Guardians of the Past

9th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff

Seeking Robes

Come morning, the gathered heroes rouse Ayremyr from his slumber for morningfeast. They discuss replacing the enchanted vestments of Cyric since the robes are tainted with evil and are adorned with his holy symbols spun of silver thread.

Samira suggests seeking robes at the temple of Mystra. Tellazar plans on speaking to Iriethana Waveharp at the tower of the Watchful Order. He plans to inquire about mages of power who are known to craft items for pay.

Rehs travels with Samira to the House of Wonder, the holy temple of the Goddess of Magic. She tithes and prays at the holy altar before approaching a priest of the temple. She inquires if she might speak to the High Priest and gives her name and a brief description of why she seeks assistance.

A short time later Samira and Rehs are taken to the study of Meleghost Starseer. The bald priest wears a ghoatee and wears long robes with many arcane symbols upon them. Samira asks if the Magister of the temple can aid them in creating the party robes that protect the wearer from harm. She relates that in recent fighting with priests of Cyric that the party recovered several of the black robes and wished to have similar protections.

Meleghost asks who serves the Lady of Mysteries as ordained clergy. Samira admits that she is the only party member who serves Mystra. The bald priest tells the two adventurers that such holy items created upon altars of the goddess are only for her servants and no other beings are worthy of her protections. Samira asks if she might ask for such vestments since she is a priestess who serves the Lady of Magic.

Meleghost Starseer tells Samira that if she can eventually gather enough wealth to pay for the materials and related items that he will have the robes created for her. Samira inquires and is told that the costs are 30,000 gold coins. Samira tells the Magister that she will have that money brought to the temple before Highsun on the following day.

Tellazar speaks to Iriethana during his studies of new spells. He asks her about the mages of power in Waterdeep who might enchant items in exchange for coin. He tells her that he has spoken to Khelben in recent days and he turned down him down since he was too busy.

Iriethana tells Tellazar that the mages of power that she knows of are Kappiyan Flurmastyr, Maaril, Savengriff once of the Company of Crazed Venturers, Maskar Wands, and Nain Keenwhistler; a former comrade of Savengriff.



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