Guardians of the Past

6th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Back Through the Looking Glass

The heroes return to the Moonshae Isles through the enchanted mirror. Their destination is outside Caer Callidyr. Once through the portal, Rehs and the others seek out the temple of Chauntea. There they learn from Lorn, a lesser priest, that the North Grove was reportedly attacked by evil forces and that the Grand Druidess is said to have fallen in the battle.

The priest tells the party that the remaining groves on Snowdown and Moray are under heavy guard and safe. The party asks how they can locate the North Grove and Lorn suggests that High Queen Alicia’s mapmakers should be able to help. Corthen leads the group to see the High Queen. She greets the heroes once again. Corthen offers the assistance of the Guardians of the Past. Alicia confers with the group in private chambers. She does admit that North Grove has fallen and that the Dark Druidess has reportedly killed the Grand Druidess and a number of Harpers at the grove.

Alicia states that without the aid of the Grand Druidess of Chauntea that they will likely be defeated. She explains that the staff she carried was their best chance of restoring the Moonwells of the isles. High Queen Alicia asks if the party would seek out the staff and return it to Caer Callidyr where it can be placed into the hands of the Chaunteans. The group confers and agrees to seek out the staff. Samira asks what the staff looks like. She is told that the ash staff is six feet long and that it is living with leaves crowning the top. The Queen provides a map to North Grove as well as provisions and horses to help with the journey. the group is told that the horses can get them to White Rock. Once there, the journey will be on foot.



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