Guardians of the Past

30th of Tarsakh 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventuring group gather their spoils from the half orcs and Voronia. She had 6 bottles, a book in a bag, and some spell components. One of the half orcs was wearing chain mail and had a long bow, a short sword, 4 throwing daggers, 11 sheaf arrows in a quiver and a pouch with 27 gold pieces and 42 silver pieces. The other also was wearing chain mail but also carried a shield. He wielded a bastard sword and carried a footman’s mace, a heavy crossbow with 10 quarrels, a dagger and 21 gold pieces in a pouch. He was also wearing a cloak with six citrines worth 50 gold pieces each sewn inside the hem. Corthen and Silvaris discover that the bandits have three horses down stairs.

Delea the White finally wakes up from the drugged sleep that the bandits had forced upon her while Kazlar and Saedellas use healing prayers to renew Haril and their wounded companions. Delea asks the fledgling adventuring group to stay until the upgrades are complete since all five of her mercenary guards have been killed. They need to recover from wounds and regain spells anyway so they agree. Corthen, Kazlar, and Saedellas bury the five mercenaries and recover their weapons from the dead bandits. Delea says they can have the items for staying until the upgrades are complete. They had a total of 5 long swords, 5 long bows, 5 suits of leather, 5 large wooden shields and a total of 30 sheaf arrows.



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