Guardians of the Past

7th of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

The Battle of Big Big Horn

In the morning, the Guardians of the Past, don their armor and take up their arms. They proceed back to the Frost Giant fortress by way of the magic mirror. The group travels down a long hallway before Corthen steps on a tripwire which releases boulders down upon the front ranks of the party. Corthen manages to avoid being hit, but Rithil, Kiersan, and Ayremyr are struck and wounded.

After recovering and the binding wounds on the injured members, the group finds a sloping passage that descends down deeper into the frozen ice. They find themselves in a large stone cavern with impressive carvings showing Frost Giants battling dragons and all manner of creatures including humans.

Corthen, Rehs, Rithil, and Ayremyr search for and discover a hidden passage behind a huge boulder. Unable to move the massive stone, Erith uses his scroll of portals and creates a passage through the impediment. Passing through, Corthen and the other warriors discover a guard room with several watchful giants who use a huge horn that hangs suspended from the ceiling by chains. Fearing that they will surrounded and be outnumbered the group quickly retreats from the room and runs back to the chamber containing the unseen portal that allows them to pass back through the mirror.

Tellazar and his companions scry the giants at the watch horn. They watch the number of giants who go through the room searching for them but return an hour later empty handed. Samira, Tellazar, and Corthen plot an attack that will allow them to surprise the Frost Giants at the horn.

Several hours later, Tellazar scries the chamber again and the see that the giants are on watch keeping an eye on the boulder they use as a door. Tellazar creates a gate behind the giants and the party steps through. A silence spell on Corthen helps to negate the horn. The party attacks the two giants in the chamber and make short work of them. While the silence is still in effect, the group destroys the horn using spells.

Rehs scouts the cavern tunnel out of the chamber. His invisibility keeps him from being seen. He hides along the edge of the next chamber and observes that it must be the throne room of the Frost Giant ruler. He sees that the room is crowded. He counts 16 female giants, 4 ogres, and 21 male giants. Rehs retreats and shares what he had discovered.

Knowing that they cannot fight that many giants, the group decides to leave. Samira pins a note to one of th giant corpses. It reads, “Give us the staff with leaves that Eclavdra the drow took from the Druid’s grove.” The party steps back through the mirror and spend the night in Waterdeep, away from the wrath of the giants.



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