Guardians of the Past

6th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff II

Unexpected Visit

Samira is approached during the middle of the night by the wizard, Alatar Magnus. The Queen’s wizard tells her to wake her friends. Everyone is to leave their armor, weapons, and gear behind in the camp and follow him quietly and without question. The Calishite priestess slips over to her companions and arouses them from their slumbers. The party agrees to Alatar’s instructions, except for the dwarf Uldred. He refuses to disarm and remove his armor for anyone.

Leaving the stubborn dwarf behind under guard of the High Queen’s soldiers, the heroes follow the archmage. He leads the companions through many trails in the darkness of the deep wood before arriving before another camp site. A tent guarded by four fierce warriors dressed in surcoats of the wolf’s head. Alatar escorts the band into the tent. Lying inside the tent is a badly wounded man. Alatar announces his return and calls the wounded warrior majesty and bows. Corthen, Ayeremyr and the others bow as the figure struggles to sit up. The man’s wounds cover one side of his face and his right arm is withered and mostly useless.

The party quickly learns that the mysterious figure is High King Tristan Kendrick. He speaks to the heroes and thanks them for their service thus far. Samira offers the healing power of Mystra to aid the High King. Alatar speaks and informs her that no healing can aid the High King. His wounds were caused by Moander, God of Corruption.

Tristan speaks and tells the group that Lord Haembar Cauldyth saved him by sacrificing his own life when they were betrayed by Lord Blackstone and Moander attacked the King’s party. Saddened by the news, the party asks the High King why they have been summoned. Tristan asks them if they are willing to accept a mission for his young daughter, Alicia, the new High Queen. The heroes accept. Tristan asks that they recover the sword of Cymrych Hugh from Lord Blackstone. Alatar swears everyone present to secrecy and they promise not reveal that the High King yet lives. Tristan has the wizard write a message to his daughter promising gold and one enchanted item of choice from the Heroes’ treasury upon completion of their return of the sword. Alatar returns the party to camp before daylight.



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