Guardians of the Past

6th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

Nolia, Saedellas, and Cortonas on the 3rd watch of the night hears the magic mouth on the door to the room say, “The door is sealed. Do not approach unless you wish to provoke a being of great power.” The watch quickly and quietly as possible wakes up the others. The heroes grab weapons and prepare for a fight.

Tellazar opens the door and the party prepares to strike at whatever lies on the other side of the door. Instead of a horde of undead, the Circle of Valor stands face to face with an armed party of short demihumans. Cautiously Corthen hails the mixed party of halflings and a gnome telling them that they are adventurers and they are armed only to defend themselves. A female halfling speaks for the other group and she informs Corthen that they are adventurers and wish to parley.

Weapons are lowered and the two parties exchange names. There are six of them and they call themselves the Steadfast Order of Shortfellow Swashbucklers. They are led by a female halfling named Lyratha Talltankard and her husband Bungobar Talltankard, another halfling. Carthax Nayusiyim, a gnome male, is the only non-halfling in their party. The other 3 are Dimvel Stoutkeg, a warrior, Osco who appears to be a thief and a female named Tanath Moonharness. The groups exchange information about the areas they have each come from. The information is helpful to the heroes as it allows them to orient themselves and know where they are in relation to the way out of Undermountain. The Swashbucklers decide they will press on down another passage and they say their goodbyes.



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