Guardians of the Past

6th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff III

Siege at Aithelar

The party returns to the forest camp and gather the dwarven priest. Samira uses divine magic to transport herself and Ayremyr to Corthen’s manse in Waterdeep. Samira uses the magic mirror to open a portal for the rest of the party to walk through to Nightglade Manor.

The heroes rush about the city to gather supplies that they need before returning to use the mirror again. Tellazar scries Aithelar. The mirror’s image shows that Aithe Keep is under siege from Lord Blackstone. His troops are dug in and his catapults are battering the Cauldyth keep.

Tellazar wishes to learn about the enemy so he uses the mirror to focus on the treacherous Lord Blackstone. The mage watches as three Calishite men are escorted into the enemy camp and into a large command tent. He attempts to scry more but soon learns that the tent is protected from magical scrying and he cannot see anything inside the protected radius.

Samira offers Mystra’s aid to rest and regain spells through a Nap prayer. The group takes their rest and they make plans after waking refreshed. The party scries once again and learns that the enemy has broken through the gates of Aithe Keep. Quickly Tellazar opens a doorway with the mirror inside the courtyard. Uldred and Tellazar quickly launch Fireballs at the invaders.

The party dispatches the last of Blackstone’s men from the keep before launching more spells and missiles at the retreating enemy. The Aithe defenders close the main gates and quickly attempt to brace and support them in case of another assault. A soldier approaches Samira and informs her that Lady Brwynella requests her healing. The Calishite priestess follows and is taken to the Lady Cauldyth. Two Chauntean priests are with her as they try and staunch the wounds of her younger sister, Rhiannon.

Samira examines the young girl and sees that she is badly wounded in the chest and will likely die without aid. She removes a scroll and recites a Heal prayer which saves her life. Tellazar hears a rumor that Caer Callidyr is under attack, so he returns to the mirror to scry. He soon learns that the High Queen’s seat of power remains unharmed at the moment.

The Guardians of the Past gather again to discuss their next step. They decide to destroy the catapults of Lord Blackstone. Using Invisibility and Flying magic, the party successfully sets the siege equipment on fire using flame oil during the night. Using the fire as a distraction, the group uses the mirror to get close to the command tent.

Corthen charges into the tent while the rest of the party battle with Blackstone troops outside the tent. Corthen lunges at the human warrior he believes to be Baron Blackstone and attempts to slay him. Ayremyr, Rehs, and Uldred enter the tent and attack the other occupants. Uldred is dazed by the magic cast by a drow female. Ayremyr attacks one of the Calishites attempting to flee. Erith and Samira engage a Northlander warrior inside the tent. Ayremyr kills his opponent but his two companions cut an opening and flee into the night. Rehs swings his sword and severs the left forearm of the drow mage. Erith kills the Northlander and Ayremyr finishes off the drow female. Corthen suffers at the hands of Baron Blackstone. His sword causes the elf’s many wounds to bleed more. The party manages to put down the treasonous Baron. The quickly toss the bodies of the dead into their Portable Hole before fleeing from Blackstone’s heavy footmen.

Returning through the mirror before opening it again at Aithe Keep, the party speaks to Rhiannon Cauldyth. They ask her some questions about the sword of the High King. The young bard tells them that the blade belonged to the first High King, Cymrych Hugh. she says that the blade is pure silver with exquisite workmanship and the symbol of the Earthmother worked into the guard. A short time later the party searches through the items from the tent that the plundered, and they discover the blade inside a fine wooden box that they plundered. The party takes several hours of well deserved rest at the keep until morning.



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