Guardians of the Past

8th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

When the party returns to Silvaris’ mansion from their services at the Tower of Luck, the guardsman Muldreg hands a sealed note to Silvaris. The thief hands it to Saedellas and smirks, “I’ll not risk my sight so soon after having it justly restored," he jokes. "I offer it to you to read, my friend.” The elven priest opens the scroll and sees the message is written in elven. He reads it once then reads it aloud to his companions.

Greetings to my brothers and sisters of the Tel’Quessir. Greetings to the children of Moradin, the father of Dwarvenkind. Greetings to my human cousins of the North. May these salutations find you in good health and safely returned to the lands under the sun and moon.

I write to you to inform you that travelers from the High Forest have come to the city seeking an audience with you. It is my honor to have them as guests among us here in our Embassy. Upon your return I ask that you dispatch a messenger to our Embassy on the corner of Diamond Street and the Street of the Singing Dolphin in the Sea Ward. Your messenger will return with further instructions.

Shilera Mooncloak, Evereskan Ambassador to Waterdeep.

The group discusses the letter for a few minutes and agrees that they will attend the meeting tomorrow. Silvaris pens a piece of parchment and asks Muldreg to carry it to the Evereskan Embassy. The guardsmen returns several hours later with a short note asking the party to appear at the Elfstone Tavern the next morning at Highsun. There they will be met by someone.



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