Guardians of the Past

12th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventuring party returns to Undermountain. They find a room filled with large cobwebs and the remains of a men pierced by spikes on each side of the room. A search in a nearby hall reveals a secret store room with a box of 20 spearheads, 6 barrels of ale and a total of 39 bags of burdock, hyssop, deadly nightshade, grape seed, mad weed and bethroot.

After leaving the secret room the group sees two men running towards them and directly behind them is an eye tyrant. One of the running men is disintegrated and the members of the Circle of Valor decide quickly they should run also. The scared heroes catch up with the man later and discover his name is Thrimbul and there had been 7 members in his adventuring party. He shares that the rest of his comrades are dead from the beholder. Thrimbul is a warrior with a bow and a long sword. After a quick discussion among his peers Saedellas asks Thrimbul to join with them until they leave the halls.

The group enters a room covered in burn scars that has a large granite statue of a half-human half-snake female. As they approach the statue, a trap triggers a spell that slows Silvaris. Another spell trap goes off and a bright flash almost blinds Corthen and Silvaris. Corthen grabs Silvaris and drags him out of the room. The room goes dark and then there is another flash and some smoke. Then the room lightens again. Silvaris returns to the statue and discovers a hidden compartment in the arm that is activated by the navel of the statue. Inside the compartment is a bag with 6 gems of a pale blue sheen. Silvaris estimates them to be moon stones worth 1000 gold each, but they later find out they are only worth 50 gold each.
Corthen discovers a compartment under the statue and 3 skeletons emerge from it. The compartment is actually an 8 by 8 room with a rotting leathern bag containing 39 electrum coins.

The heroes continue their foray deeper into the chambers of Undermountain. They enter a room covered with mud. The mud is about 3 feet deep. Corthen enters into the room and arms covered in mud reach up from the floor and try to grab him. As he exits the room, 2 mud covered figures follow him. One hits Whitlowe and paralyzes him and begins to pull him under. Silvaris enters the mud to rescue Whitlowe as the rest of the party fights the mud man. Saedellas and Thrimbul dive into the mud to help. When they have dispatched the mud men, Silvaris resurfaces with Whitlowe and they also find a large hide covered shield and a large ornate gold-plated key inside it.

The party come to a room with four massive casks of spiced wine. They quickly leave since no gold coins can be found. The group with Corthen and Whitlowe leading come to a set of stairs leading up and a figure at the top obscured in mist. When the party slowly advances up there, it appears to be an elf clad in black full plate with a long sword and dagger. Saedellas believes it to be an illusion because nothing happens and the patrolling armored elf does not respond to them.

The group comes to a door and a fanged mouth appears and warns anyone who would disturb the occupant that they will not live to regret it. Tellazar has to use the ring to open the magically held door. Upon entering the room the adventurers are attacked by 7 fire beetles. They make short work of them after Tellazar puts four of them to sleep with his magic.
The group travels through several passageways before entering a sand filled room. Silvaris discovers a sea chest filled with wet sand. Under the sand is a hollow large animal tusk with each end sealed in wax. Inside the party discovers a scroll with several spells used by priests.

The party leaves the sand room and turns a corner in the passage when five members of the party are hit with crossbow bolts. There was an orc hiding with 6 crossbows mounted to fire simultaneously. The orc then proceeds to pin Corthen to a wall with a shield mounted on some rolling apparatus. The party fights back against the orc guard. When it is over, the fledgling heroes enter the room he was guarding and find 2 empty chests. The orc was wearing studded leather armor, an open faced helm, high hard boots, a belt with a pouch containing a tinder box, kindling, a roasting skewer, dagger and a purse with 3 coppers. He was wielding a broad sword and a battle axe. The party attempts to leave and head back up out of the dungeon when a wall crashes down and seals a section of passageway and the group is forced to go around to leave the area. They reach the well chamber without any further suprises and beat the shields to summon the lift back up to the inn and safety above.



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