corthen and Saedellas on second watch, and Whitlowe and Silvaris on the last watch.



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