Guardians of the Past

8th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff

A Visitor at Night

Corthen has been slowly recuperating from his wounds caused by the enchanted wounding longsword during his swordfight with the evil Baron Blackstone just over a month ago. This night Corthen is startled from his evening reverie by the sound of footsteps from inside his bedchamber. Reaching for his ready flametongue blade he grasps the hilt and turns to face his intruder.

He stares into the face of Khelben Arunsun, the archmage wizard of Waterdeep. Quickly removing the steel away from the area of the mage’s vital organs he hastily asks the Blackstaff why he has come in the dead of night. Khelben’s reply, “I expected that my agents would report back on recent events if they so happened to return to this fair city. I don’t suppose that I missed such documents from you and your friends, have I?”

Corthen quickly apologizes to the wizard. He offers to gather his comrades and give a full report directly to him, if he so wishes. The mage agrees and Corthen sends his guards to summon the others to his residence in the North Ward. A little over an hour passes before Erith arrives from his home in the Castle Ward.

Corthen brings the other Harpers into his study to meet with Khelben. Erith, Samira, Tellazar, Rehs, and Corthen brief the Master Harper on events since they left Waterdeep aboard the Mermaid Sword. They tell him about Aithe and the Dark Druidess and her plans to release the Seven Dead Gods to serve Cyric. When they are finished Corthen asks Khelben if he will examine the torc taken from the crypts beneath Darkhorn Castle. He warns him that it harms anyone touching it.

Khelben looks over the ancient torc. Tellazar asks him how they might use its powers against the evil powers. Khelben is unsure and suggests striking the demons and other planar creatures with the item to learn its true powers. The archmage returns the headpiece to the Guardians of the Past. He informs them that in the future they should relay their reports to Jhandess Millomyr, of Millomyr Harps. She will be the group’s contact in Waterdeep and they should keep her informed of their activities. Khelben bids everyone farewell before uttering his words of magic and teleporting away from the room.



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