Guardians of the Past

7th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

Meeting the High Queen

At dawn, the adventuring party rises after a short mornfeast, they transport themselves to Caer Callidyr via their enchanted mirror set up in Waterdeep. The party makes their way to queen’s palace. They show the guards their letter from the High King for service in transporting the blades from Waterdeep.

The party is escorted inside the grand castle. The guards have them disarm before taking them before Alicia, High Queen of the Moonshaes. The party bows before the young queen. Corthen shares that he carries a letter from her father in whose service they have been in. He hands it over to one of the councilors who examines it before giving it to Alicia. The High Queen thanks the heroes for their service to the Moonshaes and she promises to make payment that her father had promised.

Corthen Nightglade speaks and states that he has another matter that her majesty might wish to discuss further. He quietly tells her councilor that he bears word from Alatar Magnus. The High Queen dismisses her court and she leaves the throne after being given the message by her female councilor.

Rehs and his companions are led from the throne room by the queen’s staff and into a grand conference room and asked to sit and wait. The High Queen enters the chamber along with a wizard, dressed in robes, much like those worn by Alatar Magnus. She asks everyone to sit back down and asks bluntly what word they have from her court mage.

Corthen quickly tells Alicia the story of how they were approached in Waterdeep and how they helped the ffolk of the Moonshaes fight the invading forces of Cyric. He then tells her how they met Tirran Bravesword and Alatar. Finally he states that they were taken before her father and asked to recover his sword and return it to Caer Callidyr and to her. He hands over the letter written by Alatar Magnus with Tristan’s seal.

Corthen tells her that they have recovered the Sword of Cymrych Hugh and they wish to give it to her. Alicia summons one of her handmaidens, Thyreene. The servant shows the heroes to their quarters after the High Queen thanks the party and promises they will be rewarded for their deeds.

Later in the day, Thyreene gathers the companions and takes them to another part of the palace. There they meet with the High Queen and a small retinue of knights and two court wizards. Alicia informs the party that the seven small chests are theirs and that from the other items upon the table that each hero may select one item from the royal treasury. Alicia states that each member may also select three potions from the rack across the chamber for their aid in the battle against the Dark Druidess.

The heroes examine their chests and each one contains gold and platinum coins. Everyone gathers their three potions, before deciding that they must decide who will select an item from the Queen’s magical items first. Quickly the party sorts in out and they each make their choice. Erith and the others thank her majesty before they inform the High Queen they wish to hurry back to Aithe and aid the Cauldyth’s in their fight against the enemy.

Once outside the city, the party travels to the open portal that the mirror created. Slipping back through, the party returns to Aithelar and observes that the last of army once led by Lord Dirtan Blackstone is fleeing north.



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