Guardians of the Past

High Harvestide 1366 Year of the Staff

A Day of Feasting and Blessings

The adventuring group spends the day in Waterdeep. Corthen invites everyone to a holiday meal at his manor house. His cook prepares a feast that everyone enjoys. Corthen, Erith, and Rehs examine the treasure secured from the giant hold the previous night.

In addition to much gold, platinum, gems, and jewelry, the heroes also carry out several enchanted weapons. Tellazar takes up the items to prepare them for Identify magic. He also gathers up a long, heavy black chain loop made of weird metal. There is a drawing made on human skin showing that the chain is to be looped over itself creating two circles. Tellazar retreats to his spell room in the cellar to attune himself to the items.

Samira blesses Corthen’s pantries, food cellars, and wine cellar. The group spends the rest of the evening singing, eating, dancing, and drinking elven wine.



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